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Dominique Ansel’s All-You-Can-Eat Pie Buffet Features AL PASTOR PIE

Dominique Ansel is putting together an Avengers-like ensemble of figureheads for an upcoming all-you-can-eat pie buffet. One of the most intriguing creations for the event, however, is an Al Pastor Pie of his own design.

Photo courtesy of 189 by Dominique Ansel

That pie, featured at the top of the above photo, is one of many that will be available at Pie Nights, a four-night dinner and experience at Ansel’s Los Angeles restaurant, 189. The Al Pastor pie comes with slow-cooked al pastor, spit-roasted pineapple, corn, tomato, chilies, and lime, making it one of the more unique savory pies in the ensemble.

Al pastor, in particular, has already been at the heart of some fusions, like the viral Al Pastor Pizza, so it’s interesting to see it being used in another format.

Other pies at this lineup include a chocolate cream pie designed by Wolfgang Puck, a brisket shepherd’s pie from the mind of Aaron Franklin, green chile chicken pot pie from Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and a sour cherry crostata imagined by legendary food writer Ruth Reichl.

Pie Nights will happen from October 8th-11th, with two 90-minute seatings available each night at 6 and 8pm. Tickets, which go on sale on this website at 12 PM PST on September 20th, are $59 for all-you-can-eat pie plus ice cream to get the sweet ones a la mode. A special craft cocktail you can top off throughout the night will also be served, as well as warm mulled cider for the road home.

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Shake Shack And Dominique Ansel Just Created A Steamed Egg Katsu Sando

Shake Shack may be a nationwide fast food chain at this point, but that isn’t stopping them with collaborating with top chefs to create some exclusive, mouthwatering creations.

Their newest item comes in partnership with innovation wizard Dominique Ansel, known for pastries like the cronut and his signature Blossoming Hot Chocolate. Together, they’ve developed a steamed Egg Katsu Sando that somehow deep-fries perfectly steamed eggs.


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How that mixture of crispy exterior and fluffy interior harmonizes together is anyone’s guess, especially since you almost never hear of scrambled eggs taking a trip through a deep fryer. That’s exactly what this item does, though, and its flavor gets a boost from a miso-honey mayo and Ansel’s take on sweet, fluffy milk bread.

Paired with the Egg Katsu Sando is a Morning Maple Latte, which combines La Colombe coffee with steamed maple milk for a sweet, earthy contrast to the egg sandwich.

Ansel and Shake Shack are only selling the two items on March 15th and 16th, and only out of the West Village Shake Shack in New York City. The doors open at 8am daily, but Shake Shack already sold out on their first day. Thus, you’ll want to make sure to go early to secure a sandwich.

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Kouign Amann Fried Chicken Sandwich Is Dominique Ansel’s Latest Must Try Innovation

Dominique Ansel is known for fire pastries and a pay-by-the-item brunch concept that features exceptional fried chicken. He’s now putting the two together for his latest creation:  A spicy Kouign Amann fried chicken sandwich.

kouign amann fried chicken

Photo courtesy of 189 by Dominique Ansel

Ansel utilizes one of his more popular pastries, the Kouign Amann, as the canvas for pieces of crispy fried chicken coated in a spicy hot sauce. For those who’ve never had a Kouign Amann, it’s a French pastry made with a croissant-like dough folded in on itself to produce its signature muffin-like shape.

Dominique Ansel is one of the more famous purveyors of this pastry, making his newest item a unique contribution to the hot chicken sandwich movement while still retaining the refinement of his French baking expertise.

The Kouign Amann fried chicken sandwich is available at Ansel’s Los Angeles restaurant, 189 by Dominique Ansel. It’s part of a brief Burger Picnic Pop-Up happening from March 12th to March 16th, from 11:30 am – 2 pm daily. The sandwich comes with fries, and costs $15.

