DIY Candy Kit Lets You Build And Eat Your Own Bonsai Tree

Having just binged the entire Cobra Kai season 3, I’m in full Miagyi mode, yet also in desperate need of sugar. 

Answering my cravings, a candy kit from Japan lets you enjoy the visual aesthetics of the time-honored bonsai tree, and when you’re right and ready, feast on its sweet bark. 

SoraNews24 shared candy company Heart’s newest creation, a do-it-yourself candy bonsai tree kit. 

This kit comes with pieces of chocolate, vanilla sponge cake “leaf powder,” and a few molding trays that let you craft a miniature model bonsai tree entirely out of confectionary items.

All the tools you’ll really need are included, minus some toothpicks and a freezer to help chill the chocolate. 

Check out the video above to see the assembly in action. You can find and order the Bonsai DIY Candy Kits through Amazon Japan

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7-Eleven Is Selling Realistic DIY Sushi Candy And We Tried It Out

Japan is known for its cool and unusual snacks because their use of aesthetic and flavors always grab attention. Years ago I came across a YouTube video of someone making sushi candy out of powder and water. There was no explanation, just the quiet sounds of a little plastic spatula mixing the powder together.

Now, years later on an every day trip to 7-Eleven, I came across the same cute box with illustrations of delicious sushi gracing the cover. It made me stop in my tracks. How did this 7-Eleven even consider ordering this? It doesn’t even matter, my time had finally come to give this tiny food kit a try.

The Box

This adorable little box depicted what I guess should come of this project. The instructions on the back seemed simple enough. The arrows show where to begin and where to take it. The Japanese was cryptic to me, but luckily the box directs you to Popin’ Cookin’s website where you can find instructions in English.

The Tools

When you open the little package you get an assortment of packets, a tiny plunger and spatula, and a small black rectangle of “nori.” Each of the little packets will make either rice, tuna, egg, salmon roe, or soy sauce. The little plunger is to put the perfect amount of water for each section of this bento box. The packaging itself serves as a guide for how big to make your rice ball and how long to stretch out the seaweed.

The Rice

There’s one thing strange about this kit: The box says “sugar powder cake mix,” with its online description stating it as grape flavored, though all I can smell is bubblegum. The “rice” looks and has the exact texture and stickiness of sushi rice which is a little eerie. I don’t know what to expect of the taste.

The Egg & Tuna

Next comes the egg and tuna mixes. Each of their sections have little details of swirls and lines so that the gelatinous mixtures will have the markings of egg and tuna. Since the box says to wait 3 minutes for it to form, let’s move on to what else we can get into in this box.

The Salmon Roe

Now, for what I was really fascinated by: The salmon roe. This requires a watery mix for the orange-hued liquid to be dropped into in order to form the tiny balls of “roe.”

As a side note, handling the plastic spatula was an experience within itself. When mixing the powder, the spatula makes light scratching noises against the plastic. Because the compartments are so small, you are forced to make gentle movements to avoid overflowing any of the mixtures into the wrong cell; I was put into a meditative state because of the necessary focus. The motions and sounds of mixing were entrancing and it recalled a similarity to the ASMR videos I love.

Despite my intention to be as cautious as possible I am just not coordinated enough for that kind of precision. Some of the rice powder from earlier had sprinkled into various chambers and my “roe” suffered because of it. They were less like eggs and more disfigured into comma-like shapes. It was fun to see the small eggs form as if it was a science experiment. As soon as the orange fluid comes into contact with the blue water, it rushes to arrange together without getting stuck to the others.

The Soy Sauce

I understand that soy sauce is an important part of sushi, but the visual of it in this situation made me a little uncomfortable. The brown color represented soy sauce exactly and that’s not exactly appetizing for candy, even if it doesn’t taste like it.

Stretching the seaweed was no easy feat. I wanted it to be as smooth and perfectly straight as it looked on the box. It had the texture of thick gum and the more I pressed into it, it brought out thin white lines instead of a solid and shiny black color. On the other hand, the measuring space for the rice was satisfying to use. I measured my little rice balls happily and honestly, if I didn’t have it I would have probably made them all too big.

