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The Eleven Regional Hot Dogs Everyone Needs In Their Life

There aren’t many things on this green earth that unify, and simultaneously drive apart, Americans quite like hot dogs, besides maybe politics and the NFL (which may as well be the same thing at this point, much to the chagrin of “Stick to Sports” Twitter). Hot dogs are universal in the sense that they’re consumed at every corner of the country. They’re also quite divisive, in that each region has their own spin on the mystery sausage, and which one is the best is a oft-debated subject.

Cities and states lay claim to hot dogs like BBQ and famous nightclubs. The Chicago dog, Dodger dog, Seattle-style dog, Detroit dog — all delicacies that locals will fiercely defend to their graves.

In truth, most of these dogs are remarkably similar: dog, buns, onions, peppers, cheese, and some kind of sauce. The attachment lies in the intrinsic pride that comes with the down-home origin story of each dog, most of which were long ago enough to not be quite remembered, as well as memories of better days and sleepless nights spent with friends stumbling into a hot dog vendor at just the right time.

One such cherished hot dog is Detroit’s Coney Island dog, which combines a Dearborn Sausage Company hot dog with beanless chili, a hit of mustard, chopped raw onions, and, of course, a helping of shredded cheddar cheese. These dogs are a part of the city’s culinary backbone, a place where a preference between local landmark American Coney Island or it’s next-door counterpart Lafayette can strain friendships. 

A few days ago, on Foodbeast’s podcast, The Katchup, hosts Elie Ayrouth and Geoffrey Kutnick were joined by Chris Sotiropoulos, the owner of American Coney Island to discuss the creation of the Detroit’s esteemed Coney Island Dogs. The company’s recent expansion to Las Vegas gives West Coaster’s the chance to try a regional dog that would be otherwise unobtainable. With the Coney fresh on our mind, the Foodbeast office began to think of other specialty dogs out there that we haven’t tried. 

So, we hit the streets and found eleven hometown favorites that we wish we could try, and here they are:

Sonoran Style


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The Sonoran hot dog starts with a frank wrapped in crispy bacon. Created in Tucson, AZ, the dog pays homage to the city’s Latino roots by using a split soft roll called a bolillo, and topping that with pinto beans, chopped tomatoes, diced onions, creamy mayo, mustard, and jalapeños. 

Chicago Style


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Maybe one of the most famous options on this list, the Chicago-style dog is as much a staple to the city as its biting wind. It uses a steamed Vienna sausage all-beef dog, which is then placed in a steamed poppy seed bun, and painted with the bright colors of tomato slices, sport peppers, dill pickle, chopped raw onion, relish, celery salt, and a drizzle of bright yellow mustard.

Scrambled Dog


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The Scrambled Dog was born in Columbus, GA 72 years ago, the brainchild of the late Lieutenant Stevens. This beast of a plate starts with a soft bun, then Stevens’ fresh chili, cut up weiners, more chili, raw onions, dill pickle slices, and a heaping handful of crunchy oyster crackers. 

Seattle Style Dog


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A Seattle-style hot dog consists of a grilled, split frank, nestled on a toasted bun that’s been smothered in cream cheese, grilled onions and, often, jalapeños. It makes sense that these are typically eaten during late nights out, because it sounds like something I would make with some potluck leftovers at 2AM.

Tater Pig


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This… is what it sounds like. A specialty of the Twin Falls County Fair, this monstrosity does just enough to constitute as a hot dog. Really, it’s a sausage. And it’s stuffed inside of a baked potato. Hence, the tater pig. 

Polish Boy


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Cleveland’s late night sausage of choice is a grilled kielbasa (a sausage broadly described as “any type of meat sausage from Poland.” Thanks Wikipedia). Place one of these guys on a sturdy bun, and top it with a handful of fries, coleslaw, BBQ sauce, as well as hot sauce, and you have yourself a Polish Boy.

Dodger Dog


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Los Angeles’ Chavez Ravine favorite has both steamed and grilled variations. Either way, the result is a ten-inch pork hot dog embraced in an equally as long bun, marked with relish, mustard, ketchup, and chopped raw onions. 

Carolina Style


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This version of the hot dog is popular amongst much of the Southeast United States. Beginning with an all-beef frank stuffed in a soft bun, it’s then covered in chili and piled high with coleslaw. Most people like to add mustard as well, to offset the sweetness of the slaw and savoriness of the chili.

New York Dog


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Contrary to every other aspect of their lives, New Yorkers like to keep their hot dogs simple. Strictly boiled in water of mysterious circumstances on a street cart, these dogs are topped with only mustard and sauerkraut for buyers to quickly shove down.

