Your Beloved Pet Just Ate Your Weed, Here’s What To Do Next

Anyone that’s taken an edible knows how volatile they can be. Take a 23mg Cheeba Chew and you don’t feel anything at all, except your wallet in your back pocket being $10 lighter for nothing. Take a 24mg Cheeba Chew, and you also don’t feel anything at all, but only because you’re certain that your nervous system has shut down and you’re dying and you’re on your way to the promised land. Sucks, doesn’t it? Now imagine if your poor labrador puppy had to go through that as well. That’s certainly a thought no one enjoys.


I would cry forever if anything ever happened to my two little furballs because of me.

With the rise in popularity of marijuana and the states slowly going through a domino effect of legalization, cases of pet poisoning have grown substantially. The average number of pot-related trips to the hospital was one every month. Since the legalization in Colorado, Oregon and Washington, that number has jumped to one every other day.

As it turns out, there are a few ways to make sure this doesn’t happen to your cat or dog, or ferret if you swing that way. First, let’s cover the obvious ones.

Don’t leave your weed/wax/paraphernalia lying around: Seems simple, but you would be surprised how often pets (especially dogs) find their way to a leftover pot brownie or half-smoked blunt resting on the side of an ashtray.

If you do leave it lying around, keep it in a locked place: Emphasis on the word “locked.” Dogs and cats are pretty persistent if they see or smell something and want it. Too many times have I seen video of a dog or cat opening a drawer or jumping a fence or shaking down their owners for their drug caches. Ok, the last one was a lie, but not too far off from the truth anyways.

If you’re following these instructions and your little furball still finds a way to gobble up your ‘dro, then you need to take one or both of these more extensive measures.

1. Activated Charcoal

This stuff is basically your all-in-one poison controller. If ingested immediately after eating poison, it should absorb a large amount of it and prevent it from getting too ingrained into your body, i.e. making it to your bloodstream and being generously pumped throughout its entirety. Even when feeding this to Rex, be sure to have preparations made to rush to the vet’s office if need be. When it comes to our four-legged loved ones, not a single second should be wasted.

2. The Veterinarian

I mean, you don’t really want to risk it, do you? It’s not worth it. Yes, the bills will be outrageous, and the doc will probably just sedate your pet until their highness passes. The best part though? THEY WILL BE ALIVE. Unless you’re a veterinarian yourself, you can’t be sure how your pet will react. If the charcoal works out, fantastic. If not, get your asses in the car and get to the hospital STAT. While at the vet’s office, try to follow these steps:

Honesty is key: Lying helps no one, especially your struggling friend. The vet doesn’t care about you enough to judge you, and they’re certainly not going call the police on you. They don’t have the time or the energy. It’s weed, and it’s 2016. It’s not that crazy anymore. Furthermore, if you want to avoid telling the vet why you’re there, he’s going to have to take every test possible to figure it out what’s wrong with , and you’re going to pay for all of them, and he’s going to figure out that it’s weed anyways. Save yourself and your companion the time, trouble and money.

Keep your wits about you: Animals are very intuitive creatures and can tell when their owner is panicked or worried about something. You staying calm will help your little guy stay calm as well, or at least as much as possible while they’re still battling the THC demons.

Plan for the future: Learn from this mistake and make sure it doesn’t happen again, for your pet’s sake. If you’re worried about looking foolish, don’t be. Nobody needs to know about this little mishap if you’re uncomfortable talking about it, as long as you did everything in your power to help. Still, use this as a virtual “what not to do” template for the future and hopefully you can prevent this little problem from ever happening again.

If you do, however, cause poor little Buster to go through this again…



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Chinese Factory Worker Kills and Eats ‘Wild’ Corgi, Learns It Was His Boss’s Pet The Next Day


Chinese factory worker was fired from his job after he mistook his boss’s dog for a stray, beat it to death, then cooked and ate it.

On Feb. 13, a factory worker named Zhang in eastern China found a Pembroke Welsh Corgi wandering around the bathroom at work. He presumed it was a stray and decided that the dog would make a great meal, so he beat the animal to death with a wooden stick.

He took the dog’s body back to his staff quarters where he and his roommates shaved, skinned and cooked the dog that night. They ate the dog the next day.

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When Zhang and his roommates returned to work, they discovered “missing dog” flyers posted all around — it turns out the Corgi belonged to his boss who offered over $1,200 as a reward for information.


An anonymous person who witnessed Zhang beat the dog to death called the boss, named Wang,  to let him know the bad news. Zhang’s boss then visited his staff quarters to find his dog’s fur covering the floor as well as a knife.

Zhang reportedly claimed:

“I thought it was a wild dog, I had no clue it was so precious.”

He and his roommates offered compensation for the dog but Wang instead chose to fire them and take them to the police where they were charged with theft.

Zhang has since been released on bail.

Wang had allegedly bought the Corgi puppy, worth an estimated $1,800, last May for his daughter.

