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Ability To Order Domino’s Pizza With Your Car Coming To Millions This Year

The future of ordering pizza on the go will soon mean you don’t even have to use your phone.

Photo courtesy of Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is teaming up with technology firm Xevo to create an app that allows you to order pizzas for delivery from within your car. Xevo has already created such technology for Applebee’s, Starbucks, and IHOP, among other big names in food.

The technology is meant to be as distraction-free as possible, according to Xevo CEO Dan Gittleman. Options such as “Easy Order” and “Recent Order” are programmed into the app to either select your most recent order or one that you can customize within the Domino’s app. It allows you to order with as few touches as possible while keeping your eyes on the road, a concern that arose when some of this ordering technology first came out.

While the app isn’t voice activated, it is easy to access from a car’s digital display, and can be used to order Domino’s pizza at any address or delivery hotspot. These include all of the parks, beaches, and other locations Domino’s added to that list last year.

Millions of cars that have Xevo’s Market and e-commerce platform should have this option integrated by the end of 2019. Xevo didn’t provide specifics of which car brands have the technology, but their programming is built into over 25 million cars from makers like Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, and Ford, according to their website. Additionally, future car models will have the technology built in, meaning new cars that you purchase in the future may have this ability to order Domino’s built in from the start.

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You Can Get Free Domino’s By Ordering Their Rivals’ Pizza

Photo courtesy of Domino’s

Domino’s just launched a “Points for Pies” promotion, where all you have to do is scan ANY form of pizza using the Domino’s app. This includes any pie from your favorite local mom-and-pop spot, rival chains like Pizza Hut, homemade iterations, microwaved pizza bagel bites out of your freezer, or even fake pizza toys.

Anything goes.

You can scan a pizza outside of Domino’s into the rewards app once a week, and each scan is good for 10 points. When you accumulate 60 points, you’re eligible for a free 2-topping medium pie from Domino’s.

It may seem like a long time to get yourself a free pizza, but the “Points for Pies” you get from this deal can be combined with existing Domino’s points, including points from regular Domino’s purchases during the promotional period.

There is one caveat to this deal, though: only a limited amount of points will be available every day. Domino’s has set aside at least 100 million possible points to be given out, but those will only be available in small amounts at a time. The points system will refresh every day to have more available.

To get in on the deal, you need to set up a rewards account with Domino’s and have their app installed. You can scan any outside pizza from February 2nd to April 28th, with a maximum of 60 points obtainable per user, and the points expire six months after you collect them.

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Domino’s Pizza Is Now Serving Up Its ‘Biggest Pizza Ever’

Domino’s Pizza is now making a pizza in New Zealand and Australia that literally envelops the rest of the fast food pizza game. It’s “Biggest Pizza Ever,” as it’s advertised, barely fits into cars or through doors because of its sheer size.

Photo courtesy of Domino’s Pizza NZ

Called “The Big One,” each quarter of the pizza is approximately the size of 2 large pies, making its total diameter just under 40 inches in length. It can feed approximately 20 people, and is segmented into the chain’s four most popular flavors: Pepperoni, Supreme, BBQ Meatlovers, and Hawaiian.

Photo courtesy of Domino’s Pizza

The new gargantuan pizzas required custom pans and pizza boxes to withstand the pizza’s weight, and has to be picked up in person because Domino’s bikes cannot transport them on their own.

Each participating Domino’s location in New Zealand and Australia is only selling two of these per day, and requires an online reservation of at least 24 hours in advance.

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Domino’s Is Offering Up A Half-Off Pizzas Deal This Entire Week

Summer seems to be a pretty good time to score some insanely cheap fast food deals. McDonald’s has one going right now where you can get almost any sandwich they have for just a buck, for example.

Now Domino’s is also getting in on the bargains with their new half-off pizzas deal that’s around for a limited time.

A post shared by Domino’s Pizza (@dominos) on

Through July 15th, any menu-priced pizza that you order online is getting a 50% price slash. You can use any of the chain’s in-house systems to get the deal, including the Domino’s website and their official app. It applies to at-home as well as Domino’s Hotspot deliveries, so you don’t have to stress about being cooped up to score the deal.

Right now sounds like a pretty good time to take advantage of the big discount and throw a massive pizza party.

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Domino’s Poised To Overtake Pizza Hut As The Nation’s Largest Pizza Chain

For years, Pizza Hut has stood tall as America’s largest pizza chain. However, they are now facing a threat to that title, as Domino’s is in a financial position to leapfrog past its longtime rival for the top spot.

