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Watch Irish People Try Hanukkah Foods For The First Time

There are still a few days left in Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights that celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple. To learn more about the holiday festival, the folks over at Facts decided to try some of the most iconic dishes eaten during Hanukkah.

Classic Hanukkah dishes include latke (fried potato cakes), kugel (egg noodle casserole), Hanukkah brisket, and sufganiyah (fried jelly doughnuts). This is arguably one of Facts’ most delicious videos.

The dishes were pretty well-received, probably because the majority of them were deep-fried. Who doesn’t love fried foods? The crunch on those potato latke’s left us salivating.

Check out the video above if you ever wondered what foods are celebrated during the Festival of Lights.

Fast Food Sweets What's New

Krispy Kreme Debuts A Doughnut That’s A Nutella Lover’s Dream


Are you a hardcore fan of Nutella, and wonder why there aren’t any more Nutella-based fast food options to get you through the day? Worry no more—Krispy Kreme has got it figured out.

The Krispy Kreme Doughnut brand has partnered with Nutella to create a new doughnut made with—you guessed it—everybody’s favorite hazelnut spread. Krispy Kreme’s new Nutty Cocoa Ring is essentially a Nutella-flavored donut. The breakfast cake is dropped in hazelnut spread, topped with crunchy pieces of hazelnut, and topped with a drizzle of chocolate icing.

Let’s take a second to embrace all the love the underappreciated hazelnut is about to get with the release of this new menu item.

The Nutty Cocoa Ring is available now at all participating Krispy Kreme Doughnut shops across the United States.

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

Burger King Just Released A Heart-Stopping Doughnut Burger In Israel


Blending sweet tastes with savory ones always elicits a special kind of sensation in your mouth, and if you’ve ever had a doughnut-bun burger, you know the feeling.

With the Hanukkah tradition of eating Sufganiyot, or jelly doughnuts, Burger King in Israel decided to incorporate that with their burgers.

They call it the SufganiKing burger, and comes with a flame grilled quarter-pound beef patty, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, and sliced onion.

In other words, it’s a doughnut Whopper–which sounds amazing.

Don’t know of any American holiday traditions that involve doughnuts, but it’d be nice to find an excuse to get this burger in the US. Preferably with a Krispy Kreme collab like Chicken Charlie’s triple donut burger.


A photo posted by Isai Rocha (@izzy_serious) on

Make it happen, Burger King.


Krispy Kreme’s Donut-Flavored Soda Is A One Way Inhale A Donut

Krispy Kreme has partnered up with Cheerwine again, this time for a doughnut-flavored soft drink. Yes, you read that right. I’m trying to work out in my mind what that could possibly taste like.

Both companies are North Carolina-based and have teamed up once before with a Cheerwine creme-filled donut in 2010, but this…this is a whole ‘nother level.

It appears that North Carolinians are proud of the beverage called Cheerwine Kreme, and I guess if something of this magnitude came out of my hometown I’d have to show some respect too.

You can’t NOT try it…it’s your duty as a North Carolinian…😜 #cheerwinekreme

A photo posted by Zakiya Mudiwa (@dvm1913) on

But are they trying to kill us? Possibly.

According to USA Today, the beverage is currently being distributed in stores and doughnut shops in North and South Carolina as well as in Georgia.

For those who don’t know, Cheerwine is a cherry-flavored soda and the brand claims to be “the oldest continuing soft drink company still run by the same family.”

Apparently, Cheerwine already makes for a mean ice cream float, and I’m sure a Cheerwine Kreme Float will soon follow.

Photo Credit: Cheerwine 


DOUGHRITO: Meet The Doughnut Breakfast Burrito Destroying Hangovers In California

I’m yearning for something healthy, something refreshing — hell, anything that’s gonna clean my system of this hangover. Anything but this begrudgingly delicious Doughrito I’m soon to discover.

I can still taste the stray gin on my breath from the night before. My lips still red from the wine, a few burps also remind me that I had some beer in the mix at some point. A wedding had brought me down to the quiet Orange County town of Mission Viejo the night before, and as my sobriety began to kick the shit out of the heinous hangover eating through my brain I find my hideaway in a quiet donut shop.

Surfin’ Donuts, I’m unsure if it’s the only of its kind in the area — frankly, my hangover doesn’t care.

Painted window clings were of the normal confused variety, advertising an array of fresh donuts, Mexican food and the equally obvious fresh fruit Acai Bowls. I could use an equalizer, so my co-hort and I feverishly order up a couple Acai Bowls and coffee.

Then I see this Microsoft Word masterpiece hanging in an Ikea frame:

A donut fucking burrito? In my haze, I chalk up the sign to leftover alcohol in my system. “The doughrito?” I ask the kind lady ringing me up.

“Yeah, it’s new,” she clamored, pulling my cup for coffee and punching furiously on her iPad ordering system.

“I’ll take one. Bacon and sausage. Glazed donut please.”


I spend the next few minutes staring at the donut case, trying to imagine what my Doughrito will resemble. I gaze at the rows of donuts, asking myself some pressing questions, “Will I put salsa on this thing? Do I pour syrup on it? Will I have a stomach ache?”

