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Watch Rhett & Link Unknowingly Drink Human ‘Saliva Beer’

Rhett and Link are no strangers to consuming strange foods, but even they weren’t ready for this beer.

The YouTubers were guests on That’s Odd, Let’s Drink It! and took confident chugs of Dogfish Head’s Chicha beer, before even being told what was in it.

Within the Peruvian beer was chewed up corn. Yup, in order to brew this beer, humans physically chewed purple maize. The reason being that saliva activates the starch from the corn and turns it into sugar.

Thankfully the beer also includes fresh strawberries and pink peppercorns, giving it a sweet and tart taste.

Once Rhett and Link were told what was in the beer, their faces immediately turned sour.

“Why’d you wait to tell us this,” Rhett said with a nervous chuckle.

Their minds were put at ease, though, as the saliva-covered corn is boiled for sterilization.

That’s probably not the worst thing the duo has put in their mouths, but it’s still cringeworthy.

The next drink was a little less strange, as they had a bourbon barrel-aged vanilla stout. The kicker was that it had an insanely high ABV of 18%.

To finish things off, the duo and host Sam Calagione drank a sour beer with a miracle berry. If you’re not familiar with miracle berries, they’re like little tablets you put on your tongue, that turn anything you eat, sweet. So you can imagine the effect on the sour beers.

They probably wish they had mixed the miracle berry with the spit beer, but they got through the show unscathed, and will live to drink another day.


Dogfish Head Brewery Opens Inn with Beer-Centric Amenities

Dogfish Head Inn

Delaware’s Dogfish Head has expanded its brewery business into a summertime nostalgia getaway by opening their very own Dogfish Inn.

Located close to the brewery headquarters, this Lewes, DE hotel isn’t just about the beer:

The Dogfish Inn embraces modern style and convenience while celebrating a bygone era of family vacations, big cars and endless summers. Designed by Studio Tack in Brooklyn, N.Y., the inn features 16 rooms filled with thoughtful, beer-centric amenities and design elements.

Dogfish Head Inn


Each room is stocked with locally made snacks, a wool Dogfish blanket, a Tivoli radio, appropriate barware, and retro beach goods, among other things. And while the room features are no doubt cool, Dogfish Inn really wants guests to get outside and explore. Between hiking, swimming and kayaking, keeping busy and boozy is a guarantee.

H/T Laughing Squid + Picthx Dogfish Head


Wasabi-Infused Beer for Your Next Sake Bomb


Has your beer drinking become a little… well… dull? Tired of drinking plain brews that don’t tingle your taste buds or fill your nose with sharp bright flavors?  Or maybe you’re just looking for something to spice up your drinking?

Well Dogfish Head is looking at you, thrill-seekers. They’ve created a beer that satisfies spice lovers, sushi eaters, and beer drinkers alike. It’s called Rosabi, and yes, it’s made with wasabi. The beer features 8% ABV and comes flavored with Louisiana red rice.

The wasabi-infused IPA will get a limited run of about 1,000 cases, each filled with six 750ml bottles.  They’re also accompanied by a recording from musician Juliana Barwick, who helped create the new flavor, as part of Dogfish Head’s Musician series.

Now, there’s only one question left to ask: when can we pair this with sushi and sake bombs?

Picthx Dogfish Head


The Dogfish Inn Will Have 16 Beer-Themed Rooms and Beer-Infused Toiletries


Dogfish Head, the brewery behind beer made with actual meteorites, is consistently upping their brew game. Now Delaware, which is officially winning in the race I just invented for coolest state, will soon open a Dogfish Head Hotel, or the “Dogfish Inn,” come Spring 2014. I’m breaking out a beer right now to celebrate.

The inn will take over the former Vesuvio Motel near the harbor, halfway between the Dogfish brewpub and the Dogfish brewery in Milton, Connecticut. It will have sixteen beer-themed rooms, with soap and shampoo infused with beer. Each room will also include a mini fridge, beer glasses and bottle openers on the wall, which sounds like the making of a beautiful, drunken weekend.

PicThx Dogfish Beer


Dogfish Releases Beer Made with Actual Meteorites


Ever wonder what’d it be like in the future to hit up a bar on the other side of the galaxy, have some moon beer and maybe even get into a drunken fight with a 8-foot-tall space slug? Well, maybe you can have one out of three.

In celebration of the fall equinox, The Dogfish Head Brewery is going out of this world to make a special kind of ale that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. The Delaware-based company created what they proudly call their Celest-Jewel-Ale, which is made from lunar meteorites. The meteorites were first crushed into dust and steeped like tea in an Oktoberfest beverage.

The moon dust is made mostly of minerals and salts, which help the fermentation process, ironically adding a more earthiness texture to the drink. Dogfish acquired the lunar meteorites via ILC, a design and development company that makes spacesuits for NASA.

Celest-Jewel-Ale, at 5% ABV and 25 IBUs, is definitely a limited time brew at Dogfish and only available at Dogfish Head’s pub in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Once it’s gone, there’s literally nothing in this world that would taste the same.

H/T Dogfish Head + PicThx ILC, Dover.  J


Grub Like a Grumpy Sailor With Beer-Infused Clam Chowder


It’s easy to argue Captain Ahab was an angry, maniacal loon, but maybe he was just drunker than he thought. That’s the story I would roll with anyway, and thanks to Delaware’s Dogfish Head brewery, acting like a belligerent seadog now comes standard with a bowl of IPA-infused Clam Chowder.

Dubbed “Hard Tack,” Dogfish Head’s belly-warming slop is based on a recipe from Moby Dick – a mixture of Ocean Quahog Clams, salted pork and hardtack biscuits infused with the brewery’s famous 60 Minute IPA. Of course, side-effects may include brooding at cemeteries and asking people to “Call you Ishmael.” But when paired with an Indian Brown Ale or 90 Minute IPA, there’s no better way to ride out a particularly trying voyage, even if it’s just in a inflatable donut down a crowded lazy river.


Dogfish Head Hard Tack Chowder: $4 @ Dogfish

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