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Your Dog Can Now Meal Prep With New ‘Human-Grade’ Dog Food

If your dog is bougie and gets all pissy when you don’t meet their dietary restrictions, there’s an up-and-coming dog food company that caters to your ridiculously spoiled dog.

It’s called Ollie pet food, and they basically meal prep for those pups who had their own “new year, new me,” goals.

On the Ollie site, they ask questions about your dog, from its weight, daily activity, and even allergies, as they put together the perfect meal for them.

“We tailor it for each dog’s specific diet needs, through a vet nutritionist,” Ollie co-founder Gabby Slome told Fox Business. “Then we freshly cook it, and send it directly to your door.”

Going through the process with information for my make-believe dog, Ollie suggested a few different food options. A week’s worth of food, or 14 meals, came out to $71.74, which is about $5.12 per meal. They do have a deal for first timers, though, so at 50 percent off, you could get that week’s-worth of meals for $35.87.

Screenshot of Ollie order page

If you thought a fresh dog food delivery service wasn’t “extra” enough, the food is “human-grade,” meaning it’s actually prepped at a standard that’s safe enough for you to theoretically share a meal with your furry friend.

There’s always been a bit of a fascination behind trying dog food. If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ve probably looked at their food with wonder, and perhaps thought about trying a spoonful to appease your curiosity.

Ollie’s making it so that you can actually eat that food, although, you probably should just let Scooby enjoy his meal prep and make his gains.

You probably already destroyed your New Year’s fitness goals, but you could at least help your dog keep theirs.

Also, here’s John Mayer eating dog jerky with his furry friend Moose: