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Tim Hortons Creates A CHURRO DONUT For National Donut Day

We live in a time where there are nearly as many donut options out there as there are stars in the sky. While my slight hyperbole there may not be the most accurate, it seems there’s a new donut unveiling from a different fast food donut chain almost every week. Fantastic for a donut lover such as myself.

For National Donut Day (Friday, June 7), Tim Hortons is making mine and other donut fanatics’ dreams come true by releasing what’s essentially a Churro Donut.

Here’s the delectable deets: Tim Hortons takes a Honey Cruller Donut and pipes it with a sweet caramel filling. Then, a dusting of cinnamon sugar coats the exterior of the cruller to create the churro masterpiece.

Be still my churro-loving heart.

The Churro Donut will be available at participating Tim Hortons locations starting June 7, and will make a national launch on June 12. Churro fans, you may want to snag a donut or 12 before they run out, as they’ll be available for a limited time only.

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CBD-Infused Doughnuts Now Located In Los Angeles, Here’s Where To Find Them

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken, known for their mastery of both delectable choices, are capitalizing on the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in California by creating a new iteration that’s infused with CBD.

For those unfamiliar, CBD (short for Cannabidiol) is a natural compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis and is known for its therapeutic properties. CBD-based products and foods are currently booming, so Astro threw their hat into the craze and just created CBD-infused doughnuts that continue their penchant for exquisite treats.

The doughnut, which in specific is a Chocolate Birthday Cake Doughnut with CBD-Infused Chocolate Buttercream Frosting, is a welcome treat to Angelenos looking to take their already notoriously chill Cali vibe to deeper levels of relaxation. And at 60mg of CBD in each doughnut, eating one whole will have you feeling like you’re wrapped in a veritable Snuggie of chill mode. Trust me, I was the happy guinea pig to try.

These CBD chocolate doughnuts are going for $5 a pop and are currently available at the Downtown Los Angeles location of Astro, with availability soon at the forthcoming Santa Monica location opening at the end of March. Happy chilling and munching, L.A.

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Baskin-Robbins’ New FREAK SHAKES Are Topped With Entire Donuts, Cookies, and Candy

The summer heat has me sweating more than than a deadbeat dad on the Maury Povich Show. To battle the summer flares, Baskin Robbins has launched a line of new cold beverages they’re calling Freak Shakes.

In honor of National Ice Cream Month, the ice cream chain created the Unicorn Freak Shake, the Oreo ‘n Cookies Freak Shake, and the Donut Shop Freak Shake.

The Unicorn Freak Shake is topped with a scoop of cotton candy ice cream and crowned with Airheads Xtreme Rainbow Berry Sweetly Sour Candy strips, Charms Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy, rainbow sprinkles and marshmallows, all on a sugar cone.

Chocolate enthusiasts will want to cool down with a Oreo ‘n Cookie Freak Shake. This decadent beverage boasts a scoop of Oreo Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream, hot fudge drizzle, a slice of Oreo Cookies ‘n Cream Polar Pizza, Oreo pieces, and a sugar cone.

Those who can’t choose between ice cream or donuts will want to nibble on the Donut Shop Freak Shake. With a scoop of Almond Fudge ice cream, this shake is topped with hot fudge, Dunkin’ Donuts Powdered and Chocolate Munkins donut hole treats, and a Dunkin’ Donuts Chocolate Frosted with Sprinkles Donut.

Freak shakes, a food trend that has been booming in the past few years, was essentially a hulked out milkshake topped with baked goods and other outstanding sweets. Originating at a pastry shop in Australia, the trend carried over to the US where restaurants like Black Tap in NYC breathed drizzle-dripping life further into the concept.

Carol Austin, Vice President of Marketing for Baskin-Robbins, said in a release:

“We wanted to share our excitement for National Ice Cream Day with our guests the best way we know how – by creating a new and unexpected ice cream treat for them to enjoy.”

The upcoming line of Freak Shakes will be available at participating Baskin-Robbins locations July 15 and will last through July 31.

