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Carl’s Jr. Tests New Spicy Western Bacon Cheeseburger That’s Available For Delivery

Photo Courtesy of Carl’s Jr.

While most fast food locations in Los Angeles have closed down their dining areas, the drive-thrus remain open for customers to get their burger fix. Carl’s Jr. stores in California have actually rolled out a new burger during these uncertain times that may bring some warmth to this cold uncertainty we’re all living in.

Behold, the Spicy Western Bacon Cheeseburger.

Not your father’s Western Bacon Cheeseburger, this new iteration features the addition of Pepperjack cheese and Caliente Jalapeños  to compliment the staple charbroiled beef patty, crispy strips of bacon, tangy barbecue sauce, and a couple plump onion rings.

The burger is available in three forms: single patty, double patty, and triple patty. Whatever size fits your hunger best.

For those trying to avoid going out to get their fast food, both Postmates and UBER Eats are offering free delivery where available with Carl’s Jr. delivery is active through UBER Eats until the end of March. For Postmates, all you have to do is use the code CARLSJRNOW through April 6.

Stay safe out there, Foodbeasts!

Hit-Or-Miss Humor

Man Changes Name To Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Fiancee Is Not Amused

Most people change their names because they hate their birth name, or perhaps are fugitives on the run. However, one suburban Londoner did it because his new one was just way better.

Sam Smith, a native of Muswell Hill, London, England, decided on a whim to change his name to Bacon Double Cheeseburger after drunkenly deliberating for what must have been a very long time in a bar with his “friends.” According to an interview with the Evening Standard, the origin of Mr. Cheeseburger’s name is a tale as old as time.

“It was the culmination of probably too many drinks in the pub where there was a conversation about names. Bacon Double Cheeseburger was pretty much the first thing that came up. Everyone loves bacon, don’t they?”

“It was largely the most ridiculous thing we could think of. My friends were quite supportive of anything that makes me look silly, as good friends are.”

Even his father thought the name change was hilarious, granting his son’s request to address him properly from now on. His mother was not entirely pleased, although her lividity doesn’t hold a candle to his fiancee.

“My fiancée is fairly reluctant about marrying a Cheeseburger. That’s something we’re discussing a lot. No girl ever dreams of spending her big day marrying a man called Bacon. But I’ve got no regrets at all. It’s been a very fun experience and it’s made a lot of people laugh.”

Indeed it has, Bacon. Indeed it has.



Photo Credit: BBC, NBC News, Examiner Gazette 

Fast Food

McDonald’s Kale Salad Might Make You Fatter Than A Big Mac Would


Last year, McDonald’s added the Keep Calm, Caesar On salad to boost healthier options on their menus. Unfortunately, the kale-boasting salad isn’t exactly as healthy as it appears to be.

According to CBC, you’ll probably be better off chowing down on a Double Big Mac (a Big Mac with four patties found in Canada) than the salad. The Caesar salad featuring kale, chicken, bacon, parmesan and croutons has more cons than you think.

A side-by-side comparison between the two items reveals that the salad had more calories, sodium and fat than the fast food burger. CBC includes a detailed graphic comparing the dishes. The only thing Canada’s Double Big Mac featured more of, per serving, was protein.

You can still get the most out of the Caesar kale salad, however, by just cutting back on the fatty dressing and nix the cheese and bacon. So all the tasty stuff.

It’s OK though, we don’t go to McDonald’s for the salads.


Man Ticketed for Driving Under the Influence of Burger


Last week, it was reported that an Alabama man was ticketed for eating McDonald’s while driving. Madison Turner was pulled over after being spotted eating a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese by a police officer.

Apparently, the officer had been watching Turner go to town on the burger for about two miles before pulling him over.

The law reads: A driver shall exercise due care in operating a motor vehicle on the highways of this state and shall not engage in any actions which shall distract such driver from the safe operation of such vehicle.

This raises the question of whether or not you can get ticketed for driving while eating. According to the officer, Madison was clearly distracted from his duties on the road when chowing on the burger.

Madison had this to say about the whole burger situation:

Maybe I was enjoying the burger too much [and] I needed to tone it down. I was certainly willing to do so but I didn’t expect to be fined or punished.

As of now, there are no explicit laws saying it’s illegal to eat and drive. That being said, there are a ton of distracted driving laws. This means that any action performed in a vehicle, whether texting, applying makeup, or eating can cause you to be pulled over if deemed a big enough distraction from following driving laws.

Pretty much, if you make a big enough show of doing something other than driving you can get a ticket.

The case is currently ongoing. A Cobb County police spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.

Next time you order a sloppy Animal Style Double Double, just pull over and enjoy it.