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Could You Crush This MASSIVE Donut In Under 3 Minutes?

Combining speed with size in a food challenge makes the feat an even tougher task, especially when it’s as big as this hubcap-sized donut.

The challenge can be found at Bob’s Donuts, an iconic 24/7 shop in San Francisco that has some of the best fried dough creations in the city. This massive masterpiece, which was captured by our friend @pastrywithjenn and is perfectly decorated with the colors of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors, is one of the biggest creations you can find at Bob’s.

It comes with the added challenge, should you choose to accept it, of taking down the whole thing in three minutes or less. Doing so gets you a free t-shirt and your name on the Hall of Fame. As an added bonus, anyone who crushes the donut in under two minutes also gets the $9.95 pastry cost refunded and gets an additional free drink, so you probably wanna go for the two-minute time mark rather than three. A free shirt and eternal recognition as a speed-eating donut beast are still pretty worthy prizes, though, if you do miss the two-minute time limit.

If you attempt this beastly donut challenge, definitely send us footage and let us know how you did. Just remember to be safe when competing.

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Jelly Donut Oreos Are Real And Here’s Where To Find Them

Just in time for National Donut Day, Oreo announced the release of an exclusive Jelly Donut Oreo flavor that’s hitting stores for a limited time.

Found only at Walmart stores beginning Friday June 2, the cookies feature a Golden Oreo exterior and a raspberry and custard creme filling, reports PopSugar.

A few weeks ago, Oreo released a Syrup and Waffles exclusive that was met with pretty high praise here at Foodbeast HQ. Here’s hoping they meet the same standards with this new variation.

If you’re both a donut and Oreo fan, or even just someone with a wicked nasty sweet tooth, you’ll definitely want to grab a bag or three before they fly off the shelves. Again, these will only be available for a limited time.


Hangry Bear Destroys Donut Delivery Car, Looking For Goodies Within

If you’ve ever been hangry, you know exactly how this bear probably felt when he tore up a doughnut delivery car in Colorado.

Kim Robertson, owner of Moose Watch Cafe woke up to the bumper of her car completely removed from her Ford Focus. Her first thought was that another car hit it, but she found claw marks and paw marks all over the car.

Robertson explained that the car, which is primarily used for doughnut deliveries, always smells like sweet doughnuts, so you can imagine how this bear got his Yogi on, and followed the smell.

While there weren’t any doughnuts in the car, the bear must have smelled the aprons, as it clawed at the trunk after ripping off the bumper.

Police on scene said you can smell doughnuts while standing by the vehicle (too easy), so the lure was there.

The owner took the bear accident pretty well and is even offering special bear claws at the cafe in the perp’s honor.

h/t nbc

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7-Eleven Just Added A TWIX Donut Bar To Their Pastry Line-Up

There are four things we like to grab when we visit 7-Eleven: a Slurpee, a chocolate bar, a donut, and lottery scratchers.

Well 7-Eleven has combined two of those four things into a brand new item hitting stores. No, it’s not a Slurpee with a lottery ticket on the cup (though that would be pretty kickass). The retailer chain has announced the addition of a new TWIX Donut.

The new morning pastry features caramel icing and a generous chocolate drizzle, then topped off with chopped pieces of TWIX chocolate candy bars. A little from column A and a little from column B.

According to Foodbeast Managing Editor Richard Guinto:

“That donut was delicious.”

Now we won’t have to fumble juggling two sweets and fishing out our car keys from our pockets.

You can find the TWIX Donut at participating 7-Eleven locations for $1.69 for a limited time, through the next three months.

Now let’s revisit that Slurpee Scratcher idea…

New #Twix donuts from 7-Eleven are now available!! 🍫🍩 #foodbeast

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Spaghetti Donuts Exist Now And Are Already Causing Controversy

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The latest trending food mashup is here, and people are confused on how to feel about it.

Something called the “Spaghetti Donut” has been making waves on the Internet recently, and people have taken to Twitter to protest against this new item being a thing.

The Spaghetti Donut was developed by New York business Pop Pasta, who is advertising it as an on-the-go version of a Neapolitan classic: the spaghetti pie.

