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What To Eat With Man’s Best Friend While Dining At This Dog-Loving Restaurant Chain

A lot of restaurants and chains have incorporated dog and pet-friendly policies over the years, but not everyone has had one from the start. If you go to the Lazy Dog, a dog-themed and dog-friendly restaurant chain, though, you’ll find two entire menus: one dedicated to dogs, and another expansive one for their owners.

Foodbeast’s own Marc Kharrat and Elie Ayrouth teamed up with Josh Elkin, the Undisputed Champion of Breakfast and host of the Cooking Channel’s Sugar Showdown, to try out both menus from cover to cover. On the latest episode of Foodbeast’s show Going In, they went to the Lazy Dog location at the Del Amo Fashion Center to sample the chain’s entire offering.

Based on what they tried and reviewed, here are some recommendations on what to order for both you and man’s best friend on the Lazy Dog menu.

Food Bowls for Dogs 

The Lazy Dog’s dedicated dog menu is simple, but gets your pet all of the nutrients they need. It consists of plain grilled chicken or burger meat, white or brown rice, and veggies. It’s completely okay for humans to eat, too, should you want to eat dinner alongside your dog.

Three Cheese Pizza

In terms of human food, Ayrouth and Elkin were both big fans of the Three Cheese Pizza. The Lazy Dog’s take on the classic flavor combines mozzarella, Romano, and Parmesan cheese onto one pie.

Ayrouth recommends getting it with chili oil on the side. You can ask for it, drizzle it over the pizza, and get a tasty combo of spicy and cheesy that’ll leave your taste buds tingling.

Mac + Cheese

One of Elkin’s go-to favorites was the Mac + Cheese, a small plate with smoked bacon, hatch chiles, five cheese, and a green onion crumble. There’s plenty of flavor to go around on this one.

Chili Peanut Wings

The Chili Peanut Wings were also a tasty favorite for Elkin. They’re coated in a marinade featuring pineapple juice and fish sauce alongside a variety of chilies and other aromatics for a balanced, flavorsome wing.

Simms Family S’more 

Kharrat especially loved this treat because of the campfire nostalgia that it evoked. He said that it “speaks to that campfire culture that the founders seem to be pulling inspiration from and that made it stand out for me.”

Bison Burger

Ayrouth was a particularly huge fan of the bison burger because he felt that it was THE menu item that best achieved the “zen the founders of the restaurant set out to display,” as he put it. “It took me to the wilderness with every bite,” he said, “all the while remembering I was just in a shopping mall.”

As for Marc…

He was just really excited about the massive slab of watermelon served on the side.  

Created in partnership with Del Amo Fashion Center. 

Animals Health

Your Dog Can Now Meal Prep With New ‘Human-Grade’ Dog Food

If your dog is bougie and gets all pissy when you don’t meet their dietary restrictions, there’s an up-and-coming dog food company that caters to your ridiculously spoiled dog.

It’s called Ollie pet food, and they basically meal prep for those pups who had their own “new year, new me,” goals.

On the Ollie site, they ask questions about your dog, from its weight, daily activity, and even allergies, as they put together the perfect meal for them.

“We tailor it for each dog’s specific diet needs, through a vet nutritionist,” Ollie co-founder Gabby Slome told Fox Business. “Then we freshly cook it, and send it directly to your door.”

Going through the process with information for my make-believe dog, Ollie suggested a few different food options. A week’s worth of food, or 14 meals, came out to $71.74, which is about $5.12 per meal. They do have a deal for first timers, though, so at 50 percent off, you could get that week’s-worth of meals for $35.87.

Screenshot of Ollie order page

If you thought a fresh dog food delivery service wasn’t “extra” enough, the food is “human-grade,” meaning it’s actually prepped at a standard that’s safe enough for you to theoretically share a meal with your furry friend.

There’s always been a bit of a fascination behind trying dog food. If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ve probably looked at their food with wonder, and perhaps thought about trying a spoonful to appease your curiosity.

Ollie’s making it so that you can actually eat that food, although, you probably should just let Scooby enjoy his meal prep and make his gains.

You probably already destroyed your New Year’s fitness goals, but you could at least help your dog keep theirs.

Also, here’s John Mayer eating dog jerky with his furry friend Moose:


Survivalist Dog Grabs His Food And Flees To Safety After Hurricane Harvey

Nothing says “American strength” like seeing a dog walk through a hurricane, holding a bag of dog food in its mouth in order to survive.

Otis the dog went missing after Houston, Texas’ weekend disaster that was Hurricane Harvey. The moment owner Salvador Segovia, 65, realized the German Shepherd went missing, he jumped in his truck and started looking for the dog, according to Chron.

Apparently Otis the dog saw how badly the storm hit that Friday, so he decided to grab his food and get the hell out of there.

Thankfully, Segovia was able to find Otis and bring him back home to safety, Saturday, but not before a now famous snapshot was taken of Otis fleeing with the bag of dog food in his possession.