Italian Dog


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The answer to every New Jerseyan’s hangover, this dog originated in Newark. Here, bakers make plush loaves of pizza bread, which are like massive pizza crusts. After being split open, the bread is stuffed with a lightly fried dog, onions, peppers, and more deep-fried potatoes than can fit.

Tijuana Dog


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The Tijuana dog, though named after the town in Mexico in which it originates, gained it’s fame off the streets of L.A. Sold largely from street carts outside of sports games and clubs, this dog is wrapped in bacon and fried until crispy and snappy. It’s tossed into a soft bun and then served with grilled onions and peppers, mayo, mustard, ketchup, and sometimes a grilled jalapeño to give it some kick.

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You Can Now Use Postmates To Order Food At Dodger Stadium

If standing in line at a ballgame sounds like a drag, the Los Angeles Dodgers are looking to make your in-game eating experience a little easier through “Postmates Live.”

Starting Wednesday, August 7, through the rest of the Dodger season (And into the postseason), Dodger Stadium will be testing in-seat ordering from their “Top Deck” section, with plans of a full stadium release in the 2020 season.

That means that you no longer have to stand in lines for a hot dog, wait for the machine to process your card, wait for it to spit out the receipt, then wait for the cashier to shuffle to the back to get your food.

You just select what you want through the Postmates app, place the order and pay on your phone, then pick it up once a notification pops up to let you know it’s ready. Even better news, there are no pesky fees attached to the service.

Postmates tested a similar activation at Dodger Stadium during 2018’s Camp Flog Gnaw Festival. A couple handfuls of vendors at the festival teamed with Postmates, having the menu items on the app for your to order. A few minutes after punching in your order, a notification would alert you that it’s ready to be picked up.

Festival lines can get pretty crazy, and the feature worked great at the time, so long as you had decent reception, which can prove to be difficult at a music festival.

Still, the fact that this is being tested at a sports stadium is pretty groundbreaking, and could prove to be the answer to long concession lines and missing a bulk of the game.

It’d be even nicer to have it delivered to your seat, but that takes a whole different infrastructure with extra bodies to deliver, a system that allows you to input your seat, and the ever-uncomfortable tipping process that gets muddled unless each individual delivery person is inputted in the system.

If you’ve ever waited 25 minutes in line, missing an inning of the game just for food, this new Postmates collab is a life saver, and could easily be the future of in-game dining.


Dodger Stadium Now Serves Drinks In Adult Sippy Cups

At the start of the baseball season, Los Angeles Dodgers beat writer Pedro Moura tweeted out that Dodger Stadium was eliminating its plastic straws and replacing them with paper ones. It’s something that could have been brushed off until you experienced it yourself, which I did on my recent trip to the stadium.

What Moura did not mention was that the Dodgers would be going the Starbucks route, and covering their soft drinks with sippy cup-like lids.

The new lids allow you to punch a hole through a perforated section, and sip through it with or without a straw.

While you can still request a paper straw as an alternative, it’s not something they tell you, so most people around the stadium were walking around with strawless sippy cups.

It’s a vast deviation from the drinking norm, and even upon getting the cup myself, I began to look for the condiment section, expecting to find a straw container.

It eventually hit me that there was no straw container, and the strange lid served a purpose, one that several restaurants and cities have been doling out over the last couple of years.

The strawless trend is now hitting the sports world, and to many, that’s when it starts to feel real.

It’s one thing to ban straws at a hipster cafe in Malibu, California, it’s another to eliminate them at a stadium that houses a $3 billion team that averages over 3 million attendees per season.

The Seattle Mariners got the ball rolling on this movement, reducing its straws from T-Mobile Park (Then Safeco Field) at the end of September 2017, and has since gone completely straw-less. CenturyLink Field, home of the NFL’s Seahawks has also gone this route, mostly because of plastic bans in the city of Seattle.

These type of straw bans will be something we all have to get used to, as they’ve been implemented at major restaurants such as McDonald’s UK, and to a lesser degree, Starbucks. Even Disneyland has said it will eliminate straws from all its parks around the world by mid-2019.

Starbucks started offering sippy cups in 2018, as it plans to slowly do away with straws.

The city of Los Angeles is slowly headed in that direction, putting restrictions on plastic straws, and already banning plastic bags at its grocery stores.

The writing’s on the wall for the fate of single-use plastics, so don’t be surprised when we’re all drinking out of modified sippy cups.