Assembly Time!

The instructions say to split the egg and tuna in halves to make your sushi. As a tuna lover I have to say it looked so real, the color is perfect as well as the consistency. The egg was a nice color but egg isn’t usually as slimy! The seaweed wrapped around the rice well enough but I couldn’t figure out how to seal it closed without squishing all of it.

My Masterpiece

Here is my masterpiece! Okay, some angles are better than others.

Now as for the taste?

When I popped the tuna into my mouth it was the strangest sensation. The texture of the sushi was on point. It was exactly what you would expect from it, but the taste was so sweet. It wasn’t grape or cake or bubblegum, it was just sugar. The texture of the fish was perfect, and the egg a little slimy. The salmon roe had a skin that popped and released the juice into your mouth just like popping boba. It was fun, but I couldn’t bring myself to eat more than one to be honest.

The Verdict

It was a fun little project. It satisfied my tiny food obsession and I got the ASMR tingles from the mixing and squishiness of the rice. The taste, however, was awful and I probably would not recommend that you eat this. If the sushi firmly held its shape it would not have been so bad. The texture of the sushi was almost too realistic and the melt in your mouth experience I love from quality fish was not what I needed from this sugary clump.

I saw several other kits at 7-Eleven that make noodles, rice cakes, and donuts. Those are a little scary after the flavor I got from this, but honestly I’m still going to try it.

To my knowledge, this can be found only at the 7-Eleven in San Gabriel, CA on Las Tunas drive for $7.99.

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This Satisfying Video Of A Butcher’s Knife Restoration Will Melt Your Stress Away

A good butcher’s knife should last you many years before you have to replace it. If you’re not one to part with a reliable kitchen tool, however, you can always try to revive it. Here’s an example that should light a fire of inspiration for those willing to stick by your mans knives.

YouTube channel Andre Will Do It attempts the impossible — restoring this years-rusted blade to brand-new condition.

butcher's knife

Unfortunately, it looks like someone fished this knife out of the galley of a sunken pirate ship. It’s pretty far gone.

Andre, however, is not deterred.

Check out how this butcher’s knife gets restored to pristine form

In one of the most relaxing videos we’ve seen this year, this guy spends hours sanding down, polishing, sharpening, and creating a new handle for the butcher’s knife. In short, the difference between what he started with to the final appearance of the knife is practically night and day.

Check out the video above to see how he does it. We highly recommend watching the entire video from beginning to end. Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) junkies will get a kick out of this eight minute immersion as they feel their stress melt away like the rust from this blade.

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This Modernized Mongolian BBQ Buffet Allows You To Grill Almost ANYTHING

The massive Anaheim GardenWalk is home to so many cool shops and restaurants it’s hard to keep track – including the legendary House of Blues. But, we’re here today to talk about the joint right across the way from this epic music hall, FiRE + iCE.

While you may have eaten Mongolian BBQ before, forget what you know, because this place is any ordinary spot’s hipper, more interesting cousin for one big reason – everything at FiRE + iCE is truly customizable.

You want tacos? They got you. Pizza? Every Friday! A juicy burger with all the fixins – you bet. Your standard stir fry? They have that, too, with every sauce under the sun to spice it up a bit.

In true FOODBEAST fashion, we had to make the most of this DIY (dream-it-yourself) scenario by coming up with some wild creations. The best part is that the chefs are down to make whatever your heart desires, so they were amped about preparing our wacky creations.

To test the waters, we assembled a classic stir fry, but opted for mango habanero sauce for an extra kick. From there we amped up REAL fast with Fajita pasta – just your standard fajita fixings atop a bed of fresh penne and garnished with loads of shredded cheddar, cilantro and fried tortilla strips.

This went well so we hit it right in the gut with a double decker Pulled Pork Burger. We loved every second of it.

For the pièce de résistance, we had our chef take the beloved chicken alfredo pasta and put it in taco form, creating the most epic hybrid we’ve tasted in a minute.