Tiele Dockens took a peek outside at all the damage in her town and saw the dog carrying out its disaster plan. She did not know whose dog it was, she just thought the resourcefulness of the pooch was quite amusing. Her photo amassed over 11,000 likes and was shared 36,000 times on Facebook, as people saw this pup as a symbol of strength through tragedy.

He sounds like a pretty damn special dog, as Segovia detailed that Otis is allowed to frequent Dairy Queen on his own to get a hamburger. Not sure how the payment system works there, but it sounds legit.

If you are unprepared for the impending zombie apocalypse and have no idea how you’d find food for yourself, you better hope you have a bad-ass dog like Otis by your side.


These Major Restaurants Have Secret Menus For Dogs


The restaurant world is a lot more pet-friendly than you’d think. We’ve seen a dedicated dog cafe pop up recently, making it so that you can dine in with a plethora of puppies around you, but you can also dine with your four-legged best friend at standard restaurants.

While some services are at the discretion of the restaurant’s owner, plenty of well-known restaurants cater to your doggy with special menu items.

Of course, unless you have a service dog, you can’t really eat indoors without the health department throwing a fit, but outdoor patios are a dog-lover’s best friend.

Also, keep in mind that just as we hoomans can be allergic to certain things, your dog can be too. So check with a vet and always make sure you know that your dog can handle the food so you don’t get unexpected gifts on your car rug.

From Starbucks to Shake Shack, a lot of our favorite chain restaurants put in a little extra effort to make sure your companion can share a little something with you while dining.

Check out the dog-friendly secret menu items that they offer:

Puppuccino from Starbucks

puppuccino picthx Reddit, HQueen22

The Puppuccino is a small cup filled with whipped cream for your canine companion. If you’re taking Scooby for a walk and want to pop in to Starbucks for a Caramel Frappuccino, you don’t have to painfully look into your dog’s sad little eyes as he watches you drink away. Take a seat outside and enjoy Starbucks with Fido.

However, it could be a bit sketchy to order it consistently for your dog, considering Starbucks’ whipped cream has so much sugar and fat, but it’s a nice treat for them once in a great while.


Dairy Queen Pup Cup

picthx sonyadawn, drkelbel

Everyone loves ice cream (except maybe our own Peter Pham). Chances are your dog will go nuts for this. With a little bit of vanilla soft serve, topped with a doggie treat, your dog will wag her tail nonstop.

*Note* We’ve heard milk could possibly be harmful for dogs, so definitely consult with your vet before trying this one.


In-N-Out’s Pup Patty

picthx Squirkee, Chubs the Frenchie

In-N-Out is a must whenever in California, even for your four-legged friend. If you’re loving a Double Double in your car and your dog is giving you those sad puppy eyes, you can order him a Pup Patty. It’s just a plain, unseasoned burger patty with no salt, just like Uncle Jim used to grill for Memorial Day.



Doggie Cupcakes from Sprinkles

doggiecupcake picthx baileyinthecity, Toyangxoxo

Sprinkles is another destination that must be visited when in California. Their famous cupcakes are also extended to doggies as one of their specialized cupcakes is made sugar-free and with yogurt frosting.


Sonic Drive-In Doggie Treats

picthix Scottiemom

It makes sense that Sonic Drive-In would be pet-friendly since you never even step foot inside. They’re set up so that you order and eat in your car, or pop out and eat at their outside dining area. If you have your pet with you, they’ll often bring you a doggie treat so you won’t eat alone.



The Pooch-ini from Shake Shack

picthx beanthere_donethat, reubendebrow

An East Coast favorite that’s filled with delicious burgers and milk shakes, of course, Shake Shack has the Pooch-ini for your doggie to enjoy. The Pooch-ini is a custom-made dessert consisting of dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard. Your dog’s going to wag her tail for days after enjoying this one.



Johnny Rockets Dog Burger

picthx Charlene C.

At Johnny Rockets, if you sit in the outdoor patio areas, you can ask for a cut-up burger patty and water. The Johnny Rockets in Southern California’s Victoria Gardens restaurant even teamed up with a local dog bakery to put together a 20-item menu for doggies that includes a Lickety Split Ice Cream and Pupcakes.


Lazy Dog Rice Plate

picthx arachellybelly

No surprise here. Lazy Dog Cafe is known for its dog-loving inspiration. Here, patrons are encouraged to sit in the outside patio and share meals with their doggies and mingle with other doggies. As you can see above, a cut up piece of beef and a generous serving of rice are provided for Lassie.


Tim Hortons’ Sugar-Free Timbits

picthx Igor Pub Dog

If you’re a follower of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, you’d be under the impression that Canada sucks, but what you should know is they’re actually super friendly. Of course the Canadian superpower, Tim Hortons, offers its famous Timbits to doggies in a plain, dog-friendly form.


