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If In-N-Out Ever Served Wagyu Beef, This Might Be What It Looks And Tastes Like


In-N-Out fans already know how fire their classic Double Doubles are, especially done Animal Style. If the chain were to ever take that up a notch and create a wagyu beef version, that would truly be the burger of our dreams.

One Seattle restaurant has gotten us a bite closer to what that might taste like with their own tribute to the In-N-Out staple.


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This tribute to the Animal Style Double-Double comes courtesy of Sawyer, a restaurant known for their elevated twists on comfort classics. Their burger, called the Animal Style, features two wagyu beef patties, a caramelized onion mornay sauce, tomato, lettuce, secret sauce, and sour pickles.

Foodbeast Theresa Tran had a chance to try the burger, and loved the take on her favorite cheeseburger. “It’s like the classic Double Double just glowed up and became super sophisticated,” she gushed. Fellow Foodbeast Ricky Zollinger concurred on that opinion, calling the Animal Style was like In-N-Out’s signature “on burger steroids.”

Maybe some day, In-N-Out will open up a fancy version of itself and have wagyu on the menu. Until then, we’ll have Sawyer’s version in Seattle, Washington to live out that fantasy for us.

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In-N-Out Goes All In, Will Open 50 RESTAURANTS In Colorado

In-N-Out has been a California staple over 60 years, and while it has sprinkled a few locations outside the Golden State, it plans to take a giant leap in Colorado.

The plan is to open up to 50 restaurants, as In-N-Out will be opening a beef production facility and distribution center in Colorado Springs, according to the OC Register.

The distribution center is key, as one of the major reasons In-N-Out hasn’t ventured too far away from California, is its commitment to freshness attitude, keeping its restaurants fairly close to its production facilities.

Outside of California, Texas actually built its own processing plant, as well, leading to 36 restaurants being built in the Lone Star State since 2011.

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Setting up a plant of its own gives Colorado similar flexibility to Texas, and as of now, the planned 50 restaurants will all be within 350 miles of the production facility.

There is no scheduled date for the first restaurant, per FOX Denver, so it might be a waiting game for Coloradans before they can get their Double Doubles, but they have to be stoked that the popular restaurant is finally reaching them.

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How In-N-Out Became The Burger Giant It Is Today

According to an evaluation done by Harris Poll’s yearly Equi-Trend study, In-N-Out has been dethroned as the the Burger King by Five Guys…

Okay enough with the obvious lame burger puns. Yes, In-N-Out has allegedly been dethroned by Five Guys from a poll based on brand familiarity, quality, and likelihood of considering to purchase the brand. An overwhelming majority of us here at Foodbeast aren’t too happy with the outcome of this recent study, so we thought it would be a good idea to share a bit of In-N-Out’s history and what has made it into the G.O.A.T. fast food burger joint.

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Founded in 1948, In-N-Out was the first drive-thru burger stand in Southern California, opening in Baldwin Park, CA by Harry Snyder and his wife Esther. From its very inception, In-N-Out has dedicated itself to providing high quality burgers made from fresh ingredients. After its first decade, the company expanded to five total restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley area; by its 25th anniversary in 1973, In-N-Out grew to 13 locations in the Los Angeles County area.

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Contrary to popular belief, the “secret menu” actually began to manifest way back in 1961, when Snyder catered to a customer’s custom order. It ultimately became known as “Animal Style.” If you know… you know.

It was not until 1963 that the world famous Double Double was introduced on the menu, almost immediately becoming the go-to item on the already precise and simple menu. Therein lies the charm of In-N-Out: a small, simple menu that’s affordable and almost always meets your expectations.

By the 1970s, In-N-Out really blew up to become a staple in Southern California culture; their iconic crossed palm trees at every location became a familiar sight, ice cream milkshakes were added to the menu, and a shift towards a dining room format became the standard.

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It wasn’t until 1992 that the red palm trees crossed state lines into Nevada, and it won’t be until the year 2000 that Arizonians were blessed with Double Double. The first Utah location opened in 2008, Texas in 2011, and Oregon barely in 2015. At this time, there are only 300 locations within the six aforementioned states, and has always been family owned — a rarity in the fast food industry.

A testament to their overall appeal and business savvy, In-N-Out is a billion dollar company with over 18,000 employees across the board and annual revenue numbers reaching over 600 million dollars. What’s more, such success has come without sacrificing everything their brand and product has stood for.

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In a world where restaurants have large, complicated menus, it’s refreshing to know that In-N-Out’s burgers will always deliver on the same great taste. Despite being only in SIX states and having 300 locations, it’s quite an amazing feat to be craved by people all over the world.

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‘Tomato Wrap’ Might Be The Weirdest In-N-Out Secret Menu Item Out There

We all thought that the In-N-Out secret menu was completely figured out. Tons of comprehensive guides to the fast food chain’s in-the-know items exist out there, and not one of them has uncovered what we just found out.

It turns out that In-N-Out has had a secret menu item all along that we didn’t know existed until today. A YouTube channel called RoommateThings uncovered this rare secret item in the deep annals of the internet and decided to go and try it for themselves.

Photo: John D. on Yelp

The secret menu item is a novel way to order your burger: Tomato Wrap Style. It’s similar to getting any burger protein style, but instead of lettuce serving as your buns, tomato slices are used instead. The result is what can only be described as the juiciest, messiest burger experience possible.