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Dodger Stadium Adds Horchata Ice Cream Churro Cakes To New Menu

Dodger Dogs and nachos have always been the basic go-to eats at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium, but over the last few years, they’ve stepped up their game, hoping to change your perspective of stadium food.

Dodgers’ Executive Chef Ryan Evans is not holding back on the food selection this season, adding an array of new foods, including an Horchata ice cream-topped churro cake.

About 47 percent of Los Angeles is made up of Hispanics, or Latinos, and this sweet dessert shows that the Dodgers are in tune with their city.

The warm churro cake is placed inside a Dodger helmet, similar to how their nachos are set up, then topped with their horchata-infused ice cream. They finish it off with a caramel drizzle that tasted like cajeta, a thick Mexican syrup.

While we thought the churro cake was the highlight of the new food items, we put together the 11 other new items you have to try this season.

From street corn completely covered in crushed Hot Cheeto dust, to a spicy fried chicken breast sandwiched between a couple of Belgian waffles, the eats at the stadium could be just as fun as the game itself:

Spicy Chicken and Belgian Waffles

Photo by Peter Pham/Foodbeast

This sandwich debuted in the postseason last year, as the Dodgers fought for a World Series title and debuted a few new menu items for the occasion. With spicy chicken and candied bacon inside, this Belgian sammich has a mix of sweet and spicy, creating different sensations in your mouth.

King’s Hawaiian Lobster Roll

Photo by Peter Pham/Foodbeast

This guy was also introduced in the playoffs last year and was enough of a hit for them to add on the full-time menu this year. The lobster is made New England-style, meaning there’s a mayonnaise base mixed in. The fact that it’s served in a soft King’s Hawaiian roll is always a plus.

Carne Asada Torta

Photo by Peter Pham/Foodbeast

This one’s completely new, and the Dodgers really did the asada justice, being nicely seasoned and cooked to medium rare. The torta is definitely a welcoming addition to the menu.


Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Photo by Peter Pham/Foodbeast

These breaded chicken strips are tossed in Buffalo sauce, then joined by a jalapeno slaw, umami aioli, and pickles on Texas toast. If you’re the type of person who orders chicken strips wherever you go, here’s a spicy version for you.


Hot Cheet-O-Lote

Photo by Peter Pham/Foodbeast

The Flamin’ Hot Cheeto-covered street corn was obviously a hit when it debuted at the end of last season, and will now be a staple at the stadium. Covered with Hot Cheeto dust, Tajin powder, cotija cheese, and a dangerously delicious chili-lime mayo, this roasted elote is sure to be a 2018 favorite.


Orange Chicken

Photo by Peter Pham/Foodbeast

Shades of Panda Express, the orange chicken bowl is served with steamed broccoli and rice. That’s the only Chinese-inspired dish that debuts this year, but it’s a nice way to add variety.


Veggie Burger

Photo by Peter Pham/Foodbeast

It’s 2018, and the stadium world is incorporating more veggie options to its menu. The new veggie burger will consist of a pique pepper aioli, smoked gouda, Portobello mushroom, and arugula on a brioche bun.

Pretzel Chicken Croissant

Photo by Peter Pham/Foodbeast

You can throw anything in a croissant and it automatically becomes 10 times better. Filled with chicken, sundried tomato, an herb aioli, Swiss cheese, and leaf lettuce, the pretzel croissant is a nice change of pace from the standard sandwich offerings.

Nopal Torta

Photo by Peter Pham/Foodbeast

If you’re not a fan of meat, you can forego the asada torta and munch on a nopal torta. Nopales are a Mexican-style, fully cooked cactus, and the torta adds refried beans, jalapenos, cilantro, crema and pickled onions.

Chicken Sausage Banh Mi

For a bit of Vietnamese flair, the Dodgers will be adding a banh mi. The chicken sausage is dressed with pickled carrots, onions, shredded cabbage, jalapeno, and cilantro.


Churro Cake

Photo by Peter Pham/Foodbeast

This is definitely going to be a crowd favorite. The warm cake served with cold horchata ice cream is everything you’d want from your ballpark food. (Note: The cake is bigger than the sample pictured above.)

Culture Hit-Or-Miss Sweets

Dodger Stadium Goes All Out For Its World Series Menu

The World Series is upon us and as Dodger Stadium gets ready to host the first two games, they’ve loaded up their menu with food as impressive as the teams on the field.

Over the last couple of years, stadium food has evolved into a competition to see who can come up with the most Instagram-worthy dishes, and Dodger Stadium has done its due diligence in that sense.

