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Domino’s Is Training Reindeer To Deliver Pizza In The Snow [WATCH]

Domino’s Pizza in Japan is seriously training reindeer to run around in the snow and learn routes like a delivery boy.

Yeah, there’s no way animal activists are going to let this fly, but according to CNN, the training is real, with video footage to prove it:

Domino’s is conducting its training sessions at a driving school lot, in the coldest region of Japan. They’re testing the reindeer delivery speed, which can reach up to 50 mph, plus they’ve attached GPS devices so customers can track their pizza.

They probably figured they could give their usual delivery drivers a break from the cold, and send out an animal that not only thrives when traveling in snow due to its hooves, but also has delivering in its bloodline thanks to Santa Clause’s transportation methods.

There’s very little reason to believe this would actually work, so as cool as it would be to see a reindeer at your door step, don’t expect this to be the future of delivery. Especially when Domino’s has tested drone delivery, which sounds a little more plausible.

We can still dream of a day where we walk up to our door, greet the majestic reindeer, and leave him a candy cane tip (What do reindeer eat anyway?).


Domino’s Shows Us That America Is Craving An All Digital Pizza Delivery Experience

It may not seem obvious, but Domino’s Pizza is quickly becoming the most powerful pizza company in America.

By focusing on a mobile application, digitally driven business model, Domino’s has rebranded itself as the most interactive, and tech-savvy pizza delivery service, by far, effectively shedding the substandard reputation it once carried.

None of this is by mistake, according to Domino’s CEO J. Patrick Doyle. In 2016, Domino’s stock price reached its highest price-per-share during its 12 year history as a publicly traded company, closing at $165.89 per-share on Oct. 25, according to NASDAQ. That’s an increase of almost $60 per-share year-to-date.


So, is Domino’s looking for all-out pizza industry domination?

Not quite, as it’s more so what the corporate pizza delivery competition is lacking, that is making this playing field so uneven.

“Domino’s [Pizza] is over 50 percent digital at this point.”  — J. Patrick Doyle, CEO, Domino’s Pizza

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Doyle explained that Domino’s wants to eliminate any space between their pizza and the customers’ grasp, and have been doing so in the most efficient and non-intrusive way possible — by letting the user control the experience.

“The message to our customers is ‘wherever you are, you’re going to be able to order and we’re going to make it simple and easy for you,'” Doyle said.

In terms of pizza delivery options, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s have always stood out as the Big Three. However, Domino’s has quickly corralled the competition by providing customers a seemingly endless reach when it comes to ordering pizza. Today, food delivery is a haute ticket and people understand — and accept — the simplicity and convenience of this nuanced application-based method of food consumption.

Apps like GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates, and UberEATS are only a few of the dozens of food delivery apps just waiting for an index finger to guide food into the mouth of paying customers. It’s been as easy as spoon feeding a child.

Domino’s now gives customers at least nine different ways to order a pizza. Nine. An order can be placed by tweet, Facebook Messenger, text, even by using your voice, and there’s an Apple Watch app available. There’s probably even more on the horizon.

In 2015, Domino’s changed the game by introducing an emoji-based pizza ordering system. By simply creating an “Easy Order” profile, users can literally send a pizza emoji and get pizza. While there is a bit of legwork in order to get the pizza emoji to send you pizza each time, that’s as simple as it gets.


On the other hand, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut are still relying on their desktop sites to bring it digitally-based sales. To be fair, Papa John’s does offer an Apple TV app, but America never really caught on to Apple’s web-based programming.

Pizza Hut’s mobile app is just an extension of the desktop version, and as society relies more heavily on smartphones and mobile applications, even the desktop computer has become a secondary resource. Pizza Hut also faces a disadvantage of being caged under the umbrella of Yum! Brands, which seems to be more concentrated as a whole on fast-food, leaving Pizza Hut trapped in a corporate sandwich of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell.