Source: SCMP

Written by Jacob Wagner, NextShark


This Dog Started A Kitchen Fire Looking For Pizza & Taught Its Owner A Valuable Lesson


There have been many moments in our lives that we’re not proud of when pizza is involved. For this dog, starting a house fire is one of those moments.

Hilariously horrifying footage shows the dog of a Waterbury Connecticut resident trying to grab a slice of pizza. Brookfield, a black labrador, was sniffing around some pizza boxes that were on top of the kitchen stove.

The dog accidentally nudges the stove burner nob and sets the pizza boxes on fire.

Owner, Gary LeClerc, rushes in to find his kitchen on fire. He immediately tries to extinguish the flames as Brookfield watches her master in shame. The incident, however, has become an educational experience for the homeowner.

LeClerc told NBC Connecticut that he and his wife have since begun to use this footage to raise awareness about the 700 yearly fires caused by pets in the household. Guess leaving pizza boxes on stoves isn’t the best idea with pets around. Check out the video below.

For your viewing pleasure….wait for it….and please share if you would like. Enjoy!Katie O'Neill- LeClerc Pj O'Neill Julia Galuppo

Posted by Gary LeClerc on Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fast Food

Sonic Is Testing Hot Dogs With Croissant Buns

Looks like Sonic Drive-in is testing out a couple new hot dogs for the summer. The popular drive-in fast food chain is offering two variations of what they call the Croissant Dogs.

The two dogs available will be the Original Croissant Dog and the Bacon Cheddar Croissant Dog. A few photos of the dogs have popped up on social media so far and they look pretty much what they sound like. The Original will feature a hot dog topped with mustard on a buttery croissant bun. The Bacon Cheddar is topped with a cheese (sauce?), bacon and spicy mustard on a buttery croissant bun.

So far, impressions seem to be more towards the positive side.




Patrons can get an Original for $2.99 and a Bacon Cheddar for $3.49.


These 6 Food Trends Are Already Taking Over 2015

Every year something new in food makes the headlines. From bacon weaves to grilled cheese, people love reading about and looking at pictures of delicious things they probably shouldn’t eat. Some foods, however, tend to be more interesting than others.

We dug around and found a handful of popular food trends for this year. Expect to see more of these pop up on your newsfeed in the months to come.



A variety of donuts from OC Donut Bar 

The deep-fried breakfast pastry has seen many changes through the years. From its more iconic forms to some of the newer innovations, donuts have become an ever-changing staple that brings a smile to the morning commuter.

Sure, we enjoy them as a breakfast snack. However, donuts have unexpectedly been a prominent item in next-level dessert trends. Afters Ice Cream, for example, have become known for their popular ice-cream stuffed donuts. Their signature item, the Milky Bun, features flavored ice cream served inside a warm donut. Toppings optional.

The OC Donut Bar, another Orange County-based bakery, is known for many innovative takes on the donut. One of the biggest, baddest donuts in their menu is the gigantic Pop Tart-like pastry they call the Big Poppa-Tart Donut. The Donut Bar also gets seasonally creative with products like their reindeer-shaped donuts for Christmas and Cadbury Creme donuts around Easter.

High-profile baker Dominique Ansel created a pastry that turned heads around the world: the Cronut. Taking the best qualities of both donut and croissant, the Cronut took on many imitations since its debut. Fast food chains would turn out their own variations of the product, albeit under a different name, and join in on the success.

Somewhere between our kale salads and paleo diets, we thought it would be delicious to use donuts as replacement for hamburger buns. We were right, of course. We wouldn’t call it the norm, but using donuts to hold together burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches has now become far from unusual.

Ballpark foods


Fritos Mac & Cheese Dog from Dodgers Stadium

Ballparks will never go away. At least in the foreseeable future. People love watching sports and ball parks cater to that love while creating a sense of community and camaraderie.

Sports or no, people still have to eat. Baseball stadiums have been stepping up their food game year after year. This year, however, a majority of them went all out. Don’t be surprised when you see an all-bacon buffet, deep-fried Doritos balls, or Blue Moon Creamsicles more and more. It’ll be like a year-long county fair.

One item, in particular, made national headlines: The Churro Dog. Which we’ll get to in a bit.

We’re embarking on a world where popcorn and nachos will be the healthier option, folks.



Lamb Waffle from Ink Waffles. 

Like donuts, waffles have become an incredibly popular replacement for starches. Whether it’s burger buns, pita breads, or flour tortillas, everything looks better with a waffle.

Popular waffle house Bruxie is one of the first to bring waffles into the mainstream. With a wide variety of waffle sandwiches on the menu, the theme began to bring forth other waffle-inspired eateries. The popular Iron Press at the Anaheim Packing District features some hefty waffle choices while Ink Waffles, currently located in Santa Ana’s 4th Street Market does a full menu.

Waffling, yes a verb, has also made many headlines. Utilizing a waffle maker, folks can take the most mundane of foods and turn it into a waffle. Be it donuts, cold pizza, or leftover cheeseburgers, if you can throw it in a waffle maker you’re “Waffling” it.