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For One Day, Burger King Will Serve A Whopper Donut At Select Stores

Burger King just announced that they’ll be releasing a Whopper Donut for National Donut Day. While not a traditional donut, this new entry to the King’s menu does resemble one in the sense that it has a big hole cut through it. Yup, straight through the core and into China.

Only minutes after he heard the news, fellow Foodbeast and donut writer Constantine Spyrou scoffed:

Burger King’s taking a Whopper, turning it into a donut, and then calling it and the part cut out two separate burgers?!

For those upset about getting a Whopper with less ingredients, the limited-time item will be served with a “free” mini slider to fill that void. Think of the slider as a snack you can save for later in the day.

Whopper-lovin’ burger heads who can’t miss such an exclusive will need to line up at these exact coordinates on June 1:

128 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass.

1100 5th Street, Miami Beach, Flo.

1601 N. Hacienda Boulevard, Los Angeles, Calif.

327 West 42nd Street, New York City, NY.

2450 S 1900 W, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Now if McDonald’s and Arby’s limited exclusives in the past were any indication, you may want to line up early to get your hands on one.

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Krispy Kreme Serves Gold With New Hershey’s Gold Doughnut

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That bit’s been embedded into our minds since adolescence. It stands to reason that you’d want to start your morning off with a golden choice, right? A golden doughnut perhaps?

Krispy Kreme just announced the addition of a new Hershey’s Gold Doughnut. Don’t worry though, your teeth won’t shatter when you bite into it.

The new doughnut is actually made from Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed Doughnut. It’s then topped with pieces of Hershey’s Gold Bar and a drizzle of salted caramel icing.

Hershey’s new Gold Bar, which in 117 years has only been the brand’s fourth flavor, features a caramelized creme base that includes salty peanuts and pretzel bites.

Sure, it’s not a solid gold doughnut, but who wants to eat that? We’re more than happy to take a mouthful of this sweet and salty new breakfast pastry.

The new Hershey’s Gold Doughnut will be available at participating Krispy Kreme locations beginning Feb. 22 for a limited time. Anyone with nut allergies may want to avoid it though.

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This Lava Donut Recipe Does Sweet & Spicy Like We’ve Never Seen

If you thought the Tabañero Hot Sauce x FOODBEAST Tabasutra recipe series would leave out dessert, think again. Luckily, the loveable foodie Instagram account @TheNaughtyFork assisted us with a sweet and spicy treat known as Lava Donuts.

From galaxy donuts, to sushi donuts, and the ever-popular cronut, the versatility of this doughy, sweet and sugary anytime snack seems to be ever-expanding. Now, America’s favorite donuts are about to meet their hottest hybrid form yet.   

Whoever said donuts aren’t supposed to be spicy obviously isn’t open to trying new things, but that’s ok. These red hot snacks aren’t your average treat, combining the sweetness of cinnamon, with the smoothness of white chocolate set off with a dash of Tabañero Hot Sauce.

lava donuts

With more than 610K followers on her Instagram, The Naughty Fork is no stranger to food trends, and there’s no need to blow smoke about the deliciousness behind the lava donuts trend.

Featuring a soft, milky glaze, and a spicy filling, this fiery pastry will extinguish the flames behind your sweet tooth.

However, if you’re not an expert on Tabasutra, you might need someone to help you with this recipe, as the exotic Tabasutra grip requires a helping hand. Like the exotic tango, The Ghost takes two.

Whether you’re trying to beat the heat in summer or warm up in the winter, The Naughty Fork’s recipe for Tabañero Lava Donuts will be an instant classic.


For the cake donut

1 egg

½ cup buttermilk

½ tsp white vinegar

¾ c cake flour

¼ c + 2 tbsp all purpose flour

½ tsp salt

1 tsp baking powder

2 ½ tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder 

2 tbsp unsalted butter, melted and cooled

1/3 c granulated sugar

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1 tsp red food coloring

1/4 tsp baking soda

For the filling

1 c white chocolate melts

1/3 c milk

pinch of cayenne

3 ½ tsp Tabañero hot sauce

¼ tsp cinnamon

red food coloring

For the glaze

2 c powdered sugar

2 tbsp milk

½ tsp red food coloring

For the cake donut

Step 1

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl – cake flour, all purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt.