Known as “frittata di spaghetti” in Italian, the spaghetti pie is a dish typically made with leftover pasta, eggs, and cheese that is shaped into a cake or pie before being cut into slices and cooked. Pop Pasta takes that concept and shapes its spaghetti pies into donuts that they call “Pops” before baking them for a mobile version of this leftovers dish. You can get them in multiple flavors, including carbonara, bolognese, and aglio e olio.

When our squad at the Foodbeast office first heard about these, the reaction was just as mixed as The Internet’s. While I’m 100% down for the concept, some of us were thinking (and hoping) that it was an April Fool’s joke (it’s not).

The spaghetti donuts will be on sale at Smorgasburg Williamsburg in Brooklyn throughout the spring/summer seasons, so if you’re interested in checking these out and live in the area, grab one and let us know what you think.

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Sushi Donuts Are the ‘Hole-y’ Grail of Food Mash-Ups


Featured Photo by Tanaya Ghosh

Do you ever get that ridiculous tug-of-war feeling with yourself when you have the one of the most artistic dishes you’ve ever laid your eyes on, and can’t decide whether to ruin its perfection by consuming it or letting it’s perfection consume you?

Yeah, that’s pretty much the feeling this sushi donut gives us. One of the latest fire Instagram food trends, this donut-shaped sushi is so photogenic, it’s practically the edible version of your favorite Instagram model (No sliding into DMs necessary).

While this prism of savory perfection is not all that new to us, it has become increasingly available. Project Poké in Fountain Valley, CA is the just the latest food joint to incorporate the neat mashup into their menu.

If you love sushi, but hate using chopsticks, the sushi donut might just become your new best friend. If you’re a donut fiend, but don’t want to look silly having donuts for lunch or dinner (we’re not judging, if you do), this is your ‘holy’ grail.

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Baskin-Robbins Is Letting You Customize Your Own Dunkin’ Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches


Baskin-Robbins just announced that they’ll be adding Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches to their menu. The ice cream chain gave us the scoop, all puns intended, on their new line of customizable desserts created in collaboration with Dunkin’ Donuts.

On September 1st, the day the donut dessert sandwiches are released, customers will be able to customize their own donut sandwiches with the breakfast cakes made by Baskin-Robbins’ donut-slinging sister brand.

You have your choice of all the flavors Baskin-Robbins offers sandwiched between a powdered donut from Dunkin’ and topped with any of the toppings the ice cream chain offers. This includes hot fudge, caramel, marshmallow, and strawberries.

Personally, we’re gonna have to stick with sherbet donut sandwiches. Though that’s another story.

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I Fed My Coworkers A Donut Cheeseburger From Walmart And Here’s What Happened

On a recent stroll down the frozen food aisles of Walmart, we found a peculiar box of microwaveable cheeseburgers that you would find at a county fair: Donut Cheeseburger.


As we sat in morning traffic, the 57 freeway crawling like a complacent toddler, we took joy in the fact that ridiculous food trends were slowly leaking into the frozen dinner world. We now live in a time where a Deep-fried Twinkie and Donut Cheeseburger won’t cost you at ticket to the fair. Don’t get us started about parking prices.

You just pop them into the microwave for a couple of minutes and you’re ready to enjoy this stoner dish in the comfort of your own – well, anywhere with a fridge and microwave. That’s the point, right?


The Donut Cheeseburger featured chopped beef steak topped with American cheese, pepper berry bacon jam, and is sandwiched between two donut cake buns.

Upon removal from our beloved microwave, home of many frozen meals, we were surprised by the enticing aroma emanating from the once-frozen sandwich. Hopefully it tasted as good as it smelled, because we’d like to see the best in most packaged foods.

We passed the burgers around the bullpen to see what the brave Foodbeasts who dared to partake had to say:


It’s not even a good “2am” food. I don’t know who this was made for.


It tasted like a McGriddle, but it was supposed to be a cheeseburger.


It was half-decent stoner food that tasted like couch cushions when sober.

The frozen packaged food item was sold under the Great Value brand and comes in packs of 2. It seems that they’re only available at the Walmart Supercenter.