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KFC Canada Wants You To Wrap Your Mouth Around This Waffle Double Down

We’ve tried fried chicken and waffle sandwiches before, but never one where the fried chicken pieces are the buns. Yes, exactly like the infamous KFC Double Down.

Brand Eating reports that KFC Canada is doing their own take on the iconic pairing of chicken and waffles with a new Waffle Double Down.

The Canadian exclusive sandwich features a Belgian waffle resting between two pieces of fried chicken and served with a special maple aioli sauce. Luckily, it doesn’t come with cheese because that may just be too much for us.

Fried chicken lover and fellow FOODBEAST Reach Guinto said:

“Sounds like a breakfast a lumberjack would wake up to.”

He’s not wrong. I could see myself enjoying this with some black coffee in my best red flannel shirt.

Residents of Canada can find the limited-time Double Down beginning March 26 where it will be available at participating KFC locations.

Wonder if any version of the Double Down will return to the US? Lowkey miss that ridiculous sandwich.


Make Your House Smell Like KFC With These Double Down Candles


When KFC announced that the Double Down would only be available for limited periods of time (think McRib), a fair amount of us wept at the loss of such a bold sandwich. Made with bacon, multiple cheeses, KFC’s secret sauce and two pieces of fried chicken as buns, the Double Down made waves when it first appeared on KFC menus.

Kentucky for Kentucky, known for making Kentucky-themed items, has created a Double Down-scented candle to help anyone during the withdrawal period. The candle is part of a “Scents of the Commonwealth” collection. Classy, right?

The rest of the collection includes Hot Brown, Mint Julep and Fried chicken.

Double-Down scented candles will be available Friday, May 8 at 10 AM at Kentucky for Kentucky.


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8 Weird KFC Items From Around The World

When KFC announced the Double Down, health enthusiasts took arms and fast food fanatics took…a few antacids. As crazy as bacon and cheese smashed together between two pieces of fried chicken sounded, it definitely put the fried chicken chain in the spotlight.

While the US Double Down was definitely a unique entry into KFC’s chicken menu, let’s take a look at some of the strangest international KFC menu items.


Double Down Dog


The Philippines’ answer to the Double Down. The Double Down Dog features a hot dog covered in a combo of mayo/cheese and wrapped with a piece of crispy fried chicken patty. You know it’s a risk when all the colors kind of just blend together.

Shrimp Burger


When KFC China announced the shrimp burger, heads turned. The burger featured a deep-fried patty that would expose tiny pieces of whole shrimp once bitten into. China definitely gets points for creativity and seafood options.

Deep-Fried Corn Soup


Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The KFC snack from Japan featured corned potage that’s breaded then thrown into the deep fryer. What comes out is a bite-sized piece of fried soup. Which actually sounds amazing.

Cream Corn Cream Cheese Chicken Sandwich


The Chicken Sandwich topped with cream cheese creamed corn was one of the more puzzling KFC items. Made with Philadelphia cream cheese, the sandwich made its debut in…Mexico? While we scratched our heads trying to figure out why Mexico would offer such a US-heavy themed sandwich, we have to say it didn’t look too bad.

Edible Coffee Cups

edible coffee cup

Folks go through so many disposable cups every day when they get their coffee fix. KFC UK offered edible coffee cups. Made with a heat-resistant form of white chocolate, patrons can bite into their cups after finishing their coffee. Not a bad idea, KFC.

Zinger Double Down


The US Double Down made some pretty big waves when it was first released. While the Philippines was busy creating the Double Down Dog, Korea was busy with a varient of their own: The Zinger Double Down. Made with two pieces of crispy chicken patties as buns, the Zinger featured a hamburger patty with bacon.

Crispy Burrito


Don’t call it a chimichanga. New Zealand once offered a deep-fried burrito made with chicken strips, bacon, cheese and a bourbon BBQ sauce.

Cheese Top Burger


The Cheese Top Burger was pretty much a burger topped with cheese. Nailed the name there, KFC Philippines. There’s an actual slice of cheese on top of the bun, which kind of makes it difficult to eat the burger without getting cheese all over your hands. Yet, here we are. The burger itself is made with a fried chicken patty covered in a Parmesan dressing sauce.

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KFC Has a Double Down Hot Dog and It’s as Terrifying as It Sounds


Back in 2010, when Kentucky Fried Chicken announced the release of its Double Down sandwich, everyone was in a huff about how such a fattening concept could make it onto the menu. Fast forward a few years and a few satisfied customers, and the Double Down has become a consistent staple in the KFC brand.