Other items on the menu are as follows:

– The 189 Burger Junior (Chuck and shortrib blend, topped with tomato concasse confit, smoky pickled onions, tomme de savoie cheese, and lemon Dijon espelette aioli inside of a homemade potato bun) – $15, with fries

– The Lamb Baager (Ground lamb, za’atar, feta, verjus red onion, lemon confit aioli) – $15, with fries

– Vegging in the Park (A blackened veggie burger made from sweet potato and quinoa, topped with cheddar, curried yogurt, and cucumber pickle) – $15, with fries

– Homemade Popsicles (Horchata, Melon Mint, or Mango Passionfruit) – $4 each

– Roasted Nuts – $4 each

– Fresh-Baked Cookies (Chocolate Chunk, Double Chocolate Pecan, White Chocolate Sea Salt Macadamia) – $4 each

– Fresh Lemonade (Strawberry Basil, Ginger Lemonade, Pineapple) – $4 each

– Varying Craft Beers

There’s no reservation required to attend Ansel’s pop-up burger restaurant, which will be on the second floor of 189.

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Dominique Ansel’s Latest Genius Dessert Is Avocado Toast Ice Cream

Legendary pastry chef Dominique Ansel is opening up a brand new bakery and restaurant in Los Angeles in just a few days. He’s been posting sneak peeks of what’s to come on his Instagram, and his latest dessert revelation is an avocado toast ice cream that looks exactly like the actual item.

The ice cream, which one user jokingly called the “Millennial Special” on Ansel’s post, consists of layers of texture and cold, creamy deliciousness that mesh together in a sweet and savory harmony. The “toast” base is a shortbread cookie that is topped with ricotta mascarpone ice cream. An “avocado ring” of avocado and olive oil ice cream is rested on top, which then gets garnished with freeze-dried raspberries, dragonfruit, olive oil, and sea salt.

It’s a visually stunning and sweet tribute to the infamous and beloved millennial cafe item, and could probably give most avocado toasts in Los Angeles a run for their money. One thing’s for sure: When Ansel opens up his new Los Angeles bakery next week, you can bet that people will be flocking there to get shots of this avocado toast ice cream for their Instagram feeds.

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Dominique Ansel Sit-Down Restaurant Opening Soon And Reservations Are Filling Fast

Earlier this year, acclaimed pastry chef Dominique Ansel announced that he was bringing a full-service restaurant to Los Angeles. While we knew that it would consist of brunch, dinner, cocktails, and pastries, we didn’t know what else to really expect. Now, the Dominique Ansel sit-down restaurant, 189, has come to life, and it’s taking culinary ingenuity to a whole new level.

LA! A first look at what we’re planning for our Weekend Table at @189DominiqueAnsel. We’re turning the tables on what brunch can be, and there’s no menus whatsoever. Instead, we’ll serve up a communal feast of ever-changing dishes served family-style, like our “Crunchy Over Crispy” Fried Chicken and fluffy buttermilk biscuits. As dishes come out of the kitchen, add them to the cutting boards at the center of your table, and get a stamp on your brunch cards (it’s written in emojis 🤣). There’s eggs too, don’t worry – fluffy soft scrambled eggs with chives and shallots, and plenty of coffee, to start. It’s a weekend table in our home and kitchen, served each Saturday and Sunday. Reservations launch TODAY AT NOON PT via @RESY for Weekend Table (starting Sat Nov 4th) and Dinner (starting Sat Nov 11th). Can’t wait to meet you all soon! #WeekendTable #189byDominiqueAnsel #DAinLA @TheGroveLA

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189 by Dominique Ansel will consist of two floors, according to Food and Wine. The first floor will be a bakery featuring some of Ansel’s signature items, along with some brand new creations exclusive to Los Angeles. On the second floor will be the sit-down restaurant, which will be open for brunch on weekends and dinner all week long. While Ansel has already alluded to some delicious dishes for his dinner menu on Instagram, his brunch concept is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

The brunch menu is called “Weekend Table,” and will be served in a family-style fashion. As different dishes, including soft scrambled eggs and fried chicken with biscuits, leave the kitchen, you can add them to the center of your table and get a brunch card (written in emojis) stamped to indicate which items you order. Furthermore, instead of going egg-centric with his menu, Ansel is bringing in seasonally inspired dishes like DIY lobster rolls, Bloody Marys made to order, gorgonzola and shallot flatbreads, and maple-glazed pork shanks.