When they say you can make it all at FiRE + iCE, they really aren’t joking. Make sure to check this spot out for nourishment after a long day out at Disneyland! Your stomach will thank you.

Photos by Pete Pham

Created in partnership with Visit Anaheim

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How To Make Nashville Hot Chicken At Home [WATCH]

There’s something about Nashville Hot Chicken we can’t put our finger on. The salty crunch from the skin, the flesh that oozes with juice the moment you bite down, and the sweat-inducing heat that wakes your very soul up with excitement.

With only a handful of reputable spots that actually make the mouthwatering style of chicken in our area, it’s pretty difficult to get our Hot Chicken fix without having to stand hours in line.

Luckily, YouTuber’s HellthyJunkFood decided to show us how to make Nashville Hot Chicken from the convenience of your own kitchen. With some help from fellow YouTubers Dudes N Space, the duo set out to create this hot ticket piece of poultry.

While they decided to do chicken breast tenders for some reason, we assume the process is exactly the same for bone-in chicken pieces.

Check out their recipe in the video above. Not gonna lie, this looks pretty damn good. Going to have to follow this recipe to the “T” to see if it tastes as good, too.

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How To Make A Soda Fountain At Home Using Cardboard [WATCH]

Is this project necessary? Absolutely not. Is this project awesome? Hell freaking yes!

Using the type of engineering skill that I wish I had growing up when I was consistently losing in my school science fair, The Q YouTube channel put together a soda machine using soda bottles, cardboard, a 9V battery, some tubes and wires, a push button switch, and a DC6V mini air pump motor.

After tying together some wires, gluing the cardboard, and sticking some tubes inside the soda bottles, the end result was a DIY tap, kind of like the ones you’d see inside fast food restaurants.

Yeah, it takes a little more effort than my oversimplified description, but with a little help from the video above, this could be a fun science project or just something to do if you’re bored at home and happen to have a mini air pump motor lying around.

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Watch These Guys Throw The World’s Hottest Peppers On Hot Cheetos And Eat Them

It seems the latest food trend is something a lot hotter than rainbow-colored food. In fact, folks are challenging themselves left and right to see if they can handle the heat of the spiciest peppers around.

YouTuber Marlin and his cousin wanted to create an even spicier variation of Hot Cheetos and see how many they could eat. In doing so, he decided to grab some of the hottest peppers on the planet.

The hopped up of Hot Cheetos are dusted with a seasoning of Scorpion peppers, Carolina Reapers, 7 Pot Doughla, and Carribbean blend pepper seeds. The spices boast a combined total of around 5.5 million Scoville units of heat.

To enhance the experience a little more, they also raid their kitchen pantry for spices like red pepper flakes, paprika, chili powder, and regular black pepper. Might as well go all out, right?

Once all the peppers are evenly crushed and blended, the Cheetos are mixed in thoroughly and ready to eat.

After all the hype, the dudes ate two each. The rest of the video features them screaming, puking, and drinking milk.

Check out their insane DIY Hot Cheetos video. Definitely do not try this at home, kids.

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Guys Turn Hundreds Of Airheads Candy Into A Ghost Costume

Halloween is less than a month away and we’ll have to start looking for the perfect costume. That is, unless, we want to get creative and make our own this year.

YouTuber Lazyron decided to embrace the spirit of the holiday with a spooky ghost costume made entirely from Airheads.

With the help of Canada’s prime minister of poutine, Josh Elkin, and YouTuber KyleHatch, the group sets off to create the sweet specter.

They start by creating three human-sized triangles out of the taffy candy. The pieces are then heated together and molded around Lazyron to form the “ghost sheet.” When the colorful costume is complete — equipped with googly eyes and all — the gang takes to the streets to spook some pedestrians.

After watching this video, maybe we’ll want to get creative with some of our favorite holiday candies. Perhaps a superhero, Captain Candy Corn, and his life-long enemy: Dr. Diabetes. Maybe.

The only thing that truly terrifies us about this costume will be the impending ant problem that will absolutely come to pass.