Restaurant Stuffs Their Baos With Cheese To Add An Oozy Richness

The richness that comes from a proper steamed bao is a flavor that I don’t think I would be able to quit. It’s comfort food I’ve grown up with, and still crave to this day. Never once, however, would I have thought to introduce the velvety element of cheese to a bao.

It’s a whole new experience.

RiceBox, a contemporary Cantonese BBQ spot located in Downtown Los Angles’ Spring Arcade, is home to some mouthwatering steamed baos. Baos, a type of dumpling, are filled with various types of meats and cooked in a steamer until the dough expands and becomes airy.

One of RiceBox’s most viral additions to their menu, the cheesy bao is an innovative take on the traditional dumpling.


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These cheesy baos are made with activated charcoal, flour, almond milk and are filled with char siu BBQ pork and Monterey Jack cheese. When cooked, the cheese melts into the pork and oozes out of the bao as soon as you rip into it.

It’s a take I haven’t seen before when it comes to the iconic steamed dish, but a welcome one to anyone with an affinity for melted cheese and sweet, fatty pork.

Rice Box’s owners, Leo and Lydia Lee, are also famous for their hearty porchetta bowls. The crunch that comes from a bite of their porchetta often echos through the walkways of the Spring Arcade.

You can find the cheesy baos and porchetta rice bowls at the DTLA storefront. Their traditional baos are pretty fire as well.

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This Bar Dedicates Their Entire Menu To French Fries

‘Fry Madness’ is a fry bar in Los Angeles, California, dedicated to making fries the main course rather than the side dish. And with the flavorful variety of specialty fries, plus the fact that everything on the menu is based off of fries, it makes it hard to keep it on the side.

Located on Spring Street, it is a small shop that shares a kitchen with Springtime in NY (a Mediterranean-influenced cafe).  By partnering with the neighboring store, Fry Madness came into fruition and, “pushed every delectable boundary of culinary acceptability.”

After checking this place out, I never knew how versatile a fry entree could be. It is fairly simple to pair something with fries, however, the harmonious flavors of the toppings are what matter more. And with each specialty fry we tried, it really did not disappoint. From the Buffalo Chicken Wing, Hawaiian BBQ Chicken to the Caribbean Jerk Shrimp fries it was all packed with savory punches. Yet, none of the elements from the sauce to the seasoning were overwhelming.

One or two plates of the fries could definitely stuff a group of two or more. But, if you’re trying to avoid a large amount of carbs and meat there are other options.

In a smaller portion, they have float fries. Essentially it is a trio of fries, distinguished by the glass of sauce they are submersed in. The sauces range from spicy to sweet: Chipotle Mayo, Spicy 1000 Island to Lemon Basil Aioli and Chutney Mayo.

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The completion of a dinner or lunch always ends with dessert, and they offer fry-based dessert concoctions as well.

With the dessert fries, the base changes to sweet potato. From there, there are 3 options: Nutella, S’mores, and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. At this point, it gets a bit intense, so really loving sweets is a requirement for these desserts.

All of the entrees are monstrous, and with all the carbs, meat and toppings it is always good in the moment but a little regrettable after (but worth it).

Fry Madness is the perfect place for a cheat day — where you can be a shameless glutton with gourmet fries and a beer. Despite the gluttony, it is a quaint spot to enjoy fries on another level, all while observing the bustling foot traffic of Angelenos in Downtown, Los Angeles.

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This Restaurant Is Like A Mini Thai Vacay In The Middle Of Downtown Los Angeles

Angelinos looking for an authentic, full-service, Thai experience need not venture any futhur than Downtown Los Angeles.

So Long Hi, nestled in the heart of DTLA, is a Thai restaurant that offers the full Thai food experience without the hassle of TSA.

Essentially a mini Thailand getaway, the restaurant offers a bevy of authentic Thai dishes and street foods. The dishes are served “family style” so if you have a buddy you wouldn’t mind grubbing with, don’t be shy asking them to tag along with you.

Those looking to immerse themselves in the atmosphere can check out the patio area that boasts a vacation-inspired nook in the back of the restaurant or the bar for some fresh cocktails and beer.

We’ll take some Khao Soi and Pad See Ew to start. Maybe a couple of cold brews too.


Diddy Riese Cookies: Westwood


I was up in Westwood last night with Gio, at his girlfriends place at UCLA. This spot was the first thing you noticed when entering downtown Westwood, probably because of the 75+ person line out front. Diddy Riese offers cookies, shaved ice, and custom made ice cream sandwiches, where you can choose any combo of two cookies and a scoop of any flavor ice cream for $1.50. It was amazing, and sadly I didn’t have a good camera with me so I only got a shot with my phone, which is after the jump.