There’s something about those checkered patterns and crisped edges that just somehow appeal to people. Who needs a panini press, right?

Middle Eastern foods


Peep this chicken and beef gyro. 

So the Halal Guys are coming to California, in case you didn’t hear. While Middle Eastern foods have been around forever, there’s something about the combination of meat, veggies and sauce that make folks go crazy.

The east coast, specifically New York, is the perfect example of this. Many falafel spots are filled, night after night, with enthusiastic patrons ready to get their shawarma on. With news of the Halal Guys move to the west coast going viral, it seems Middle Eastern cuisine is something to get hyped for in the months to come.

The food is presented as a healthier alternative to other cuisines, offering lighter choices that aren’t caked in oils and grease.

Middle Eastern cuisine is still relatively unknown to a good chunk of the world. While Asian foods have pretty much been defined across the globe, there’s still an unfamiliarity with food from the Middle East. While foods like falafels, hummus and shawarma have become more commonplace, a mystery surrounding dishes like fattoush, tabouleh and baba ghanoush still remain for most people.

While the hype train for Middle Eastern fare is slowly building, we expect to see a consistent trend in the near future.



The infamous Churro Dog. 

The Churro itself, a deep-fried stick of dough coated in cinnamon and sugar, is a pretty impressive creation of man already. This is a fact. If you start adding it to stuff, however, it’ll start taking a life of it’s own.

Between churros stuffed with jelly, churro ice cream sandwiches and churro popcorn, you can pretty much turn anything into a churro these days. Some kid in California even made a Chocolate Churro Quesadilla that turned heads.

Recently, the infamous concoction called the Churro Dog went viral. The monstrous beast featured a simple churro stick wedged between a donut and topped with multiple ice cream scoops, topped with whipped cream, caramel and chocolate drizzle. The dog is available at Chase Field in Arizona and has since been the product of many recreations, including the one above.



A bowl of spicy tuna poke topped with mango, avocados, greens and sauce. 

The poke buzz has been climbing the charts as of late. The dish of raw fished seasoned with spices and sauces has been a popular craving for anyone looking for something light and tasty to snack on. Either served with rice or chips, poke is probably one of the more versatile dishes in recent news.

Lighter than cooked fish and relatively cheaper than sushi, poke originates from Hawaiian roots. While it comes from the islands, Poke can sometimes be found on Japanese menus. The dish utilities many Japanese condiments including sauces, spices and toppings.

Recently, popular Orange County-based PokiNometry has been making headlines. The quick-service Chipotle-style poke restaurant allows customers to create custom dishes feature various types of poke.

We’d take a bowl of poke over a fast food fish sandwich any day.

Fast Food

KFC Has a Double Down Hot Dog and It’s as Terrifying as It Sounds


Back in 2010, when Kentucky Fried Chicken announced the release of its Double Down sandwich, everyone was in a huff about how such a fattening concept could make it onto the menu. Fast forward a few years and a few satisfied customers, and the Double Down has become a consistent staple in the KFC brand.

Now it looks like KFC Philippines is taking the next step toward the evolution of the Double Down with the new Double Down Dog. The dog is made with a fried chicken breast patty that’s wrapped around a hot dog. Because replacing buns with fried meat is the whole point, right? The dog also has a choice of ketchup, mayo and cheese.

Business Insider reported that only 50 Double Down Dogs are available for purchase on Jan. 26 and 27 at participating locations. This means our readers currently in the Philippines might not even be able to get one after this sentence.

Better luck tomorrow.

A few individuals have already posted images of the hot dog on social media. It looks like a beast.


Martin Joseph Lapira 


Patrick Everett Tadeo












Adorable Puppy Fights a Pumpkin


Picthx Thund3rbolt


Latest Disney Short ‘Feast’ Combines Foodie Life and Dogs


As perfect as 2007’s Ratatouille was for food lovers and Disney fans, we understand if it’s a little hard to root for a rat cooking in your kitchen, touching your gourmet French foods. But a food movie about a dog? That we can totally get behind.

From the folks who did Paperman — that adorable black and white short about paper airplanes —  Feast is an upcoming Disney short which aims to combine most of what the internet loves into one 6-minute cartoon: animals, food, romance, and a heart-wrenching, time-jumping montage à la the beginning of Up.

According to Variety, Feast tells a “human romance from the p.o.v. of the couple’s pet dog, a Boston Terrier named Winston,” imagined in the frame of “whatever Winston happened to be eating” at the time. Based on Variety’s description, this translates to junk food during his master’s bachelor days, Brussels sprouts when he starts dating a hippie chick, and eventually a whole restaurant filled with steak, spaghetti, and ice cream, presumably when the guy finally finds “the one.”

First premiered Tuesday at the Annecy Intl. Film Festival, Feast is set to screen ahead of Disney’s upcoming full-length feature Big Hero Six, in theaters November 7.