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5 Weeks of Massive Deals You Can Unlock With DoorDash’s Summer Campaign

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely hate getting FOMO—especially over summer.  Concerts, pool parties, epic gaming sessions… There is so much to do, and so little time.  Let DoorDash be the one to help you experience the joys of summer, by bringing the best in your neighborhood straight to your door without skipping a beat on everything else you’ve got going on.  

With DoorDash’s DashPass — a membership program that offers $0 delivery fees, reduced service fees and member-only benefits on eligible orders — you get dibs on the best deals while experiencing all that your neighborhood has to offer. This is a great way to order from your favorite local spots, without a side of “breaking the bank.”

Summer of DashPass deals are already underway, featuring free burgers, burritos, and exclusive savings from some of your favorite national fast food joints, along with exciting deals at your favorite local restaurants. And if you want to let loose a little, enjoy a 20% off deal on alcohol orders from July 28 through August 3. 

You can savor the savings right away during the Summer of DashPass, with new members receiving 50% off their first order (up to $15), making it the easiest way to get everything you need, delivered, for less. 

There is a lot to be excited about, since DoorDash isn’t just delivering food and essentials to your door. They’ve even started rolling out some saucy collaborations with your favorite artists to spice up DashPass member’s exclusive dining experience.

In a push to continue bringing more value to DashPass members,“DoorDash is focused on bringing all the best of the neighborhood to customers’ doors and a DashPass membership unlocks that access at the most affordable price,” said Hank Couture, DoorDash VP of US Marketplace. “We’re thrilled to bring even more value to our members this year at a time when saving on essential items like groceries and school supplies matter more than ever.”

While the free deliveries, an average of $5 of savings on every eligible order and overall convenience is enticing enough, having DashPass gets you these insane deals throughout the summer season:

Block Party – Your Pass to Neighborhood Savings | July 28 – August 3 

  • $10 off 1 order from DashMart with a minimum purchase of $20
  • $5 off from Arby’s with a minimum purchase of $20
  • 20% off alcohol orders with a minimum purchase of $35 (max $10 off)

Beach Week – Sand, Sun, Savings | August 4 – 10 

  • Get a free quesadilla from Taco Bell, with a minimum purchase of 20$ 
  • Get a free pizza from Little Caesars with a minimum purchase of $20 
  • 40% off from Albertsons with a minimum purchase of $40 

Road Trip – Save More and Explore | August 11 – 17

  • 20% off unlimited fresh grocery orders and convenience items from DashMart (max $10 off) 
  • Get a free milkshake from Baskin Robbins with a minimum purchase of $20 
  • 25% off orders $30+ from CVS (max $10 off)

Back to School – New Routines, New Deals | August 18 – 24 

  • 50% off from Office Depot/OfficeMax (max $20 off) 
  • 30% off from Grocery Outlet with a minimum purchase of $40 (max $20 off) 
  • $20 off all other grocery orders of $40+

With all the benefits you get by having one less thing on your plate, there’s a lot to love, and a lot more to look forward to with DashPass. And summer is just the beginning of these new experiences. 

To take advantage of these incredible offers, be sure to sign up for DashPass, where you could save an average of $5 or more on every eligible order. During the Summer of DashPass, you can get so much more with just $59 for the year, with brand new members getting 50% off their first order, up to $15. Students can keep even more money in their pockets, with the DashPass for Students plan for under $5 a month or $48 for the year.  A summer where you can have everything, and everything delivered to you is just a few clicks away.

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Singer Chlöe Bailey Teams With DoorDash for Exclusive Hot Sauce Collab

Photo: Matt Monath

Multi-talented R&B artist Chlöe Bailey has partnered with DoorDash for their first-ever custom hot sauce. Available exclusively for DashPass members free-of-charge, ‘Make Em’ Sweat’s’ spicy drip was inspired by Bailey’s fiery personality and hot, chart-topping music. 

Being no stranger to fire hot sauce, Chlöe achieved the perfect spice level with the help of DoorDash’s sauce scientists. The collaboration resulted in a bold and fierce flavor profile that pairs well with everything from ice cream to the plant-based protein of your choice. In addition to helping ensure the hot sauce was flavor ready, she helped with the label design and product presentation. 

“It is definitely different. Producing, acting, singing, performing is very natural to me. But I always love to push myself and try new things. In some ways, that’s natural for me, too. It was fun creating this hot sauce. Everything from thinking about the label to trying out different profiles, it was a very fun new process,” she shared about the creation process. 

Photo: Matt Monath

‘Make ‘Em Sweat’ sauce serves sweet and heat using a blend of ghost, peri peri and cayenne peppers with chili sauce and a tomato base. The combination of ingredients creates a rich and fiery flavor enhanced by a smooth consistency. 

DashPass members looking to add a new kick to their favorite DoorDash orders can grab a bottle of ‘Make ‘Em Sweat’ by following the instructions below:

  • Sign up for DashPass here to ensure you can access the drop and other exclusive perks. 
  • On June 9, at 3pm ET, head to the DashPass Exclusives Drops store here or Chlöe’s Instagram here and swipe up on the link in stories to be directed to the drop.
  • Add the ‘Make ‘Em Sweat’ sauce to your cart and check out (limit one per person).

