Cronut Inventor Partners with Shake Shack to Create a Cronut Custard


Cronut inventor Dominique Ansel is teaming up with Shake Shack to bring the masses Cronut Hole Concrete. This special edition item will be available next Tuesday, September 17 starting at 10 am.


Cronut Inventor Dominique Ansel Unleashes the ‘Magic Soufflé’


First off, Dominique Ansel, the creator of the (in)famous Cronut, would like you to know that “It’s not so much about making the next Cronut. It’s about making something other than the Cronut.”

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, behold: the Magic Soufflé. The new creation features a chocolate soufflé hidden inside a brioche infused with orange blossom water. The mini pastry tower also houses a touch of Grand Marnier and Ansel recommends consuming the dessert while it’s still warm and fresh.

If you happen to be in line for the Cronut tomorrow, staff will be offering samples to a few lucky patrons. The Magic Soufflé will debut this weekend at the Spring Street bakery in New York with a $7 price tag.

We’re currently taking bets on how long it takes before knock offs start popping up in LA.

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Bougie Ice Cream S’mores on a Stick Are the Latest Shtick by the Cronut’s Dominique Ansel


At this point, it really is the Cronut’s Dominique Ansel, and not Dominique Ansel’s Cronut. But not to be outshined by his now world-infamous invention, the genius Cronuteer is back with yet another inspired twist on an American classic: the Frozen S’more.

Yes, ice cream s’mores have been done before, which means this Cronut-sequel is unlikely to harness the same staying power of its older brother. But what the Frozen S’more lacks in portmanteau magic it makes up for in bougieness, since instead of simply sandwiching frozen milk between two graham crackers and setting it on a plate over a burlap tablecloth – Pinterest-style – Ansel’s rendition encases the vanilla ice cream with a chocolate wafer and marshmallow mixed with dondurma (a thick, Turkish ice cream); skewers the whole thing on an applewood-smoked willow branch; and then torches it, because he can.

So will the Frozen S’more (or, as Grubstreet suggests we should call it, the “Fr’or”) be enough to change Ansel’s historical title from “Cronut-inventor” to simply “Genius Pâtissier”? Probably not, but it’ll definitely make a nice little footnote.

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There is Now a Black Market for Cronuts


With everyone clamoring whilst drooling over themselves to get their hands on a Cronut, it was only a matter of time before these delicate pastries hit the black market. And by black market we mean Craigslist.

As Bloomberg food critic Ryan Sutton first pointed out, “Cronut Scalping Has Begun!” According to Sutton, die-hard Cronut fans have been lining up outside of Dominique Ansel bakery, waiting for up to 90 minutes to snatch up this half-croissant, half-donut delicacy.

Of course, there are only a set number of Cronuts available daily, so some folks are out of luck and their wait is in vain. Then there’s the people who don’t have the luxury of living in NY or the time to queue up by the bakery. So what’s a Cronut-deprived soul to do?

Hit up this guy, apparently:


[click to enlarge]

If you need them delivered to Manhattan from SoHo, it’ll cost you $20 per Cronut, $30 to Queens and $40 to Brooklyn. The delivery guy also notes that the five is the max, since he will be eating one himself, naturally.

Here’s to hoping he delivers to California. Goodness knows I’d be willing to shell out for a few of these flaky, creamy bites of heaven.

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