Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss Video

Gary Vee’s The First ‘Hot Ones’ Guest To Clean The Bones On The Hot Wings

Chances are, you’ve probably heard the name Gary Vaynerchuk (or Gary Vee) in the interwebs. Maybe someone has tagged you on one of his motivational Instagram posts, or you’ve seen him with your favorite up-and-coming rapper. An entrepreneur who specializes in marketing, Gary wants you to see his face everywhere, and that continues as he burned off that face during First We Feast’s Hot One’s challenge.

Gary Vee probably took on this challenge better than any other celebrity before, and that’s very much what you’d expect from the ultra-competitive social media mogul. The premise of “Hot Ones” is for the guest to eat 10 wings, each one hotter than the last, all while trying to answer host Sean Evans’s probing questions. In this new episode, not only did Vaynerchuk eat every single wing, he wiped the damn bones clean.


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Considering most guests take a bite and move on, some even bailing early, like DJ Khaled, it was amazing watching Gary take his time on every wing like he was just hanging out with his buddies watching a Jets game at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Not only did he he crush these wings, but he spoke some of the most motivational words you’ll ever hear on a food show, closing with, “I want you to suffocate your bulls**t excuses, and go do something. Forget about what I’m doing. Go do something, it’s time.”

Mad respect to Gary Vee being gangster on this one.

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss Video

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Surprised DJ Khaled With His Own Limited Edition Cereal Box

If you’re familiar with DJ Khaled, you might know that he’s always wanted to see himself on a Cinnamon Toast Crunch box. So, you can imagine his excitement after his favorite cereal made his long time dream come true.

@cinnamontoastcrunch 🔑 wit @lovemysilk … almond milk 🔑

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Khaled posted a video to Instagram showing off his new Cinnamon Toast Crunch box graphic.

The front graphic has a large chain with a We The Best Music logo and Khaled posing next to it. On the back it reads “All We Do Is Win,” with an image of his newest album, Grateful. 

This special gift recognizes Khaled’s recent Billboard Chart success as two singles — Wild Thoughts and I’m The One — have been ranked on the Billboard Top 10 for three consecutive months.

“First of all this is a dream come true. It looks like some things are about to happen. Man! They put it in a special glass frame. Wow! Cinnamon Toast Crunch, my favorite cereal, too. Look like somethin’ about to happen, stay tuned!” — DJ Kahled

This day was a long time coming. The I’m The One producer has expressed his love for the cereal and has even exchanged tweets with CTC’s twitter account. In 2016, CTC even mocked up a box graphic for him with the caption, “Is this what you had in mind, @DJ Khaled?”

This might just prove that DJ Khaled does have the keys to success. And this is probably the equivalent of a professional athlete getting on the front of a Wheaties box.

Congrats, DJ Khaled!