From Flamin’ Hot Cheetos-covered elotes, to upgrading their nachos and smothering them in al pastor taco meat, Dodger Stadium’s food scene is going to be lit for the World Series.

If you were one of the lucky few who was able to get tickets to one of these games, you might as well go all out and try something a little different than the usual Dodger Dog.

Some of these items aren’t brand new, while others are making their debut, but none of them lack the wow factor that would make the person sitting next to you ask where you found them.

We’ll see if they keep these on the menu for next season, but for now, its a championship  food lineup, worthy of being on the World Series roster.

Check them out below:

Al Pastor Fries in a Helmet

Staying true to the Los Angeles street food scene, Dodger Stadium will have a souvenir helmet filled with crispy fries topped with al pastor-style pork, pico de gallo & avocado crema. These can be found at LA Taqueria on Field level (section 10), and Reserve level (section 15).

Al Pastor Nacho Helmet

The nachos, like the fries, will be topped with al pastor, and can also be found at LA Taqueria on Field level (section 10) and the Reserve level (section 15).


Not only are they going to have an elote, but they’re covering it Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. These can be found at the King’s Hawaiian Grill on Left Field Plaza and LA Taqueria on Reserve levels (section 15).


Chicken & Waffle Sammy

L.A. is known for the legendary Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, and the Dodgers are putting their own twist on the concept. It consists of spicy fried chicken and candied smoked bacon in between a Belgian waffle that’s covered in maple syrup. These can be found at Chick N’ Tots on Field level (section 8), Lots O’ Tots on Loge (section 136), and Tenders Etc. on Reserve level (section 14).

This Team Dodger Dog

You can find everything and the kitchen sink in this Dodger Dog. It’s a 1/3 lb. all-beef dog topped with chili, cheese sauce, pastrami, and then drizzled with spicy mustard and pickles. These can be found at Extreme Loaded Dog on Field level (section 48), Loge level (section 135), and Reserve level (section 2).

King’s Hawaiian Lobster Roll

Dodger Stadium works closely with King’s Hawaiian, which results in some amazing items, like this lobster roll. It consists of a New England style lobster mix on a King’s Hawaiian Sweet Roll, served with a side of garlic fries. This can be found at the King’s Hawaiian Grill on Left Field Plaza.

Short Rib Waffle Fries

If you’re in the mood for barbecue, these waffle fries are smothered in braised short ribs, red wine reduction sauce, and crispy cheese curds. These are located at Bud & Burgers booth the on Field level (section 47) and Top Deck Dogs Too on the Top Deck (section 4).

Smoked Chicken Leg Platter

Keeping with the barbecue theme, the smoked chicken leg and thigh is smothered in sweet, smoky BBQ sauce, and served with roasted corn, ramen slaw, and corn bread. These can be found at King’s Hawaiian Grill on Left Field Plaza.

Dodgers Wagyu Cheeseburger

Getting a little fancy with their burgers, they put together a Kobe-style American beef ½ lb burger, creamy American cheese, crispy bacon, grilled onions, herbed mayo on a brioche bun with kettle chips on the side.

Shrimp Shooter

The only thing better than a Michelada is probably a michelada with a jumbo shrimp to shoot. These can be found at Blue Heaven on Earth Bar in the Right Field Plaza, and #ITFDB Bar on the Left Field Plaza.


Vegan Nachos

Dodger Stadium is starting to cater to the vegan community, and has a couple of menu items for those who do not consume meat. Located in LA Taqueira on the Field level (section 10), these nachos consist of Crispy tortilla chips topped with Vegan cheese, pico de gallo, jalapeños, and salsa verde.

Vegan Noodle Bowl

The second vegan option is a Vietnamese bean thread noodle bowl with nappa cabbage, shredded carrots, diced cucumber, peanuts, diced jalapeño, and peanut sauce. These will be served at Base Bowls on Field level (section 45).

Churro Sundae Helmet

It’s going to be over 100 degrees in L.A., you might want some ice cream and churros. These will be at Trolley Dodger Treats on Field level (section 46), and LA Taqueria on Reserve level (section 15). You’re welcome.

Ice Cream Donut Sandwich

A bit of an homage to the After’s Milky Bun, this donut sandwich will be covered in blue glaze, blue and white sprinkles, and stuffed with blue vanilla ice cream. The treat can be found at Trolley Dodger Treats on Field level (section 46).

