Fast Food

Attention Homer Simpson: Donut Pizza Exists


Last night I had a dream that someone made me a hamburger using a donut instead of a bun. This morning I found out that Domino’s Guatemala is introducing a new donut-shaped pizza that’s filled with buffalo wings . . . which is pretty much everyone’s dream come true. Coincidence? Probably, since I live in California and my chances of tasting this Guatemalan donut-shaped creation are pretty much nil. Still, Foodbeast fans in Guatemala should pick one of these babies up so I can try this thing vicariously through them.


The pizza is basically a pan pizza with a hole in the middle, meaning you can get mushrooms, pepperoni, or whatever your donut-driven heart desires as a topping. The hole is then filled with an order or two of buffalo wings or ribs to take your pizza experience to the next level. The whole wings-as-part-of-a-pizza thing is almost enough to make me forgive Domino’s for the fact that there are no actual donuts involved in this pizza. Almost. Go ahead and enjoy your special pizza, Guatemalan Foodbeasters. I’ll be stuck here in California, dreaming about donuts.


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