Donut Poutine Exists and It’s Positively Drool-Worthy

donut poutine

Listen America, donut poutine exists. If you’re a fan of the traditional ridiculousness that is fries and gravy and cheese, then we have a sneaking suspicion you’ll drool gross amounts over this decadent dessert.

The folks over at California’s Psycho Donuts have come up with the most genius twist on the Canadian dish, using french fry-like glazed donuts drizzled with a healthy dose of caramel, AKA “the gravy of the dessert world.” There’s also what looks like dollops of cream or maybe even melted vanilla chips. Basically, you’re feasting your eyes upon a heap of pure sugary bliss. *Dreamy sigh*


H/T Neatorama + Picthx Psycho Donuts