Candied Apples

For kids and big kids alike, the caramel apples come in three flavors: Crushed Oreos, S’mores, or Chamoy. These will be at the Trolley Dodger Treats on Field level (section 46), Marketplace on Loge level (section 137), Reserve level (section 5).

Souvenir Moscow Mule

This mule consists of Ketel One Vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, and a lime wedge. Probably the coolest thing is the sweet ass souvenir mug it comes in. Find these at Blue Heaven on Earth Bar on the Right Field Plaza, and the #ITFDB Bar in the Left Field Plaza.

Blue Slugger

You’ll probably need a cold drink in the heat, and this Blue Slugger could help you out. It consists of Vodka, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice, and fresh lemon sour mix with a splash of Sprite. These can be found all over the place, like the Think Blue Bar on Field level (section 1), Reserve level (section 13), Blue Heaven on Earth Bar on Right Field Plaza, #ITFDB Bar on Left Field Plaza, Hite Bar on Loge level (section 107), Rita Cabana Bar on Loge level (section 161), and Top Deck Buds on Top Deck (section 5).

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Why Your Customary Free Taco Bell Is In Jeopardy This World Series

For the third consecutive year, Taco Bell is doing a promotion where everyone in the U.S. gets a free taco if there is a stolen base in the World Series. The promotion has usually been money, as stolen bases have always been essential to baseball, and it’s almost a certainty that we’ll all be able to cash in on their offer.

This year’s a little different, though, as the four teams fighting for a shot at a World Series appearance aren’t, well, very fast.

A post shared by Taco Bell (@tacobell) on

Take the Houston Astros and New York Yankees for example — both are trying to get to the World Series, and in 12 combined 2017 playoff games (as of this writing), they’ve only mustered out a total of 2 stolen bases between them.

On the other side of the playoffs, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs do have 8 stolen bases between them during the 2017 playoffs, but most come from the Dodgers, who were almost gifted every single stolen base.

A post shared by Taco Bell (@tacobell) on

OK, enough baseball stats. Let’s get to what you really care about — free tacos. All those stolen base stats were to show that stolen bases have been few and far in between this postseason, which brings up the real possibility that there could be zero stolen bases this World Series, meaning zero free Taco Bell tacos for us.

For comparison, the 2016 World Series between the Cubs and the Cleveland Indians saw a total of 12 stolen bases, which is more than the the four remaining teams COMBINED.

Your best bet would be to root for the Dodgers, as they’ve had the most stolen bases (5) between the four remaining teams, but again, we might be very disappointed this year, and might not “steal” ourselves free Taco Bell, as has become customary over the last two seasons.


Dodger Stadium’s New Burger Has A Dodger Dog Inside

Photo courtesy of Budweiser

While you can still get some nachos and a hot dog at baseball stadiums, the days of the simple menu are gone, as every year, these ballparks are trying to up the ante on distinguishable food.

Enter Dodger Stadium’s new Dodger Burger, which will bear the famous Farmer John Dodger Dog wiener within.

The ball club teamed with “Bud & Burgers” to create The Official Burger of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and it consists of an all-beef patty, a sliced Dodger Dog on top, beer-battered jalapeno poppers, caramelized onions, and Budweiser barbecue sauce smothered all over.

Photo: Evan Lancaster/Foodbeast

Along with the new burger, Dodger Stadium showed that it is keeping up with food trends and put together a couple of new tater tot options. In similar style as their popular garlic fries, they will now have garlic parmesan tots and fully loaded chili cheese tots.

Photo Isai Rocha/Foodbeast

With MLB’s Opening Day right around the corner it looks like the Dodgers decided a normal burger wouldn’t get the job done for a team with such high expectations. Might as well go big or go home.

Deals Fast Food

We’ll All Get Free Taco Bell If MLB Players Step Up In The World Series

The MLB playoffs are heating up, and the World Series is just around the corner, so as has been the case over the last five years, Taco Bell is going to give away some free food.

All the players have to do on the field is steal a base during a World Series game, and everybody gets a free Doritos Locos Taco on Thursday, November 10.

As of this writing, the four teams remaining in the MLB postseason have a combined total of 13 stolen bases, which isn’t a whole lot, but  we can keep our fingers crossed, for the sake of free tacos.

Who: Taco Bell

What: Free Doritos Locos Tacos if a stolen base occurs in the World Series

When: Can be redeemed Nov. 2, if a stolen base occurs in Game 1 or 2. Redeemable Nov. 10 if the theft occurs between games 3 through 7.

Where: All participating US Taco Bell stores

Why: Because Taco Bell and MLB are homies, apparently.