Pringles Debuts New Bacon and Mac ‘N Cheese Flavors For Limited Time


Pringles just dropped some exclusives, as their new Bacon and Mac ‘N Cheese flavors have hit stores for a limited summertime release.

The Bacon flavor can be found at Dollar General and Walmart, while the Mac ‘N Cheese seems to be a Dollar General exclusive.

An iteration of the Mac ‘N Cheese was tested before, as part of an eight-chip Thanksgiving package in 2017. The Thanksgiving Mac ‘N Cheese was not received well in the Foodbeast office, being described as smelling like, “butt,” and kind of tasted like the uncooked cheese powder that comes with Kraft mac.

We can only imagine they’ve improved upon that recipe over the last couple years. You also can’t help but think that there was a missed opportunity to combine the two new flavors to make a Bacon Mac ‘N Cheese flavor, but I guess you can buy both and just eat the two flavors at the same time.

In 2018, there was a Thanksgiving Pringles re-release that only included the Turkey, Stuffing, and Pumpkin Pie. The one flavor they need to bring back from that Thanksgiving set, though, is the Creamed Corn. Trust me on this.

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Woman Spends Just $81 On $440 Worth Of Groceries, This Is How

Check out my niece’s most extreme couponing haul yet! Learn how she and her mom got all this at Dollar General for only $81.19 plus tax.

Photo: Taste of Home

My niece Melissa’s favorite pastime isn’t typical of most teenagers: Girl loves to coupon. She was so proud of this recent Dollar General haul that she texted me pictures…and I just had to suss out her savings secrets. Here’s how she got all these household and personal care items—valued at $440—for a measly $81.19 plus tax and a few hours’ work.

Melissa isn’t the only one who loves Dollar General!

1. Get a jump on Dollar General clearance events.

New Dollar General store in this Florida beach town.Photo: Shutterstock / James R. Martin

These come a few times a year,  Melissa said, and they’re magic because you pay half price on already-reduced clearance merchandise…AND you can add coupons. DG puts up signs in-store in the days leading up to the event, but Melissa was tipped off a few weeks early through a Facebook couponing group (one she likes is called Dollar General Couponing).

2. Patrol the clearance aisle.

NOVEMBER 27 2017 - CRYSTAL, MN: A Target 30% off clearance sign posted to a shelving display informs customers of discounted merchandise; Shutterstock ID 764485735; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): Taste of HomeShutterstock/melissamn

Research the clearance section (in store and online) to see what products you could use. Selections vary by store, so Melissa and her mom actually scouted a couple DGs in their neighborhoods before zeroing in on the one store that would yield the perfect haul.

3. Clip those coupons!

coupon time; Shutterstock ID 540903; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): Taste of HomeShutterstock/Carsten Reisinger

A free (and favorite) coupon source for my niece is near the entrance of her local Walmart. Coupon inserts are dropped, swapped and free for the taking…but one should follow good coupon etiquette. For this haul, Melissa told me, “I took the ones I knew I could use and left the ones I wasn’t going to use.” While it’s rare that people swoop in and seize all the coupons, she said, it does happen—and it ruins the fun for other couponing enthusiasts.

4. Watch the savings add up…like name-brand detergent for 6 cents a load.

TORONTO, CANADA - MAY 06, 2014: Different types of detergents on shelves in a supermarket. Tide is a laundry detergent manufactured by Procter & Gamble and one of the top three brands of detergents.; Shutterstock ID 230120146; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): Taste of HomeShutterstock/Niloo

When I asked which part of the haul Melissa was most excited about, she went straight to her four tubs of Gain Flings laundry pods (originally priced at $15 apiece). The Gain was on clearance to $10.75 per tub, then reduced by half to $5.38, and Melissa used a $3 coupon for each. Final price per 42-load tub of Gain: $2.38. That’s a savings of over $50!

Psst: You know you’re not supposed to eat laundry pods, right?

5. And up…like cash back on shampoo and conditioner.

Woman chooses shampoo in cosmetics department in supermarket; Shutterstock ID 251840158; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): Taste of HomeShutterstock/Sergey Ryzhov

This rare combination of deep discounts and high-value coupons (in this case, $2 a bottle), leads to a scenario where you can actually earn money with a purchase. Known as “overage,” this amount can be applied to other items in your cart, thus lowering your total bill. Melissa snagged 10 bottles of L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner for an overage of $2.

6. And up! She scored Downy products for 3 cents each.

Sriracha, Chonburi THAILAND June 29, 2018: Man's hands are holding a fabric softener brand Downy on the shelves at supermarket.; Shutterstock ID 1126947779; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): Taste of HomeShutterstock/Koy_Hipster

Melissa found laundry scent boosters and air fresheners for the cleanest-smelling duds (and dorm) on campus. The scent boosters, on clearance for $4.05, were half off on the DG clearance event to $2.03. Toss in a nifty coupon for $4 off two items, and she took these home for pennies apiece.

7. Go in with a plan (and bring Mom if you can).

Taste of Home

To stay within couponing rules (such as a maximum number of like items per purchase), my niece divided her shopping cart into six separate transactions. Once she’d gathered the items on her list, she called her mom in to help her split up the purchases and organize the coupons (my sister loves couponing, too).

Note: The total savings shown on these receipts, $102.74, reflects just the coupon savings applied to the transactions—not the clearance and clearance event savings. See below for all the deets!

8. Plan to get up early.

Asian woman holding iced coffee cup drinking while driving; Shutterstock ID 1030860874; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): Taste of HomeShutterstock/structuresxx

For years, my bargain-hunting sister and niece would get up early (er—stay up late?) to hit those amazing Black Friday deals after Thanksgiving. Turns out, the Dollar General clearance event is a little bit like that, just on a smaller scale. “We went before they opened at 8,” Melissa said. “We arrived at 7:45 and there were already people in their cars, waiting!”

For avid couponers like my niece, that bit of competition adds a little thrill to the discount chase. Get more of Melissa’s favorite couponing tips here.

Here’s the grand total from this haul:
$439.75 Total estimated value

– 71.91   Discounts of items saved on clearance (bringing total to $367.84)

-183.93  Clearance event savings of 50% off

-102.74  Coupon savings

$81.19   Total spent

Too much work for you? Check out these quick ways to save cash on your next grocery run.

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Article by Christine Rukavena for Taste of Home. View the original article here.

Drinks News

This Is How Two Juice Bottles Cost Dollar General Store $250,000 In A Lawsuit


Two small juice bottles were the subject of a $250,000 lawsuit at Dollar General.

Linda Akins, a cashier at the major dollar retail chain, had taken two bottles of $1.69 orange juice from the cooler at her Tennessee store to help alleviate her diabetic shock, reports KTLA News. She had later paid for the drinks, but the company had let her go because she failed to do so before opening the bottles, per their company policy.

Akins said she asked if she could keep her own juice at her register, though a supervisor denied her request due to a zero food and drink policy at the cashier station. What no one explained to her was that Dollar General had a policy that medical exceptions could be made.

On Akins’ behalf, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission sued Dollar General for $250,000.

Dollar General said that Akins already had accommodations for her where she could keep juice bottles in her apron, hidden under her register (out of camera sight), or in the break room.

Akins was awarded $27,565 in back pay and $250,000 total in damages. Dollar General, disappointed with the ruling, is currently appealing for a new trial.