Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

Pizza Hut Just Created Pizza Boxes That Double As Legit Turntables

A few months ago, when KFC India introduced a meal box with a phone charger, called “Watt A Box“, we were pretty impressed.

However, now Yum! Brands has taken portable fast-food technology to another level with Pizza Hut UK’s #PizzaDJDecks. After years of pretending to play pizza boxes like turntables — the dream is finally a reality — and it comes with a crossfader!

The #PizzaDJDecks connect via bluetooth to a smart phone or computer, and allows the user to sync to their favorite mixing software.

Seriously though, Pizza Hut UK’s decks are legit. By partnering with UK-based Novalia, a printable electronics and graphic design firm specializing in adding, “connectivity and data to printable surfaces,” according to its website. #PizzaDJDecks are made with an interactive technology that places the creativity at the hands of the user. The pizza box unfolds to reveal two turntable templates, complete with pitch knobs, play and cue.

In fact, Novalia worked with McDonald’s earlier this year to develop the McTrax — a touchable drum machine and synthesizer — designed into a placemat — which connects to a user’s smartphone via bluetooth to create rhythms and effects instantaneously.

McDonald’s UK dropped McTrax in May, which seems like a welcome addition to the touchable technology studio Novalia is experimenting with.

It’s unknown how long Pizza Hut UK will be distributing the #PizzaDJBox, or if distribution will reach anywhere but the United Kingdom, but if you can, grab one before the beat stops.


Attack of the 4 Fast Food Kings: Rad Omen – “Rad Anthem”

Before you watch this video, just know that it is probably NSFW. One of my favorite DJ’s; Troublemaker, and Rad Omen released this song aptly titled “Rad Anthem” and Rad it is. Watch as The King, Ronald, The Colonel, and Jack party it up and terrorize the city. (Thx Radomen)