Some Chick-Fil-As Give Dog Treats


There are always restaurants that cater to their demographic. So if they know the area consists of lots of dog lovers they might keep dog treats in-store to hand out. For example, Several Chick-Fil-As, such as the one in Upland, CA, and Fountain Way, MN, are known for providing treats for your pup via the drive-thru.


Of course, we don’t want to leave out the mom and pops who love dogs just as much as you do. So if you’re on the road with your dog and need to find a spot to plop down and have a meal, some sites pinpoint which restaurants, big or small, are pet-friendly.

It’s not exactly the mega stack of spaghetti they shared in Lady and the Tramp, but these places are pretty considerate to the pet community.

So don’t let your pup miss out on a treat, and if it’s a hot day, make sure you couple these treats with some water.

Information from Barkpost and The I Love Dogs Site used in this post.

Woman Saves Money on the Paleo Diet By Eating…Dog Food

Glyptodon_old_drawing (1)

The paleo diet, fad or not, is expensive to keep up. Purchasing all that fresh protein — up to a third of the diet — can take a toll on your bank account, which is why one woman decided to try eating dog food.

Yes, that’s right — food made exclusively for dogs: dog food. Writing for OZY, and bravely at that, Anne Kadet details how her six-day diet of dry and wet dog food (and treats) not only fulfilled the paleo diet’s guidelines and goals, if not surpassing them, but also helped saved her time and money. Kadet writes:

“… all that fresh meat and produce costs a fortune. Plus, there’s a lot of cooking, and I have better things to do with my time — like reading dog food labels. And yes, I couldn’t help notice that my dog’s high-end kibble — like my paleo diet — is high in protein, grain-free and gluten-free. It’s made with ‘simple, holistic ingredients.’ It’s fortified with omega-3 and omega-6 and antioxidants. The best part? Canidae is an expensive dog food, but at 85 cents a meal, it’s a lot cheaper than eating paleo.”

Kadet describes the kibble she crunches for the first meal on her experimental paleo dog food diet as “dry and gritty” with a “nutty, slightly sour taste.” It’s only later on that Kadet notices her dry dog food is labeled “Not for human consumption,” and so she emails an NYU professor specializing in human and animal nutrition who tells her, “Canned food is sterile. The kibble is not, and there have been many instances of salmonella contamination.”

dog-food-445031_640 (1)

From there, not wanting to be both grody AND sick, Kadet moves on to various wet and refrigerated dog foods that range from “metallic and disturbingly bland” to “rich and flavorful.” The latter fare is such a hit to her palate that she goes to Petsmart to take advantage of their buy-10, get-two-cans-free deal, presumably saving herself money that the average paleo diet enthusiast … isn’t? (My feeling is that spending money on food meant for humans, in order for you or other humans to consume, is probably never a waste, but what do I know?)

After a full six days of eating canine meals, Kadet claims that she lost two pounds and had a blood sugar level that “dropped to the ultralow end of the ideal range.”


In conclusion to her adventure, Kadet writes:

“I’m excited to go back to eating people food. But if I were broke? I’d choose to live on kibble over Kraft dinner or ramen noodles. Surely, an all-in-one, high-end dog food is more nutritious than a diet of white flour and fat?”

While I don’t subscribe to paleo diet theories, I salute you, Anne Kadet — I like your moxie. Hopefully though, while saving money on the diet, and for the benefit of your loved ones, I hope you invested in some seriously heavy duty mouthwash.

Originally written by Alan Van for NextShark


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Pets Deli is literally a Gourmet Pet Deli For Your Furry Companions


As if we needed our pets to be even more finicky than they already are now we’re giving them their own restaurants? Germany based Pets Deli is exactly what it sounds like, a deli for pets. Pet owners can customize their companion’s meal to their individual tastes by choosing one item from each menu: meats, vegetables and carbs. Don’t worry about fido packing on the pounds from indulging in a gourmet meal every once and again, Pets Deli’s menu options have all been approved by the staff nutrition expert. Menu options include everyday ingredients such as beef, broccoli and rice but also includes more interesting proteins such as kangaroo.


With its old school deli look complete with chalkboards Pets Deli looks like it belongs more in Williamsburg than Germany. A meal at Pets Deli will run you between €3-€6 or $4-$8 USD. The price seems a bit high considering you can get a weeks worth of dog food at that same price. Cue the cute factor because meals eaten on location are served in metal bowls. Pets on a schedule can get their dishes to go packed away in a less adorable plastic container. According to Eater the deli “opened to mix reviews, with some detractors arguing that the shop is “decadent.” It’s a restaurant for pets, what the hell did you think it was going to be?

H/T Eater + PicThx Facebook


Because Belly Rubs Aren’t Enough: Dawg Grog, ‘Beer’ For Man’s Best Friend


Cats have catnip, so why shouldn’t dogs get their feel-good fix as well?

Belly rubs may be good and fun, but what if you could sit back and pop open a cold brew for your best buddy — you know, man’s best friend?


Video of the Day: It's Beggin' Time

Dog food. But, still food. Plus, it’s a classic.