If this communal brunch feast and a masterfully crafted dinner menu sound appealing to you, make sure to head to the restaurant’s website to secure reservations. Unfortunately, brunch reservations are already full for the month of November, but when December reservations open up, make sure to snag those. In the meantime, dinner is still available for those wanting to try some of Dominique Ansel’s more savory creations.

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How Culinary Piracy Is Shaping The Orange County Food Scene

It’s often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, for food industry entrepreneurs, recipes are created without protection — making original ideas free game for anyone willing to commit culinary piracy and repurpose adopted concepts for personal and monetary gains.

Recently, the topic of culinary piracy, specifically within the Orange County, Calif. food scene, became the focal point of discussion on FOODBEAST’s weekly podcast, The Katchup. Hosted by FOODBEAST Co-Founders Elie Ayrouth and Geoff Kutnick, The Katchup featured special guest, chef, and food personality, Josh Elkin.

If social media has provided anything, it has become a utility — a metaphorical looking glass into the world of food, if you will — that we can use at our disposal to find new and interesting trends.

With that said, now, perhaps more than ever, social media is providing tangible evidence that culinary piracy is thriving within a vibrant O.C. food scene.

Instagram has become a haven of food plagiarism, spawning a new breed of culinary copycats eager to emulate the next trend  — without fear of legal repercussion and void of originality.

‘Pros And Cons’

The Loop, a well-known handcrafted churro spot in Westminster, which opened in 2016, is just one OC-based spot being affected by this blatant example of what Ayrouth has dubbed as “swagger jacking.”

Culinary piracy


Churroholic, which opened in June, has striking similarities to The Loop — from the actual shape of their product, all the way down to website aesthetics. Although, it seems doubtful that Churroholic is innocently trying to gain inspiration from their O.C. predecessor, considering their branding is almost identical.

Although, Churroholic doesn’t seem like the only business “swagger jacking”oval-shaped churros. In fact, there’s a place in Kuwait literally called The Loop Cafe, with no official affiliation to either of these Orange County brands.

In some cases, copying someone’s concept for profit is illegal. Just ask Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. But, when it comes to food, there are few laws preventing businesses from “swagger jacking” their competition.

Shrimp Daddy, a purveyor of Hawaiian-inspired pineapple shrimp bowls, and a regular vendor at Smorgasburg LA, has become an inspiration for the trendy poke chain The Low-Key Poke Joint.

culinary piracy


An online debate broke out on The Low-Key Poke Joint’s Instagram page after several users began commenting about the resemblance to Shrimp Daddy’s pineapple bowl.

Though this all might seem like a back alley reproduction of someone’s intellectual property, it can be argued that Instagram has made food ideation and creation extremely territorial.

Kutnick explained that Orange County is in a unique place in the food world, essentially because craft dining is just recently becoming a trend in the area, which might be contributing to the exponential occurrence of copycatting.

“Orange County is in this weird place, because everywhere craft dining is becoming a thing. That’s why there’s so much copycatting here, it’s because there’s this entrepreneurial mindset that’s almost like, ‘I’m an entrepreneur and that’s better than a chef.'”Geoffrey Kutnick, Co-Founder of FOODBEAST

Perhaps that’s why OC-based bubble tea maker Main Squeeze decided to replicate Dominique Ansel’s What-a-Melon Soft Serve. How would the Cronut-creating genius feel about having a recipe snaked about a month after it debuted at his West Village bakery? Someone should tweet him.

culinary piracy


As the “swagger jacking” continues, Birthdae Cake, a small ice cream shop located in Fountain Valley is evidently also a fan of Ansel. Birthdae Cake’s recent posts show off a new s’more creation, that looks exactly like one of Ansel’s Frozen S’mores.

culinary piracy

@DominqueAnsel/@Birthdae Cake

Yet, similarly to the other instances of culinary piracy there is no mention of the S’mores creator. However, Birthdae Cake did manage to photograph their product from the same angle.

It seems like creative ideas must remain locked in a kitchen vault or they are poached and sold for profit. Let’s not forget egregious acts of culinary piracy on the corporate level as well. Burger King swiped the Vulgar Chef’s Mac N’ Cheetos concept and there was nothing he could do.