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Domino’s has been enjoying a lengthy period of massive financial growth that’s pushed its stock price up over 2000% since 2010. Same-store sales haven’t decreased in a single quarter since the beginning of 2011, an impressive feat in an increasingly competitive fast food industry. Domino’s most recent earnings call put them at an 8.4% growth in same-store sales just over the past three months, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

With that rapid pace of success, it’s only a matter of time before Domino’s becomes the nation’s largest pizza chain. To do that this year, Domino’s needed to boost its system sales by 8% if Pizza Hut showed no growth. Pizza Hut has actually dropped five percent in sales in the first half of 2017 alone, according to their financial statements. Domino’s has averaged about 9% sales growth per quarter in the same span, making it likely they’ll take the top pizza spot soon — if they haven’t already.

Domino’s rise has been largely attributed to a versatility in technology options. Everything from apps, Amazon Echo devices, TVs, and even cars can be used to order pizzas, making ordering from Domino’s extremely omnipresent. Domino’s has also seen an increase in on-site pickups thanks to crucial remodeling at their brick-and-mortar locations.

In fact, Domino’s has been so successful in bringing sales over recent years that the 8.4% growth in the past quarter was considered to be a “slump” by investors, as Domino’s typically hits double digits in same-store sales increases. Nonetheless, the pizza purveyors are expected to continue to flourish, and should become America’s largest pizza chain before Pizza Hut has a chance to catch up.

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Domino’s Pizza Security Cam Catches Horny Couple Doing The Nasty [NSFW, Seriously]

Photo: Griolin on Wikimedia Commons

A couple faces jail time after going just a little too far inside of a UK Domino’s Pizza restaurant.

The pair, Craig Smith and Daniella Hirst, were captured performing lewd acts on CCTV in February. A staffer at the establishment later posted the video of their behavior online, where it quickly went viral.

While the video was illegally posted online, magistrates did rule it admissible for evidence. The video shows Hirst and Smith ordering food, followed by a series of very raunchy events. These include the imitation of sex with a traffic cone, fellatio, and actual sex against the counter while employees prepared food in the background.

A solicitor for Hirst admitted to the court that the pair had been drinking before entering the Domino’s, but claimed that the actions were not “brazen.” Hirst told The Sun that she and Smith got to talking about the public places they would risk having a bit of fun in, and decided to see if they could top it.

You can view a video containing some of the footage below, if you wish. Be warned, however, as it’s definitely not suitable to watch inside of the workplace.

Hirst pled guilty to charges of outraging public decency. While Smith wasn’t in court, having been jailed for an unrelated manner, he was also found guilty of the same charges. The pair are set to be sentenced October 17th.

Overall, the entire sequence of events can be summed up in this quote from Hirst:

“We got a bit frisky and one thing led to another. Domino’s is definitely now our number one – going to be hard to top it.”

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America’s Favorite Fast Food Brands Reimagined As NBA Greats

For sports fanatics, a lifetime can be spent debating the greatest athletes in history. Due to the world’s increasing obsession with food over the last few years, eaters have come to think of their favorite restaurants in a competitive sense, too.

With so much competition in the fast food industry especially, brands are competing on every level in an attempt to gain supremacy.

If fast food chains were NBA legends, which brands would make the starting lineup?

Based on a list of 27 major fast food chains in the United States and the greatest NBA players of all time, FOODBEAST Managing Editor Reach, Co-founder Elie, and I discussed our ideal fast food starting lineups during The Katchup Podcast.

Without looking at sales figures, or locations, here’s who made our squad.

Taco Bell — Steph Curry, Point Guard

Steph Curry Facebook/@VegasDining (Instagram)

Steph Curry recently became the NBA’s highest paid player ever after signing a $201 million contract. He is considered one of the league’s most talented shooters with the ability to score anywhere on the court. Some may even say he’s the greatest shooter of all time.

Like Curry, Taco Bell isn’t afraid to shoot. And as of late, The Bell has been doing a lot of shooting from long range — and scoring. Having developed cantinas and full-service weddings in Las Vegas, Taco Bell innovation has extended far beyond food.

Still, with current releases like the Naked Chicken Chips and the Naked Chicken Chalupa, it shows Taco Bell isn’t afraid to stand by items that don’t necessarily fit under the traditional Taco Bell umbrella.

Additionally, in 2016, after lowering sodium levels across the menu, it was reported that Taco Bell had become one of America’s healthiest fast food chains. In terms of, “fast food goals,” Taco Bell is leading the way.