With our lives becoming more entwined with technology, we are seeing a trend developing. As industry leading companies fail to adapt to the changing digital landscape, we see how quickly those who are adapting find success — Domino’s Pizza is a perfect example.

As Domino’s continues to set the standard for a digital-first business model, how soon will the world see the first completely virtual restaurant?

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Domino’s Wants To Make Drone-Delivered Pizzas A Reality Soon

That pie in the sky might actually become a reality soon, if Domino’s has its way.  The pizza company’s New Zealand locations just announced a partnership with a drone delivery service called Flirtey and are dead serious about making drone pizza delivery a real thing, according to Mashable.

The only problem is that “the man” is still keeping them down, as New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority has not approved of their service, yet.

Still, Domino’s is hopefull that they’ll be transporting their pizza through flight, as soon as this year.

This isn’t the first time Domino’s has flirted with drone delivery, as in 2013, they tested out the concept in the UK, attaching the pizza to what they called a “Domicopter” and watched the pie float away.

Whether this actually happens or not, we can only dream of a world where pizza is flown to us in a timely manner. Until then, be kind to your delivery boy and at least tip the poor kid.

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Here’s How Domino’s Pizza Become America’s Top Fast Food Chain

The fast food industry is an overly-saturated one in America. Let’s face it, in most areas of the United States, you can’t drive more than a mile without running into at least one popular chain restaurant. Whether it’s Starbucks, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Pizza Hut, fast food is everywhere.

But among those many giants of the industry, only some get to the top of the food chain and even fewer claim the number one spot.

So what chain is number one in the country as of 2016? Recent numbers say that Domino’s Pizza could be the victor this year.

Truthfully, this was simultaneously shocking and unsurprising.

While Domino’s is a go-to for a drunken Saturday night, it seems to me that a chain that’s more frequently in the public eye, like McDonald’s or Burger King, would be more likely to come out on top.

Although you may see fewer Domino’s locations than other popular restaurants, that doesn’t necessarily dictate how well the chain is doing financially. And according to the most recent numbers from Business Insider, Domino’s is doing very, very well.

On July 21, 2016, Domino’s reported that their U.S. same-store sales have gone up 9.7% in the second quarter. This makes for Domino’s 21st consecutive quarter of positive sales momentum.

Without anyone noticing too much, Domino’s has been steadily rising to the top in the last few years.

So what, in the last 21 quarters, has gotten Domino’s to the top spot today? Business experts believe there are four main reasons that could be attributed to the growing success of the chain.


Improved Quality

 Pizza Dough

Photo: A Cozy Kitchen

2009 may seem like a long time ago to some of us, but it’s really only been seven years since Domino’s made a change to the chain’s standard pizza recipe. In 2009, Domino’s upgraded their crust with a garlic-butter-herb seasoning. The chain proceeded to evolve their sauce and cheese as well, after months of taste testing.

A distinct turn-around in sales can be drawn back to this change in recipe, most likely because Domino’s made a decided improvement in the quality of the core product, distinguishing the chain from competitors like Pizza Hut and Papa John’s.

Better Marketing

Dominos Commerical

Photo: Vimeo

Just a year before Domino’s made a change in recipe, the company also made a change in marketing personnel. Russell Weiner quit his position as Vice President of Pepsi in 2008 to join Domino’s in the midst of a huge sales decline. The marketing strategy Weiner implemented resonated well with audiences; it was honest, self-deprecating, and funny.

Under this successful marketing campaign, Domino’s thrived in the years to come, and the campaign ultimately got Weiner promoted President in 2014. In the past two years, with a marketing-minded leader at the helm, Domino’s has managed to stay on top of trends and appeal to various audiences.

You’ll notice, at the heart of the company, there are still ideas Weiner originally instilled; transparency with customers, as well as fun, quirky commercials aimed to appeal to millennial audiences.

Digital Ordering

Dominos WEbsite

Photo: Digital Strategy Consulting

This is one of the most recent changes for Domino’s — and it’s a big one. Digital ordering accounted for half of Domino’s U.S. sales in the second quarter, mainly due to the popular online loyalty program. Domino’s has expanded online ordering to over 15 platforms, including Apple Watch and Samsung TV.

