Toast Domo for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Apparently, when Domo isn’t passing gas, hating on apples and dwelling in his cave, he’s busy making delightful toasted pieces of bread. His curious face of perpetual fascination is charmingly captured on the side of this kitschy toaster and even lets you toast Domo’s large saw-toothed expression for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes, now you can have terrifying cuteness with your Nutella sandwich, English muffins and even your sesame seed hamburger buns.

And we bet you thought the days of toasting adorable cartoon characters on our food was over…Shame on you.

Domo Toaster: $40 @Amazon

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The Sushezi Sushi Maker Sh*ts Out the Perfect Sushi Roll

Many a college sushi-rolling attempt has resulted in creative, albeit misshapen interpretations of the traditional maki roll (I’m looking at you, sushi “casserole”), but now you can literally sh*t out perfect sushi every time with the help of Sushezi.

Sushezi. Sushi. Easy. Because like most Japanese funnies, puns are “Quick! Easy!” and “Hilarious!

Stuff some sticky rice and your choice of ingredients into the two halves of the 12 inch Sushezi, clasp them together, seal on the end cap and watch as the plunger squeezes out a perfectly round, perfectly sized tube of sushi innards onto your standard nori seaweed sheet.

Granted, the product is a few years old by now, but the art of sushi making hasn’t gotten any easier (as far as we’ve heard), so no complaints here.

Sushezi is available on Amazon for $16.66.

See it for yourself in all its colon-esque glory:

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Domo-kun Chocolate Marshmallows

So my friend Mat just showed me these today and I couldn’t resist the temptation to up these up here. If you don’t know who Domo-kun is, you should really become acquainted. Chocolate covered marshmallows with Domo on them is one masterpiece that should not, and will not be over looked. (Thx AnnaTheRed)