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Dock To Dish L.A. Wants To Eradicate Foreign Fishing For A Good Cause

Any ecologist will tell you that everything, from the tiniest shrimp in the ocean to the sunbathing sea lion, is connected in some way. For years now, it’s been well-documented that over fishing disrupts the natural order of the ocean and can lead to greater global issues.

Regardless, fishing is inevitable. That’s why Dock to Dish L.A. is working with local fishermen to ensure the distance between you and the fish you eat is kept to a minimum. Essentially, Dock to Dish wants to take your fish directly from local fishermen, straight into the kitchen of top local chefs.

“The U.S. imports 90% of its seafood from overseas.” – Dock To Dish L.A.

UPROXX spoke with the organizers behind Dock to Dish who are working to expose the dangers of commercial fishing on a global scale, primarily what is referred to as “illegal, unregulated, and unreported” foreign fishing.

It’s easy to see that fish is a highly demanded food source and has been a reliable practice for survival for centuries. However, due to decades of unregulated fishing practices, safeguards are needed in order to keep moderation in check.

“70 percent of seafood populations are in critical danger due to unsustainable fishing.”  — Dock to Dish

The question becomes, how do you establish a system of checks and balances in a place as vast and lawless as the world’s oceans? It’s impossible to say, but with companies like Dock to Dish working to stabilize local markets, sustainability may still be achievable.

While the selection of fish may be a bit unreliable, the system Dock to Dish is currently implementing may decrease the need for unregulated foreign fishing, hopefully leading to improved fish populations in local waters.