Notable accolades: 2x NBA Champion, 2x Regular Season MVP


McDonald’s — Michael Jordan, Shooting Guard


Like it or not, the fast food industry wouldn’t be what it is today without McDonald’s. The same could be said about the game of basketball and Michael Jordan — who many consider to be the greatest basketball player of all time.

Let’s face it, considering its long standing reputation, the iconic golden arches logo and a 62-year history of serving billions of people around the globe, McDonald’s has to be THE role model for all fast food past and present.

Michael Jordan is the McDonald’s of basketball, the player that perfected a style so original, some of the greatest players — LeBron James, Kobe Bryant — have molded their games after him, from the way they wear their uniforms to how they play the game.

Additionally, like McDonald’s golden arches, the Air Jordan “Jumpman” logo, is a simple, yet highly recognizable logo around the world that has served billions of sneaker and fashion fanatics. McDonald’s may even be taking a page out of the Jumpman book now that it’s started bottling its Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, and McChicken MacPoulet sauces.

Although some may say that the pinnacle of McDonald’s (and Jordan’s) hype has already run its course, both brands are still highly relevant, and have single-handedly become global models for success — characteristics that will probably not fade anytime soon.

Notable accolades: 6x NBA Champion, 5x Regular Season MVP, 6x NBA Finals MVP


Shake Shack — LeBron James, Small Forward

LeBron James Facebook/@ShakeShack (Instagram)

Both versatile favorites, Shake Shack and LeBron James have plenty of similarities. James made his NBA debut in 2003, while Shake Shack was founded in 2004.

Shake Shack’s early hype made it comparable to In-N-Out, as the hype surrounding LBJ made him comparable to Kobe.

Despite a 3-5 record in the NBA Finals, there’s no arguing that LeBron is the best small forward to ever play the game, and his career is far from over. In terms of fast food, Shake Shack is still the new kid on the block, with plenty of time to prove its dominance. In fact, it’s only been on the West Coast for a year — and is already becoming a California favorite.

Touching back on the aspect of versatility, Shake Shack is more than just cheeseburgers and fries — as James is much more than just a small forward. Specializing in hot dogs, chicken, desserts — even serving alcohol — Shake Shake can do it all.

As for LBJ, his high basketball IQ enables him to play any position on the floor, while still maintaining his role as a leader and one of the game’s most influential players.

Ultimately, it makes sense that Shake Shack is the most versatile player in the fast food game.

Notable accolades: 3x NBA Champion, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist,  3x NBA Finals MVP, 4x Regular Season MVP


Chick-Fil-A — Tim Duncan, Power Forward


Despite serving fantastic fried chicken, Chick-Fil-A is a bit boring, yet it is known for being fundamentally sound. The same can be said for long time San Antonio Spurs star Tim Duncan.

Known as “The Big Fundamental,” Tim Duncan was one of the most conservative players on and off the court. Duncan was never in headlines with bad publicity, or spoke out of line when it came to interviews — but perhaps could have done more to improve his brand as a player.

Chick-Fil-A finds itself in the same quandary. Operating under a very conservative business model, if Chick-Fil-A functioned on the 7-day week, perhaps it could shed that conservative reputation and stand out in the crowd a bit more.

Notable accolades: 5x NBA Champion,  3x NBA Finals MVP, 2x Regular Season MVP


Starbucks Coffee — Shaquille O’Neal, Center

Shaquille O’ Neal Facebook/@Phambot

If there is one fast food brand that dominates the competition, it’s Starbucks. No matter where you are, there’s a Starbucks location nearby.

The “Starbucks” name alone has become synonymous with coffee around the world — and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

If there’s one NBA player known for dominating the competition — it’s Shaquille O’Neal. Also known as The Big Aristotle, Shaq Diesel, and The Big Shaqtus, the 7′ 1″ center had enough nicknames for every drink on the Starbuck’s menu.

Shaq was known for his big, bold, in-your-face personality, along with his tendency to change teams — like Starbuck’s locations, Shaq played everywhere.

Notable accolades: 4x NBA Champion, 3x NBA Finals MVP, 12x All-Star,  1x Regular Season MVP




In-N-Out — Kobe Bryant, Shooting Guard (6th man)


In-N-Out has built a gold-plated legacy for itself on the West Coast. Still, regardless of where you live, there are people on the East or West Coast who consider In-N-Out to be the greatest fast food cheeseburger of all time.

Kobe could be the greatest basketball player of all time.