This ease of “one click” ordering (made especially easy with their ordering app for iPhone and Android) was pioneered by Domino’s in 2008 and has played one of the largest roles in launching the chain to the top. Not hard to see why, considering we live in an age where consumers are glued to their various devices and expect instant gratification. Well played, Domino’s.


Dominos Pizza

Photo: Campbellsville Town Website

All too often in today’s market, fast food companies will try to offer a range of products to draw in different groups of consumers. While this seems like a smart sales ploy on the surface, this often confuses the message and brand these companies have worked hard to create.

Focus on one specific market is a more likely recipe for success, which Domino’s has clearly proved true. Although the chain does sell a variety of items, Domino’s has found success in recent years when focusing almost only on the core product: pizza. This has helped consumers recognize Domino’s as a go-to chain for this niche, and has consequently increased sales.
While Domino’s continues to grow and clarify the company brand, competitors that were once a threat to the chain are doing the opposite. Or, at the very least, they’re struggling to do what Domino’s does quite as well.

For instance, Papa John’s, a major competitor, has been falling behind Domino’s both in online page views and in sales over the past two or three years. While Papa John’s also boasts an online ordering system, the company site saw 9 million views a month, compared to Domino’s 9.7 million a month, according to Business Insider.

Similarly, Papa John’s made $3 billion in sales in 2014. This is certainly nothing to scoff at, but it’s not as impressive compared to the $8 billion in sales Domino’s made that same year. And two years later, this rift in page views and sales has only grown in Domino’s favor.

Even non-pizza fast food chains are failing to do what Domino’s is succeeding at. McDonald’s, for example, has been struggling to find an appealing brand as their general aesthetic and company model has been gradually becoming irrelevant.

Instead of narrowing down to a clear, concise focus, Burger King has been attempting to release bizarre fast food stunts in the last few months, trying to imitate Taco Bell’s success with the Doritos Locos Tacos.

Between the improved quality of the food, clever marketing tactics, innovation in online ordering, and the sole focus in one main product, Domino’s is poised to take over the quick service restaurant industry on all fronts.

As for their competitors? Other chains would be wise to watch and learn.


It’s A Burger, It’s A Pizza, It’s Domino’s BurgerPizza

Nowadays there’s a burger stand on every corner. However, it’s not the case with pizza. Burgers have always been an on-the-go staple, but pizza is usually time consuming and enjoyed in a group setting, leaving little time for pizza in our busy lives.

Domino’s India wants to change that. The well-known pizza chain isn’t going to be adding cheeseburgers to their menu anytime soon — but this might be the next best thing.

Behold the BurgerPizza.


Domino’s India recently updated its Facebook cover photo to show off the new creation.

Instagram users began posting images under the #BurgerPizza hashtag and it actually looks pretty close to the ad.


Using only over-baked, instead of fried ingredients, the BurgerPizza also comes in a vegetarian option.

Branded with the clever tagline, “Looks like a burger, tastes like a pizza,” the BurgerPizza might be the best thing to come out of Dominos since using an emoji to order a pizza.


Senior Vice President of Marketing, S. Murugan Narayanaswamy, told Hungry Forever that Domino’s India hopes the BurgerPizza will become an everyday favorite for Dominos fans and encourage more people to enjoy pizza at anytime.

“Burgers in India are all-day escape and fun food, while pizzas are becoming meal replacement and comfort food,” he said.

While I usually use beer as my escape food, I’d settle for a BurgerPizza any day.


5 National Pizza Deals For Pi Day

March 14th, 3/14/15, will be the only day we can experience a true Pi Day in our lifetimes, assuming the average life expectancy doesn’t double in the next few decades. To celebrate, you can specifically enjoy some pie at 9:26am (and 53 seconds!) or hound down savory and sweet pies alike all day long.