Step 2

In another bowl, mix the butter, sugar, egg, vanilla extract, buttermilk, and food coloring until well combined. Set aside.

Step 3

In another bowl, mix together the baking soda and vinegar and bring the mixture to a foam. While this begins to foam, add your wet ingredients to your dry ingredients and give it a rough stir (do not combine well).

Step 4

Add the baking soda and vinegar to your batter and stir until combined. Pipe the batter into a well-greased donut sheet and bake for 10-13 minutes, or until fully cooked. While the donuts cool, prepare the lava filling.

For the filling

Step 5

Bring an inch of water to a simmer in a medium saucepan or pot. Rest a heat-safe bowl above the pot, not letting the bottom of the bowl touch the water. Allow the steam to gently warm the bowl. Add chocolate melts to the bowl and stir occasionally until smooth and melted.

Step 6

Remove bowl from the heat. Stir in milk, then hot sauce, cayenne, and cinnamon. Mix completely. Add red food coloring until desired “lava” color is achieved. Place into a piping bag, then inject into the donuts.

For the glaze

Step 7

Slowly add the milk to the powdered sugar in a bowl until desired consistency is found. Add food color. Dip donuts into the glaze and allow to set on a cooling rack. Enjoy!

Photos by Peter Pham

Created in partnership with Tabañero Hot Sauce

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This Hotel Will Deliver A 10 Pound Donut Straight To Your Room

Brace yourselves, folks. The sugar coma of the year is here — and it’s available for room service.

I’m talking about a MASSIVE 10 pound donut that the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort will deliver to your room. It’s a part of their whimsical “Donut Disturb” package, and is available all year long.

When you choose to get this awesome room service deal, you’ll receive a special “Donut Disturb” hanger to place on your doorknob upon check-in. Then, the kitchen gets to work crafting a carb-sterpiece that’s three feet wide and at least a foot tall.

Now, to be fair, this “donut” isn’t built the same way a traditional donut is. It’s got layers of Tahitian vanilla cake, cream, and raspberry jelly infused on the inside. Additionally, it’s topped with layers of fondant, an electric pink creme frosting, tropical fruit macaron crisps, and neon jimmies. Overall, it looks like something out of Homer Simpson’s version of heaven.

The entire donut is then wheeled to your door with an accompanying set of milkshakes. You can use them for dunking and dipping, or just as a delicious pairing to this sugar overload. From there, choose to eat it however you want and it’s carbo-load dream time.

If you’re interested in scoring on this “Donut Disturb” special, it starts at $219 for the 10 pound donut delivery. Additionally, you also get a free $50 room credit for the resort’s spa, dining, or golfing amenities.

To celebrate the launch of this zany donut special, the team at JW Marriott Desert Springs crafted a monstrous 100-pound donut. If you want to do a quick size comparison, peep the video above to behold it in all its glory.

Marriott’s “Donut Disturb” package is the perfect way for those of us with big sweet teeth to kick off our vacations. The only question we have is this: How much of this donut can YOU handle?

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This Bay Area Donut Shop Makes The World’s First Glow-In-The-Dark Pastry

If there’s one place in California that could be considered the Mecca of innovation and cutting-edge entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley would be the leading candidate. So it seems fitting that one of the most mind-boggling and innovative donuts ever created would be be found in the center of the South Bay region.

Thanks to the experimental minds at Psycho Donuts, a Campbell, California-based, mental ward-themed artisan donut and art shop, Bay Area donut connoisseurs have seen the light of what true culinary innovation looks like.

Part donuts, part light show, these tasty treats are deliciously fascinating. By adding pulverized vitamin B pills into the dough, Psycho Donuts created a treat that actually glows under an ultraviolet blacklight. Yes, they actually glow in the dark.

These fruit-flavored, glowing goodies are made with Hansen’s Natural Soda and lime juice. Currently, lime and pomegranate are making the rounds around the world’s first donut asylum.

By delivering a sensory experience, Psycho Donuts has built an iconic reputation for itself and it’s easy to see why. So, if you’re crazy about donuts, stop by Psycho Donuts to see and taste what all the hype is about.


Created in partnership with Hansen’s Soda