Thanks to his undying loyalty to the West Coast, five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant played 20 seasons wearing Los Angeles Laker purple and gold, and never took his career anywhere else.  Another reason the Kobe/In-N-Out analogy works is that In-N-Out has addressed it’s West Coast bias, and will never set up shop on the East Coast, in order to have flawless quality control.

Thank you In-N-Out and Kobe for the California love.

Notable accolades: 5x NBA Champion, 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, 2x NBA Finals MVP, 1x Regular Season MVP



Chipotle — Kevin Durant, Small Forward


When Chipotle first hit the market, everyone was excited to try this seemingly healthy and convenient form of Americanized Mexican food. However, Chipotle quickly became the enemy after their noro-virus outbreak, which it may never recover from.

Kevin Durant became the bad guy once he moved from the Oklahoma City Thunder, choosing the 73-9 Golden State Warriors, causing folks to turn on him in similar fashion to how consumers turned on Chipotle.


Subway —  Jason Kidd, Point Guard

Jason Kidd Facebook/FOODBEAST

Subway was the poster child of healthy eating. However, as the businesses aged, its reputation became tarnished with bad publicity.

Subway’s decline started when news that their bread contained a chemical that was found in yoga mats. Things only got worse for the sandwich giant when its long time spokesperson, Jared Fogle, was convicted of sexually assaulting minors.  

Subway might never be the same.

Jason Kidd was one of the greatest point guards of all time, whose reputation was later tarnished with allegations of spousal abuse. A few years ago, Kidd was fined for purposely spilling ice on the floor, during a game no less, in an attempt to gain extra time. 


Sonic — Dennis Rodman, Power Forward

Dennis Rodman Facebook/@sonicdriveinoftonganoxie

Both Sonic and Dennis Rodman operate on a different level. 

Known as, “The Worm,” Rodman’s on-court antics were some of the most vibrant in the game. Usually found sporting multi-colored hair, painted fingernails, piercings, and tattoos, all of which helped the rebound king stand out in every way. Rodman’s fiery personality was encapsulated in his aggressive and freakish talent as a basketball player.

Considering Sonic’s “Drive-In” concept, a robust variety of different multi-colored slushes and its vast array of hot dogs, burgers, and fried chicken, Sonic can easily be considered the Rodman of the fast food industry — never afraid to do things differently.

It’s also no secret Rodman was the life of the party, The Los Angeles Times reported the Huntington Beach Police Department visited Rodman’s Beach house 80 times in the summer of 2004.



Domino’s Pizza — Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Point Guard

Magic Johnson Facebook/FOODBEAST

Probably the best passer the game of basketball has ever seen, Magic Johnson perfected the “no-look” pass along with other one-of-a-kind methods of delivering the ball to his teammates, and is considered to be one of the greatest Lakers to ever sport the purple and gold.

It may not seem obvious, but considering the digital reach of Domino’s Pizza, it also might have perfected the art of dazzling and creative delivery, too. Over the past few years, Domino’s has digitalized their delivery methods, and provided customers with an ease of access to their favorite slice of pie, simply by sending an emoji.

Another game-changing innovation from Domino’s is the Pizza Tracker application. The Pizza Tracker is a platform that allows patrons to watch their order come to life, even allows customers choose a kitchen theme and name their own digital chef. Lately, it seems like Domino’s is a tech company, that just happens to make pizzas.

By increasing it’s digital platform to more than 50 percent of its business, Domino’s uprooted Pizza Hut as America’s favorite pizza company. Until Pizza Hut learns to play with the big boys, it’s stuck in the D-League.

Who do you think should make the squad?

Alcohol Hit-Or-Miss Humor Now Trending

How A Hungover Dude Got Domino’s Delivered Straight To His Bed

If you’ve ever been hungover to the point where you don’t even want to get out of bed, you can appreciate this guy’s genius strategy.

Out in the U.K., Sam Zegrour was bed-ridden with a “sinister hangover,” unable to move, and eventually got hungry. There was no way he was getting out of bed that day, so he was in quite a dilemma.

Thankfully, he was able to muster up enough brain power to order some Domino’s pizza, give the driver specific instructions, and an explanation for the instructions, all with seven words and an emoji.

“Sinister Hangover Door open Please bring upstairs.” He closed his request with a prayer hands emoji and put in his order, waiting to see what would happen.

Against all odds, it worked. Zegrour snapped a quick photo of the delivery guy in his room with pizzas in hand, as it was a successful delivery.

He posted these photos on Facebook with the caption reading, “Current situation. Not all heroes wear capes.”

Hopefully he tipped the delivery guy well, as he earned it with these heroic efforts.

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