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Ability To Order Domino’s Pizza With Your Car Coming To Millions This Year

The future of ordering pizza on the go will soon mean you don’t even have to use your phone.

Photo courtesy of Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is teaming up with technology firm Xevo to create an app that allows you to order pizzas for delivery from within your car. Xevo has already created such technology for Applebee’s, Starbucks, and IHOP, among other big names in food.

The technology is meant to be as distraction-free as possible, according to Xevo CEO Dan Gittleman. Options such as “Easy Order” and “Recent Order” are programmed into the app to either select your most recent order or one that you can customize within the Domino’s app. It allows you to order with as few touches as possible while keeping your eyes on the road, a concern that arose when some of this ordering technology first came out.

While the app isn’t voice activated, it is easy to access from a car’s digital display, and can be used to order Domino’s pizza at any address or delivery hotspot. These include all of the parks, beaches, and other locations Domino’s added to that list last year.

Millions of cars that have Xevo’s Market and e-commerce platform should have this option integrated by the end of 2019. Xevo didn’t provide specifics of which car brands have the technology, but their programming is built into over 25 million cars from makers like Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, and Ford, according to their website. Additionally, future car models will have the technology built in, meaning new cars that you purchase in the future may have this ability to order Domino’s built in from the start.

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Mom Tries Ordering Pizza With Domino’s App, Fails Miserably

Technology is not always kind to parents, so we can see how using a pizza ordering app can be confusing, especially if you’ve been using the ol’ telly all your life.

A mom gave the Domino’s app a shot, and it turned out about as badly as possible. BJ Stead, guitarist for Miss May I, tweeted a photo of the pizza, and it looked a little bare, as his mother forgot to select the cheese and sauce option on the app.

It was basically crust and pepperoni.

You’d think someone at Domino’s would have given them a courtesy call, and asked if there was some kind of mistake, but no. They just sent the pizza, like assholes.

Then Domino’s tried making things better on Twitter by sending out a default help link that was not helpful, at all.

Eventually, DiGiorno stepped in and actually did something useful by providing Stead not only pizza with both sauce and cheese, but a year supply of it.

On top of the sweet hookup, DiGiorno hit them with the sweet mic drop, saying, “We… delivered.”

While some question the validity of the pizza, saying that you have to try really hard to mess up a pizza that badly, and that there’s a popup that notify’s you about the cheeseless option you’re about to embark on, BJ Stead has fought people in the comments, swearing it actually went down.

Hopefully Mama Stead got a redo, and the family got a chance to eat some pizza with the full array of ingredients.


Woman Pulled Over While Tipsy and Looking for Open Domino’s

drunk dominos

A woman in Louisville was pulled over for drunk driving Sunday, but fret not, she wasn’t swerving and losing control because of her inebriated state. It was apparently because she was trying to score some late-night pizza. (Actually, probably because of her inebriated state as well.)

She was stopped at 2:30 a.m. The police found the Domino’s Pizza website open on her cell phone, as she had a hankering for some greasy, gooey, pizza goodness.

The woman told the police she had consumed a half bottle of wine and a beer, which is usually enough to trigger a pepperoni pizza craving. Am I right? Can’t blame her for wanting pizza, but the rest of her decisions were questionable.

She was charged for both driving under the influence of alcohol and using her cell phone while driving.

This could have all been avoided if it was easier to find pizza places that are open 24 hours. Or if, like, she hadn’t been drunk driving. Either, or.

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