Dominique Ansel Debuts A Gorgeous Watermelon Soft Serve That Screams Summer

Dominique Ansel never runs short on innovative, eye-catching dessert creations, so while this new watermelon soft serve should come as no surprise, it is still beautiful, and looks like something to put on your dessert bucket list.

Ansel’s bakery in Tokyo, Japan introduced their new What-a-Melon Soft Serve to commemorate its two-year anniversary. The house-made watermelon soft serve, with beautiful ripples accenting its beauty, is served inside a slice of watermelon, securing the cold treat like a wallet.

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No, you’re not going crazy, those freakishly giant watermelon seeds aren’t real, but instead are chocolate versions. To finish off the refreshing treat, the bakery provides some sea salt to top the whole thing with, at your leisure.

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This Bakery Has A Stunning Gingerbread Pinecone That Looks Like The Real Thing

The winter holiday season features many opportunities for creativity when it comes to baking something sweet. You can create the most extravagant gingerbread house, filled with jelly bean floors and vanilla frosted windows, or you can take a familiar symbol of the season and create something simple and elegant.

That’s exactly what master baker Dominique Ansel did by creating his Gingerbread Pinecone.

Ansel’s Tokyo, Japan location features a multi-layered gingerbread pine cone that features more than 60 miniature chocolate petals. The dessert cone is filled with Speculoos ganache, ginger mousse, and a spiced cake.

The petals on the cone are meticulously hand-placed so they look as much like the real thing as possible.

Expect to find the pine cones at Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan through the month of December.

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These Interlocking 3D Churros Are Dominique Ansel’s Latest Hit Pastry

From the Cronut, to the Blossoming Hot Chocolate, Dominique Ansel’s bakeries are known for their innovative treats that always cause a buzz in the food world.

His latest creation that will leave you in wonderment, is the “Churro Duo” at Dominique Ansel Bakery in Tokyo, Japan.

It’s no ordinary churro, heck it’s not even like other innovative churros we’ve seen, because these churros are geometrically interesting, as they have a 3D pyramid effect, but also interlock at the tip.

The lighter shaded churro consists of white sesame and cinnamon sugar, while the darker one has black sesame and black sugar coated overtop. They come with a side of made-to-order salted caramel sauce.

The Churro Duo debuted on November 18th, and is already a hit with fans, so much so that Ansel said he’s considering bringing them to his New York and London locations.


We’ll have to keep an eye on these beautiful churros, to see if they do expand to other locations, but until then, the Illuminati-like treats will only be found in Tokyo.

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You Won’t Be Able To Take Your Eyes Off This ‘Blossoming’ Hot Chocolate

In a deep-fried, cheese-pull driven industry, it’s always great to see something unique and whimsical every now and again. Dominique Ansel, the man behind Cronuts, just introduced beautiful new beverages to his bakery in New York City.

At Dominique Ansel Bakery, an unsuspecting cup of hot chocolate is given a marshmallow flower. As the flower hits the hot liquid, it “blossoms” immediately into the drink, making for one of the rare foods that’s worth a social video.

Ansel’s Tokyo location features another version of this drink that’s made with a purple marshmallow flower.

Watching the flower unfold reminds us of the awesome holiday stop motion movies that should make their way onto broadcast television within the next few weeks.

We might need to make another trip out to NYC to try this for ourselves. Heck, even Tokyo’s a possibility.

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Dominique Ansel Just Dropped A Major Bombshell About The Secret Behind Madeleines


Dominique Ansel, the french pastry chef currently based out of New York City is known for blowing minds. Seriously, everything from creating a Cronut to universally acclaimed Cookie Shot Glasses.

This time around, he’s not creating something new, but he’s busting a nut in our brains and shedding some light on a dessert that’s been sneakily under our nose without question for years, the beloved madeleines. You know the dessert I’m talking about, those butter cake shell-shaped desserts they sell damn near everywhere sweets are sold.

A few days ago, Dominique Ansel took to his Instagram account to casually mention that we’ve been presenting Madeleines allllll wrong:

Apparently the little puff on a madeleine is actually a “pearl,” which makes complete sense if the other shell-looking side is exactly that, a shell. If you take Mr. Ansel’s take on the history of a madeleine, then he suggests that they get served with the hump side up — which makes sense if you believe it to be a pearl.

Thanks for the knowledge Dom, when are you bringing back that $15 Cereal dish?!


This Adult Coloring Book Features Your Favorite Chefs And Food Icons


Back in kindergarten, coloring was our jam. We’d stay in the lines, we’d mix it up with different shades and we’d sharpened our crayons by whittling them with our teeth. We didn’t care, we were babies. Crayons tasted bomb.

Harkening back to our formative years, we were introduced to Small Thyme Cooks. The novelty coloring book features 52 pages of culinary activities that remind us of our youths while, at the same time, challenges us with games and puzzles that test our knowledge of the culinary world.


The book was created by Andre Hueston Mack. The owner and winemaker at Mouton Noir Wines. Mack worked for years in the culinary world and established a boutique graphic design firm.

Small Thyme Cooks is available for $15 through Amazon. The activity book features many culinary icons ranging from Charlie Trotter, Roy Choi, Graham Elliot, Homaro Cantu, Marc Vetri and Michael White.


This Bakery Started a Twitter War Against Cronuts and Is Actually Winning


Dominique Ansel created an insane pastry that set the food world ablaze. Yes, the Cronut. Ansel goes to insane lengths to protect that golden name, so much so that even we here at Foodbeast received an angry letter for calling Jack in the Box’s croissant donut a Cronut. Sorry, bro.

Rounds Bakery in Reno, Nevada, received a similar notice from Ansel and were asked to immediately stop using the trademarked name “Cronut” for their croissant donut creation. Only problem is that Rounds said they never called them cronuts. They said they were fully aware that the term Cronut is trademarked and never had any intention of labeling their croissant donuts as such.

So as Ansel’s team of lawyers tried to bully Rounds Bakery, Rounds decided to throw some jabs right back at Ansel, through social media of course.

They started a hashtag #NotACronut and have been sending out snarky apology tweets, trying their best not to infringe on any trademarked terms. There are now a lot of these tweets and retweets from other users, but here are the ones that got it started:


And for good measure:

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Dominique Ansel Continues the Pastry-Sanity With Peanut Butter Pretzel Lobster Tails


Ever since Cronuts first put him on the map last summer, Dominique Ansel has assaulted the food world with a barrage of modest innovations, from the waffogato to cookie milk shots to ice cream sundaes in a can. None as inspired as the Cronut, of course, but all pretty cool nonetheless.

For his latest endeavor, the Ans-man is putting a new, ahem, twist on lobster tails, by turning them into peanut butter-stuffed pretzels. Served warm with a whipped honey brown butter dip, the lobstzel pretzster Pretzel Lobster Tails are also filled with butter crunch brittle and sprinkled with sea salt to further sell the charade.

Folks on Instagram are saying they kind of look like penises. Either way, we’ll gladly deep throat at least five.