The latter is highly recommended.

Here are the current national pizza deals to appease your gluttony without hurting your wallet:

Blaze Pizza


This in-store promotion lowers the price of all personal pizzas to $3.14.

Domino’s Pizza


For $15.99, you can grab a large one-topping pizza from Domino’s along with eight pieces of boneless chicken that you should obviously put on the pizza. Just make sure you use code “9171” at checkout.

Papa John’s Pizza

aeb7759b0790313ef2b3bbdf1f75dd76_Papa Johns

Papa John’s is letting patrons take 25 percent off their regular menu items, provided that they use the clever code “25OFF.”

Papa Murphy’s Pizza


Feel free to use this coupon at a Papa Murphy’s Pizza, our other pizza dad, for a $5 large cheese, pepperoni or sausage pizza.

Pizza Hut

maxresdefault (1)

As a part of their Crust Flavor Challenge and happily coinciding with Pi Day, Pizza Hut is offering a large two-topping pizza at the price of $7.99. You just have to order online and try one of their new crust flavors.

Unfortunately, this deal is only available at select locations.

Please, please eat irresponsibly.

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Pizza Hut Coddles New Gluten-Free Pizza, Domino’s Gluten-y Hands Still Molesting Ingredients


Pizza Hut announced a new gluten-free pizza today (National Gluten-Free Day), two whole years after Domino’s entered the gluten-free market. Unlike Domino’s, Pizza Hut is actually doing everything within their power to keep these specialty pizzas away from gluten.

Apparently, Domino’s does not care that much about the 18 million Americans with gluten sensitivities. Their compassion starts and ends with a gluten-free crust which is not effectively protected from gluten exposure in the kitchen, particularly as toppings are added.

Following in the footsteps of pizza brands like California Pizza Kitchen, Pizza Hut is outfitting about 38 percent of their US stores with “Gluten-Free Kits” complete with special gloves, utensils, and dedicated ingredients (marinara sauce, cheese, and pepperoni). They also place the pies on parchment paper in the oven for additional protection. Depending on your gluten sensitivity, you can simply use the crust as a base for a more complex pizza.

Both companies do not advise patrons suffering from celiac disease to try their gluten-free options, but at least Pizza Hut is trying to rise to the occasion. It’s like Domino’s realized they would never be able to make a 100 percent gluten-free pizza, so they just threw in the towel after they made the crust.


You can order a 10-inch gluten-free pizza from Pizza Hut beginning January 26.

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Domino’s Pizza Manager to Customer: ‘Go F*ck Yourself. Get the F*ck Out of Here, You F*cking Retard’


A video uploaded to LiveLeak over the weekend captures an incident at a Saginaw, Mich. Domino’s Pizza (gasp!) that epitomizes poor customer service.

In the video, things get, let’s say, a tad ugly when a female customer — who is being filmed by her daughter — asks to talk to an employee’s supervisor over an order mix-up and the incident that followed. The man tells the customer in the video:

“My supervisor’s name is ‘Go Fuck Yourself.’ Get the fuck out of here, you fucking retard.”

According to WNEM TV5, it all started when Eric Promenchenkel received a pizza with light sauce instead of the white sauce he had ordered. When he called the Domino’s store to complain, he was hung up on by a manager — twice. It’s then that his girlfriend’s mom, the customer in the video, went to the store to talk to a supervisor.


The store’s general manager was fired Monday because of the incident, and he told the news station in an email:

“I regret the language I used, but if people could see everything that happened, especially in the phone calls, they would not be sympathetic for this woman.”

Domino’s Corporation put out a statement in response to the incident that read, “We are aware of the situation and have forwarded this to the local franchise owner. The comments made by this person do not reflect those of Domino’s Pizza. We apologize for how poorly this reflects on our local stores and we assure you corrective action will be taken as the franchise owner determines.”

So whose side are you on — the “fucking retard” or the “40-year-old” in a “pizza outfit”?

Written by Alan Van for NextShark