But, Burger King has no face in the community. The businesses in this article are all a part of a tight-knit foodie community within Orange County — which makes it seem much more deceitful.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, but there should be ethical standard when it comes to directly repurposing someone else’s idea.

Ayrouth further explains, “A big part about being an entrepreneur is noticing something and capitalizing on it. So, just because you’re not first to do something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try — or do it better — there’s a lot of things you can innovate and do better.”

Business owners can do as they please. Still, creating culinary doppelgangers for the sake of Instagram fame is only inviting ethical dilemmas for the offending copycats.

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Dominique Ansel Amazes Again With Lifelike ‘Dessert Crab’

Dominique Ansel is up to his dessert wizardry tricks once again. His newest creation is an entire dessert crab that requires a hammer to break into.

The new confection is actually the result of a collaboration project with Malcolm Lee, chef at Michelin-starred Candlenut in Singapore. Together, Lee and Ansel invented what they call the “Singaporean Chili Crab” dessert. However, there’s no chili or crab in this crustacean. Instead, layers of mango tapioca “roe” rest underneath a “crab” that’s entirely made out of white chocolate. It also comes with a hammer, which you use to break open the claws, back legs, and main body. The claws and back legs contain a mango mousse, while the body encases coconut panna cotta and pandan jelly.

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Surprisingly, the shell of chocolate seems to be pretty tough to break through. The struggle has been real for some Instagram users that got their hands on this dessert already. However, the reward inside is definitely worth the trouble.

If you’re hoping to get a hold of this dessert crab for yourself, make sure to head to Ansel’s bakery in Tokyo, Japan. It’s the only one of his locations currently selling the treat. Unfortunately, it’ll only be around until September 10th, so you’ll need to act fast to get it. Also, make sure your wallet is ready, because at around $22 US, or 2400 yen, this treat comes with a hefty price tag. However, this sugary crustacean is about the size of your palm, so it’s definitely shareable if you know someone who’s down to split the check.

Hopefully, Dominique Ansel and Malcolm Lee will bring their magical dessert creation overseas. We definitely want to get a hold of one and try it for ourselves.

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Can Tyler, The Creator Invent The Next Viral Breakfast Item?

Whether you like him or not, Tyler, the Creator has established himself as a man of many talents, who also happens to love breakfast. Knowing that, can he create the next viral food item? Watch as he makes breakfast sushi, in an episode of his new Viceland series Nuts + Bolts. 

“Breakfast, it’s like my favorite meal,” Tyler said. “I’ll eat breakfast at 6:00 pm, 11:00 pm, whatever.”

To help him break into the breakfast scene, Tyler called on the help of Dominique Ansel, the creator of the iconic cronut, to conceptualize a never-before-seen breakfast item that could become, “the next big thing in breakfast.”

The episode kicks off with Tyler explaining that he knew,”nothing about the breakfast industry,” but had many questions.

“Was the waffle maker made first — or the waffle,” Tyler questioned aloud.

Nuts + Bolts, is a Viceland series dedicated to investigating the inner-workings all the things the Odd Future rapper finds interesting. At the end of each episode, Tyler makes something with all the knowledge he’s accumulated from the expert guests he meets.

After spending time with the Godfather of pastries, Dominique Ansel, Tyler decided to merge his newfound love for sushi and his unconditional affection for breakfast into a savory item that he served at Fred62.

“My tongue isn’t cultured. I eat sushi here and there — I don’t fuck with wasabi and all that weird shit.”

Still, Tyler expressed genuine interest — in a very Tyler way —  in wanting to create something innovative, yet had reservations due to the over saturation of the breakfast industry.

“I wish I had the confidence to say, ‘Yeah, I’ll come up with something cool,’ but I don’t know,” Tyler explained. “Everything seems taken.”

Tyler the Creator make breakfast sushi

Featuring a waffle bar rolled in powdered sugar, then topped with breakfast sausage and bacon, Tyler’s breakfast sushi roll is then wrapped with a fried strip of egg.

To incorporate an official sushi aesthetic, he created a wasabi green butter and a mint-infused syrup dipping sauce.

Nice job, T. After debuting this game-changing breakfast item you can compete with Taco Bell for the crown of breakfast supremacy.