If you don’t have a DashPass, the first 30-days are free. ‘Make ‘Em Sweat’ hot sauce is only available for a limited time, so sign up while supplies last.

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DoorDash Launches Dating Site With Shake Shack

Navigating the many pitfalls of online dating in this day and age is precarious, and finding common interests can be just as tricky. But what if there was a way to find your next boo simply by matching up with the spice preference of their chicken sandwich? For single foodies, this just might be the winning formula.

Thanks to anew partnership between DoorDash and Shack Shack, a new dating app named Eat Cute is now up for singles to mingle and possibly munch. The limited-time dating site aims to help folks find their perfect match over their shared love of Shake Shack’s new Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

Here’s all the details if you’re looking for love:

  • Starting Thursday, February 3, singles can visit to build their profile and kick off the search for their spicy match. 
  • Singles nationwide simply upload a selfie, share how spicy they like it, then begin tapping on the flame icon to find a sandwich-loving better half. 
  • Upon matching with a compatible Buffalo Chicken Sandwich lover, a unique promotional code for a FREE Buffalo Chicken Sandwich from Shake Shack on DoorDash will be presented on a separate pop-up screen to share with their match to spread the love.
  • This quirky dating site is only here for a limited amount of time, from 2/3 until 2/15. 
  • Whether or not folks find their “Eat Cute”, singles have a chance to win a $5,000 DoorDash gift card to buy all the Shake Shack Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches their heart desires. 

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DoorDash and Caviar Now Offer Nationwide Shipping

DoorDash and Caviar Nationwide Shipping

If you’ve ever had the sublime pastrami sandwich at New York legend Katz’s Deli, then you’d understand why I still have random cravings for it, wishing I could take one to the face all the way out here on the west coast.

Food delivery services DoorDash and Caviar understand the need to scratch that itch and are now offering Nationwide Shipping for institutions like Katz’s Deli and more. Besides yummy bites that can come through for you in the clutch, an array of other options, from flowers to produce, are available via Nationwide Shipping. What’s even better is that whether it’s a gift to someone or a meal to yourself, delivery is free from anywhere in the US in just a few days.

Here’s all the details on how Nationwide Shipping works on DoorDash and Caviar:

  • Open the DoorDash or Caviar app and click into the Nationwide Shipping carousel to explore available merchants and their offerings. If using the DoorDash iOS app, select the Shipping tile on the homepage to access offerings. 
  • Select the items to order and proceed to checkout. Consumers will have the option to have their order shipped ASAP or choose a future delivery date up to 3 months out. Customers can review the expected delivery date before checkout. Once the merchant has prepared the order, it’s shipped via 1-2 day free shipping (product will arrive 2-4 days from date of order on average).
  • Once the merchant ships the order, consumers will receive a confirmation email from DoorDash or Caviar. Upon the order being delivered, consumers will receive another email indicating the order has been delivered. 

Nationwide Shipping arrives at a crucial time, right before the gift-giving holidays are upon us. But overall, I’m just glad that I can have some Katz’s Deli delivered right to me in just a few days.

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Delivery Companies Threatened Fee Increases If Prop 22 Failed, They Happened Anyway

Photo: Robert Anasch // Unsplash

This past election season, delivery companies like DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates campaigned hard for Proposition 22 to pass in California. The new labor standard law ended up becoming law, creating a new class of “gig worker” in California that gets new driver benefits, but loses out on a lot of other worker rights, including sick leave, discrimination protections, and collective bargaining rights.

Throughout the campaigning, the companies threatened fee increases if the proposition didn’t pass. That ended up happening anyway, with DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub all enacting fee increases by the end of 2020. Postmates just followed suit this past week, adding as much as $2.50 to each order.

As for the delivery drivers, the benefits they began to receive haven’t been up to par with what they hoped. According to reports from the progressive investigative journalist magazine The American Prospect, even max-hour drivers only qualify for $400 in monthly health insurance benefits, 40% of the premium for the lowest level of coverage from the Affordable Care Act.

On top of that, other companies, such as grocery stores, have begun to lay off employees to hire delivery drivers contracted through a third party instead.

It really seems that California citizens took a hard “L” on this legislation. Delivery companies got to make a new class of worker with less protections, charge money for that new class, and get their customers to pay for it, increasing their profits while seeing a boost in sales due to COVID-19.

The alternative, of course, is to go through other apps or just order directly from the restaurants. It’s the best way to support local restaurants as the pandemic rages on without undercutting the profits these small businesses might be making.

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Food Delivery Services Offer Customers Incentives During Covid-19 Concerns, But What About Their Drivers?

Yesterday, Postmates announced that it would be slashing delivery fees in half for orders worth more than $10 between the hours of 10am-2pm, capitalizing on the recent wave of social isolation due to COVID-19. 

