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We’re Definitely Here For This Hot Dog Donut

The love child of a hot dog and donut never really crossed my mind — even in my wildest munchie dreams. But now that it’s been made a reality by Okie Dokie Donuts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, its proof of concept proves to be an undeniably delicious creation.

A Sabrett’s hot dog is stuffed inside a sweet corn donut and served with a side of deli mustard to create a union of two snack legends that will satisfy any sharp-toothed craving. What’s more the hot dog donut from Okie Dokie Donuts is gluten, soy and nut free.

Head to Okie Dokie Donuts quick, because these are sure to sell out fast — because who wouldn’t want to enjoy both at the same time?

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Dunkin’ Announces Cornbread Donuts As Part Of Its Spring Menu Lineup

Though Dunkin’ is a Massachusetts-based operation, the brand is using some Southern inspo for its newest donut flavor — Cornbread.

Dunkin’s using the classic Southern favorite and serving it up in donut form as part of their spring 2022 drinks and eats lineup. The usually savory cornbread gets the donut treatment with a little bit of glaze and an exclusive sweet and savory cake base.

Tell me I won’t throw on a pat of butter on top and watch me challenge such flimsy authority.

The new Cornbread Donut from Dunkin’ will be available for a limited time nationwide at participating locations.

In other Dunkin’ news, they recently debuted a makeup collection with e.l.f. Cosmetics.

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Pepsi and Randy’s Donuts Link Up To Create New ColaCream Donut

Pepsi x Randy's Donuts

Pepsi has just tapped in with Los Angeles-area legend, Randy’s Donuts to introduce an interesting new ColaCream Donut.

This limited edition donut is available exclusively at the original Randy’s Donuts location in Inglewood, California beginning this Sunday, January 23.

The new Pepsi ColaCream Donut is filled with Pepsi-Cola and cream flavors and dons the signature Pepsi globe design that’s topped with a subtle sprinkle of Pop Rocks. This new donut will be available as part of a Combo Box that comes with a 20-oz Pepsi for $5 USD.

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Cuban Heritage Inspired This Unique Collaboration With Dough Doughnuts NYC

Photo Provided By: Marisel Salazar

Available now through the end of December, NYC-based Dough Doughnuts is offering a taste of Cuba with their new Guava and Cream Cheese Doughnut. This tasty idea came from Marisel Salazar, a prominent food writer and recipe developer. As a Latin American, Salazar loves to share the diversity of Latin flavors, while highlighting its unique history of gastronomy and evolution within the United States. 

Looking back to her childhood, Salazar remembers the Cuban and American flavors that raised her. Whether savory or sweet, it’s with these flavors she infuses in her creations. Her recent collaboration with Dough Doughnuts’ executive pastry chef Solanki Roy has resulted in what Salazar deems her “dream doughnut,” the Guava and Cream cheese.

Famous in Cuba, the pastelito de guayaba y queso (guava and cream cheese) pastry is a household staple. Salazar’s collab with Dough Doughnuts brings that Cuban heritage stateside.

Photo Provided By: Marisel Salavar

For this year’s Thanksgiving gatherings, Salazar wanted to offer a new and unexpected flavor option. Made with brioche dough, filled with sweet, gooey guava, and topped with a semi-sweet cream cheese glaze, the Guava and Cream Cheese Doughnut is sure to take your tastebuds for a spin.  

To add an extra layer of glaze, Salazar & Dough Doughnuts are donating a portion of proceeds from all Guava and Cream Cheese Doughnut purchases to NYC-based Cornelia Connelly Center (CCC), a school for under-resourced girls.

Donut lover’s looking for a sweet tooth fix with a twist can find the Guava and Cream Cheese Doughnut at all Dough Doughnuts locations.

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Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons Partner Up to Debut ‘Timbiebs’ Timbits

Justin Bieber is a superfan of Canadian donut and coffee chain, Tim Hortons, and this fandom has lead to a partnership that yields new menu items like ‘Timbiebs’ Timbits, which are the brand’s signature donut holes.

Timbiebs Timbits will be offered in three flavors: birthday cake waffle, chocolate white fudge, and sour cream chocolate chip. The lineup was co-created by Bieber and will be available at Tim Hortons locations in the US and Canada beginning November 29.

This new partnership also debuts with a line of merch that will be available for purchase at participating restaurants in Canada and the US starting also on November 29.

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Krispy Kreme Offers New Seasonal ‘Fall For Glaze’ Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme is jumping out of summer and straight into fall with a new collection of doughnuts called Fall for Glaze. The doughnuts feature three fall-inspired glaze collections, with one glaze flavor available each week beginning Labor Day.

Here’s the details on these fall-inspired treats:

  • Pumpkin Spice (Available 9/6-9/12): Starting with the return of a fan-favorite, Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed, Pumpkin Spice Original Filled Cheesecake and Pumpkin Spice Cake Doughnuts are all spiced to perfection. 
  • NEW Apple Cider (Available 9/13-9/19): Apple Cider Glazed, Apple Cider Glazed Original Filled Brown Super Kreme and Apple Cider Glazed Cake Doughnuts feature a new glaze made with real apple cider. 
  • NEW Maple (Available 9/20-9.26): covered in a delicious new glaze made with real maple syrup, the Maple Glazed, Maple Glazed Original Filled Maple Kreme and Maple Cake Doughnuts bring the taste of fall to life. 
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Krispy Kreme Indonesia Has Doughnut Waffles

Photo: Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme locations in Indonesia are having some fun with the debut of new their Doughnut Waffles. The fusion of both breakfast favorites make so much sense, and with the masters at Krispy Kreme at the helm, I’m confident that these new doughnut mash-ups are sure to get your morning started perfectly.

What’s even better than the fun fusion of shapes and grids is the variety that they come in: Original Glazed, Classic Cinnamon, Icing Sugar, Dark chocolate, White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Sprinkles.

The new Doughnut Waffles go for Rp 36.000 or about $2.50 USD for three and are only available for a limited time at participating Krispy Kreme locations in Indonesia.

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McDonald’s Will Soon Debut Glazed Pull-Apart Donuts

Photo: McDonald’s

McDonald’s is adding a sweet newcomer to its McCafé Bakery lineup in the form of Glazed Pull-Apart Donuts. So think of a cloudy cluster of puffy glazed donuts all made to be ripped apart like the assortment of junk mail that lowkey always has the dope coupons.

These Glazed Pull-Apart Donuts will be available at participating McDonald’s locations nationwide for a limited time only starting September 1, 2021, and should be noted that this is the first limited-time only offering in the McCafé Bakery lineup.