We did our own search on the internet for this burger, and could only find it in a few photos and reviews on Yelp. It’s not too hard to see why, as ordering Tomato Wrap Style doesn’t result in the most appealing burger.

While I’m not entirely sure if I’d go try this myself, if you’re down with a protein-style burger and tons of juicy tomato, then this may be the secret menu item you’ve been looking for.

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

This Couple Loves In-N-Out So Much, They Had Their Wedding Reception At One

Californians, myself included, are brought up to have an undying love for In-N-Out Burger. The passion is real and we never get tired of it. We’ll defend In-N-Out they way rabid sports fans defend their favorite team. I don’t know if there are any other restaurants around the country with fans that are that insane about a restaurant, but that is 100 percent the case in California.

If you don’t believe me, peep this couple who held a wedding reception at an In-N-Out this past weekend.

Juan and Vanessa Cervantes had just said “I do” at a Rowland Heights church, and soon after all the flash and pageantry, the couple went straight to the fast food joint, according to KTLA.

The newlyweds ordered a couple of Double-Doubles with Animal Style fries and enjoyed their wedding party at the restaurant, along with family and friends.

You’re probably thinking, “Why the hell would you have your wedding reception at a fast food restaurant?!” Well, it’s hard to explain fanaticism, but that’s what they felt was the best way to celebrate their union.

You’ll be happy to hear that they’re taking a trip to England for their honeymoon, so that more than makes up for the strange choice of wedding reception.

Best of luck to the newlyweds. May their relationship be as strong as In-N-Out’s secret menu options.

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These Adorable Grandparents Always Taking Selfies At In-N-Out Is #RelationshipGoals

Any time you see older couples doing adorable things together, it warrants some sort of “#relationshipgoals,” response. These grandparents took that cuteness to the next level by showing their mutual obsession for In-N-Out.

Heather Daniels of California tweeted out photos of her grandparents, saying that, “Every time my grandparents go to In N Out together, my grandma takes a pic of my grandpa and texts it to me. I hope to be like them one day.”

She wasn’t messing around either, as she put up a collage of her grandpa getting down with Double Doubles, at least 20 different times.

Of course, whenever lovable characters arise, people beg Ellen DeGeneres to bring them on her show and hook them up with something.

If getting old and eating Animal Style Double Doubles with your loved one isn’t the ultimate relationship goal, I don’t know what is.

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Shake Shack’s Burger Gets Put Inside Of In-N-Out Burger For This ‘Bicoastal’ Mashup

A couple of years ago, Foodbeast’s own Geoff Kutnick was in Las Vegas, the only location in the United States to have both an In-N-Out and a Shake Shack at the time. Taking advantage of their unique availability at the same time, he went and made a few different burger mashups from the two fast food chains, and they looked scrumptious.

Fast forward two years later and Shake Shack has since expanded into various locations across the West Coast, including Los Angeles. blogger Don ended up getting the same idea as Geoff, and went to a local In-N-Out and Shake Shack to try his hand at combining the two burger joints into one sandwich.

Unlike Geoff, he decided to just shove the classic Shackburger inside of an In-N-Out Animal-Style Double Double, creating a spectacular meshing of burger cult icons.

Don was inspired by the infamous McGangBang to create his own concoction, which totals in at over 1200 calories. He recounted the fruits of his labor as tasting divine.

“Pure joy overwhelmed me. An explosion of flavors and textures, working in harmony to create what I will call the world’s best cheeseburger. The nuance of both potato AND regular hamburger buns, the onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and animal style sauces. All of it together. Each ingredient working in complete harmony.”

The “Bi-Coastal Burger,” as it’s been dubbed, looks like a mouthwatering burger, but also like a heart attack version of a Big Mac. Still, it’s cool to see what other people are coming up with for In-N-Out and Shake Shack mashups. Maybe this will inspire the California-based In-N-Out to begin heading east so more people can make more creations like this?

In any case, I’m motivated to make my own In-N-Out and Shake Shack masterpiece now… after Lent, that is.

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The Rock Had In-N-Out For The First Time Ever And Immediately Became Their Biggest Fan

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a massive man who can eat anything he wants and still look like a Greek god, so its surprising that the Hollywood star had never tried one of the greatest burger joints in the world.

Thursday night, The Rock made his first trip to In-N-Out and sounded like a child who just opened up a PlayStation on Christmas morning. He posted an Instagram photo of himself at the drive-thru of an In-N-Out location while a couple of the employees smiled through the window.

While Rocky didn’t reveal what he ate, he made it very apparent that he fell in love with the California-based restaurant, as he hashtagged in his Instagram post, “#NewestAndBiggestFan, #literally” and also promised that if Moana, the Disney movie he starred in, won an Oscar Sunday, he would find his way back to In-N-Out and have one of the most epic cheat meals of his life.

“If our Moana wins the Oscar this Sunday, I will return – in my tux and completely destroy multiple burtgers and fries to celebrate. I’m talkin’ about takin’ cheat meal to another level.”

We know The Rock goes on strict diets, but it’s still mind boggling how he could have stayed away from In-N-Out his whole life, but then again, this is the same man who had his first ever piece of candy eight months ago.

It’s a good thing his daughter Simone Johnson, and girlfriend Lauren Hashian, had a late night craving for burgers and milkshakes, or else who knows how much longer The People’s Champion would have gone without his first In-N-Out meal.

As if there wasn’t enough at stake for the Oscar’s, now we hope Moana wins big, if only to see The Rock’s epic, Double Double-filled cheat meal.