This comes only two days after the company made a dual announcement, stating that it planned to waive commission fees for restaurants, therefore allowing them to join and use the app for free, as well as pay for any COVID-19 medical expenses their drivers accrued. 

The two announcements serve as a microcosm of the juxtaposition delivery services currently lie in: with business surging due to the increased number of people staying home,  what’s the proper response to their workers, who lie at the frontline of exposure, and their struggling restaurant partners?

There appears to be no clear cut answer. 

Postmates took some of the first action in early March by introducing non-contact deliveries, allowing customers to choose a drop off location for their food. But, with most companies working from home, American cities beginning to shut down entirely, and most delivery services remaining tight-lipped about the issues, drivers felt left in the dust.

As lawmakers pressed companies like DoorDash and Uber to improve situations for their workers, food delivery services scrambled to distance themselves from the issue. DoorDash and InstaCart quickly announced paid sick leave for workers diagnosed with COVID-19, and Postmates took the aforementioned measures.

This still doesn’t leave drivers with much room to breath, though. If one is infected, money will be lost regardless, either in the form of time spent going to the doctors or time spent quarantined.

Grubhub took effort to help only restaurants, with a similar strategy to Postmates, by slashing their marketing fees. No word, however, was said about the affected Grubhub delivery drivers.

Though, certainly, these companies seem to be trying to help their associated restaurants and individuals, business is still going on as usual.

And we’ve seen, in multiple countries, what will happen if business goes on as usual, and what happens when it doesn’t.

Delivery services can’t come to terms with the scale of the virus, and the measures it’s going to take to prevent widespread infection. There’s too much money to be lost. And, with no one wanting to leave the house, and drivers relying on the wage they earn for sustenance, the money will continue to roll in.

As long as delivery companies are delivering, and drivers are still dependent on work, ordering delivery with timely promotions doesn’t offer much of an ethical issue. Though, the privilege of being able to put another human at-risk to allow oneself to self-isolate should be noted, and also warrant a hell of a tip.

But, if these companies are as serious as they say they are about preventing infection, that would mean halting business for a week or two, since their entire business plans revolve around sending drivers through different cities to interact with others. This, in turn, would probably harm already struggling restaurants, as well. 

It’s hard to see a right answer with how our gastronomic economy is set up. It’s an ecosystem that runs out of necessity, one that won’t stop turning until it’s forced to.

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You Can Now Help Fight Hunger By Ordering DoorDash

Yesterday, DoorDash, the nation’s leading on-demand food destination, announced that, from September 17-30, they will donate $1 to Feeding America for every order placed that uses the promo code FEEDAMERICA in honor of Feeding America’s annual Hunger Action Month.

According to the press release, each dollar allows Feeding America, a nationwide nonprofit that fights hunger and food insecurity, to secure another 10 meals from their local food banks. In addition, each DoorDash user who donates to the cause will receive a promo code for $5 off their next order as a thank you note.

By getting their millions of users so directly involved in the company’s donation, DoorDash seems to hope that the issue strikes a chord in each individual customer, producing a greater effect than simply donating the money en masse to Feeding America would.

This comes on the back of a hectic couple of months for DoorDash, as the company came under fire after it was revealed that any tips were essentially being sent to DoorDash and not the driver. This policy was immediately changed after the backlash.

Despite this, it seems DoorDash is on the right track. With their workers properly compensated, the company moved on to announce that its social impact program, Project DASH, has rescued over a million pounds of food from being wasted.

As DoorDash looks to increase its presence in the fight against hunger, this partnership with Feeding America make sense. The nonprofit’s goal with Hunger Action Month, which is an event that has taken place every September for the last 11 years, is to increase hunger awareness and action regarding the issue. It encourages any and all ways of raising awareness, from individually posting on social media to larger campaigns, such as DoorDash’s.

If you would care to get involved with Feeding America’s cause, go ahead and eat in tonight by ordering with DoorDash. You can also donate to Feeding America directly, right here.

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Afters Ice Cream is Now Serving Tapatio Flavored Sorbet

This week, on September 15th, The Hundreds and DoorDash will be hosting the Family Style Food Fest, an event that pairs the streetwear community and with lauded restaurants to create a brand new food experience centered around community. However, one of the most appealing options isn’t coming from a streetwear designer, it’s coming from one of the most dependable sauce brands on the market, Tapatio, and Orange County’s own Afters Ice Cream.

The two will be rolling out a special collaboration flavor, made by infusing Tapatio into Afters’ mango sorbet. To give it some extra punch, they’ve added a Tapatio swirl. Then, they drizzle a good amount of Tapatio on top and dust it with a layer of Tajin, the popular Mexican seasoning powder.

While this may seem overwhelming on paper, the flavor combination is surprisingly mellow. The Tapatio doesn’t overpower the mango, it only adds some heat that’s immediately cooled off by the sorbet. The result is a sweet and spicy treat akin to a mangonada. All it needs is the Flautirriko.

If you want to try this late summer treat, but can’t make it to Los Angeles next Sunday, the flavor will be available at all Afters locations for a limited amount of time.