Then it came out:

More shots of the #doughrito, the donut + burrito hybrid. #foodbeast #america

A photo posted by Elie (@bookofelie) on

The red salsa is perfect if you’re looking to have your interiors ruptured. For other mouthgasms, I highly recommend their green. Since I had to do the testing, I accidentally went with the red:


Each bite was better than the last. The burrito was built in their back kitchen area void of the Chipotle-like transparency, but the donuts they used seemed to work perfectly for the burrito build. The glaze had more of a dampness than I’m accustomed to, which made it an almost ambient part of the entire burrito eating experience. Some might even confuse it for softer, sweeter potato rounds.

It appears Surfin’ Donuts is actually a multiple store operation. Their original location sits in the southern most Orange County town of San Clemente, and their newer location, the one I stumbled into this fateful morning, is on Alicia just off the 5 freeway in Mission Viejo.

Well Surfin’ Donuts, no need to choose between sweet or savory for breakfast. No more need to choose between donuts or eggs. You’ve accomplished the ideal #BreakfastGoals in one fell swoop — and the delicious Doughrito is it.


Watching This Chef Create Donuts The Size Of Ants Is Incredibly Soothing

Sometimes, we can’t help but wonder how much YouTuber Miniature Space spends on that tiny furniture he uses in his videos. In his latest mini-recipe, the chef creates miniature donuts with his fingers.

Well, not just his fingers. He utilizes a variety of tiny cookware, including a little pot for deep-frying the donuts. Kids, don’t try that at home.

Sure, we’ve seen mini donuts before, but these are about half the size of your finger tip. That’s impressive. Especially since about 50 of these things equate to one donut hole.

Watch as he rolls the dough, molds the donut, deep frys it and finally adds the finishing touches of frosting.


Meet The Doughnut That Wants To Be An ‘Everything Bagel’ So Damn Badly


When in a morning rush, sometimes the choice between a bagel or a donut can be a tad overwhelming. What if there was a way to get the delicious fried texture of a donut with the savory flavors of an Everything Bagel?

New York-based doughnut spot The Doughnut Project created a new breakfast pastry they’re calling the Everything Doughnut. It’s made with a cream cheese glaze, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, pepitas, garlic salt and sea salt.

Initial reactions from the doughnut claim that it’s more of the sweeter end than the savory, but overall still pretty tasty.

Definitely need to try this for ourselves. Anyone NYC readers want to send us some?

Photo: The Doughnut Project


Pizza Hut Has A GOLD-Crusted Pizza And Here’s How To Get It [KATCHUP]

In this corner, still the current champion of weekly story compilations, weighing in at 6 awesome stories…ladies and gentlemen, I give to you…the Foodbeast Weekly Katchup!

You may have missed out on all the shenanigans we’ve gotten into this past week, but fear not, for now is your chance at redemption!

Check out the video above find out where to get Big Mac sauce, the most expensive picture of a potato we’ve ever seen, and…gold-encrusted pizza?! WTF?!

1. McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce For Sale

Well it’s about damn time, McDonald’s! The uber-popular fast food chain has finally started selling their Big Mac sauce by the bottle.

Unfortunately, this is a limited-time offer, and it’s only available in Australia. Still, I’m sure we can convince our friends down under to save a couple of bottles for us.

2. The Golden Donut

This $100 work of edible art is made by hand, then it’s topped with stuffed with purple ube mousse and Cristal jelly. Finally, it’s covered in enough gold to make Goldmember’s skin start spontaneously flaking.

And yes, that Cristal. The same one you would find in music videos being poured down supermodels’ throats by any number of 1998’s most popular rappers.

3. $1.5 Million Dollar Potato Photograph

I don’t know which is worse, the fact that somebody paid that much for a picture of a potato, or the fact that apparently I could have been selling sexy potato pictures for buttloads of cash this whole time.

With that in mind, there is something to be said about my overwhelming desire for fries and hash browns right now…

4. Crazy Kitty Coffee Art

Elena is just like you and me, only when she spills coffee on her paperwork, she puts out some insanely dope stuff.

Not only did she manage to capture the essence of each cat in her artwork, but she also painted them in such a surrealist way that, if you think about it, the photographs of the art are art themselves.

Go ahead let that sink in while I start splashing Dr. Pepper on construction paper until one of the stains makes a German shepherd.

5. The Chicken Nugget Heist of 2016

Surely we’ve all dreamed of that one moment in a parallel universe where we stand up at our desks, throw shit at our obnoxious coworkers, then leave a big pile of steaming shit on our boss’s desk. No? Just me? Oh.

Well, one lucky guy got to live out the dream of his parallel universe. On his way out on his last day working for Burger King, John Correa made sure to leave a lasting impression by stealing all of the branch’s chicken nuggets. One thing we know for sure he didn’t leave…is hungry.

6. The Golden Pizza

Pizza Hut is in the news again, only this time it’s for something other than their drug-dealing employees.

Exactly 50 gold-encrusted pizzas will be sent out on Super Bowl Sunday to 50 lucky customers. *The catch, though, is that you have to order one of Pizza Hut’s Golden Garlic Knots Pizzas.

*Note: You will not receive an Oompa Loompa-guided tour of the Pizza Hut factory if you win, despite what you may have heard about a marinara river that runs through the factory.