Texas-Based Distillery Giving Out Hand Sanitizer Free of Charge

Hand sanitizer has become somewhat of a commodity nowadays. In case you’re struggling to allocate this essential item on your trips to the store, the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States has consolidated a list of local distilleries that are producing hand sanitizer for their communities.

With almost every industry pivoting towards providing essential services and products, the distilled spirits community stands out as one of the most helpful, as it works to make a sizable dent in The WHO’s estimated 35 billion liters of hand sanitizer that will be needed in the next year.

Doing this has proved to be a little more difficult than most distilleries thought, as the FDA’s regulations require distilleries to include a denaturant, a chemical that discourages human consumption, into their alcohol. Introducing this into their system would mean that, post-COVID, the distilleries would have to shut down for days, or even weeks, to clean their machinery, which is not economically feasible for most.

Despite this, many distilleries have continued to produce the product, distributing millions of liters.

Some, such as Garrison Brothers Distillery, have even been going the extra mile to assure their community is in good (and sanitized) hands. In addition to producing hand sanitizer themselves, the Austin, TX-based distillery has been giving out their product, entirely free of charge, as well as donating proceeds from some of their alcohol sales to a COVID-19 relief fund.

It’s another example of people going out of their way to help others, a welcome upside in this otherwise bleak situation and a representation of the distillery community’s charity and goodwill. Make sure to check out the website linked above to support distilleries such as Garrison Brothers, and find a hand sanitizer producer near you.


Tony Stark-Level Lifehack: Now You Can Have Your Own Personal Brand of Whiskey


If you’re one of the 5% of people living in the developed world who hasn’t seen any of the Iron Man movies, just know that Tony Stark is the king of personal branding (second only, perhaps, to Joel Schumacher’s Batman, for who could forget those lovely Bat-Nipples?). And if Tony knew he could create, brand and sell his own personal “Iron Man” whiskey, you know he’d be all over that. Heck, he’d probably say it was his idea.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have mountains of disposable income and personal hi-tech “bodyguards” to play with, so we just have to settle for that personal whiskey thing to make our billionaire playboy dreams come true. Luckily, we do have the Mississippi River Distilling Company to make things a little easier.

They call it their “My Whiskey” Custom Whiskey Program. For just $6,000, the distillery will partner with a licensed retailer to bring you your own 30 gallon barrel. Just pick the grain bill, the yeast, the barrel, the age, the proof and the name and wait for delivery in the mail. Once completed, your 80 proof stock will be able to produce about 160 bottles of finished whiskey, which, if you decide to sell them, will end up working out to about $38 per bottle.

But that’s not including all the celebrity sponsorship you’re gonna get. Ooh, and the advertising money from Facebook. Or the movie product placement! Honey, by the time you’re done, these bad boys will be going for $1000, easy.

Malibu beach house, here I come.

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