Now it looks like KFC Philippines is taking the next step toward the evolution of the Double Down with the new Double Down Dog. The dog is made with a fried chicken breast patty that’s wrapped around a hot dog. Because replacing buns with fried meat is the whole point, right? The dog also has a choice of ketchup, mayo and cheese.

Business Insider reported that only 50 Double Down Dogs are available for purchase on Jan. 26 and 27 at participating locations. This means our readers currently in the Philippines might not even be able to get one after this sentence.

Better luck tomorrow.

A few individuals have already posted images of the hot dog on social media. It looks like a beast.


Martin Joseph Lapira 


Patrick Everett Tadeo











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This Is How KFC Is Topping Their Double Down, and It Is Terrifying


If you freaked out when the Double Down made its glorious debut back in 2009, then you’re probably losing your mind at the sight of KFC Korea’s monstrous new creation.

They call it the Zinger Double Down King. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but with a burger patty stuffed in between two chicken patties, it’s still a sight to behold.

Like the original Double Down, the breaded chicken still acts as a bun, it just doesn’t look like the same off-kilter boneless chicken breast. The chicken patties pictured seem to have a smoother shape to them.

The bacon strips and cheese are still there and still look like they can induce a heart attack.

I remember being excited to try the first Double Down back in ’09. I said, “Hey, It’s just chicken and bacon.” But then I ate it, and it made me hate my life. Have at it, Korea.

H/T KFC Korea

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KFC Releases BLT Chicken Quadwrap in the UK


“Healthy” food logic can be a funny thing. We trade our regular sodas for diet and pretend using tortillas instead of burger buns somehow negates the deep-fried meat patties we put inside.

In the UK, KFC is offering a new chicken BLT “Quadwrap,” which is basically a toasted square quesadilla stuffed with two fried chicken patties, cheese, club sauce, and BLT stuff, cut in two triangular halves. Presumably the wrap provides an easier grip than might regular sandwich buns (no awkward uneven bun shrinkage either), but it’s still funny to think some folks might still prefer this as a lighter alternative to, say, a drumstick or Chicken Little.

Honey, when not even fast food grilled chicken is good for you, you really might as well go with the Double Down.

H/T Brand Eating

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KFC Japan’s ‘Kentucky Chicken Rice’ Takes the Double Down to Another Level of Insanity



KFC Japan once again takes fast food to another level of insanity by adding a rice patty infused with mayo and ketchup to the already gluttonous Double Down — resulting in the Kentucky Chicken Rice. 

Note, your “standard” KFC Double down is a sandwich featuring two chunks of chicken instead of buns, melted cheese, “secret sauce,” and bacon. While the new Kentucky Chicken Rice (450 yen ~ $4.95) substitutes the bacon with its rice patty, we doubt it’s any less heartier than the original. In fact, it’s probably like eating an entire chicken and rice dish in one huge bite of awesome.

Although, before you get your hopes up let me remind you that the Kentucky Chicken Rice is only available in Japan. We know, we’re jelly too.

H/T Inventor Spot + PicThx Huffpo


This NYC Dive Bar Offers Patrons Free Midget Porn, Yay


Have you ever wished you could enjoy a good beer, solid food and worry-free sexual gratification all at the same time? Let me introduce you to the Double Down – which is actually not some weird, kitchen-based sexual position. At least, not this time.

No, the Double Down Saloon, which has locations in both Vegas and NYC, calls itself a “straight up boozatorium” and is known for its $4 “Ass Juice,” bacon martinis and yes, the hours of kitschy porn looping across its several television screens.

Here are some of the NYC location’s best Yelp reviews:

Three Stooges.
Bad Horror Flicks.
More Porn.

Ass Juice.
Reasonably Priced Drinks.
Attentive Bartenders.
More Ass Juice.

Porn-Painted Walls.
Photo Booth.
Pool Table.
More Painted Walls

I think I’ve covered it.”

Helen L.

“The place is laid back and not too rowdy unfortunately, towards late in the evening, the guys pointed out the midget porn on the screen and I was like OMG! That was definitely not on my radar when I came in looking for more booze and french fries.”

Neline S.

“The porn was strong on the next visit. Full blow jobs, money shots, Grand Ma action, and hentai.”

Mike O.

“Liquor and midget porn, you my only friends.”

Peter D.

According to Gothamist, the East Village staple has been offering up the best in free porn for years and most people love it. Though we’ve got to wonder how much longer all those “straight-laced” after work folks can get away with the old “I had no idea this was that kinda place I swear!”

Honey, we won’t tell if you don’t.

H/T Gothamist + PictThx Double Down