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New Whiskey Honors First African-American Master Distiller Who Also Trained Jack Daniels

The roles of African-Americans in distilling hasn’t been widely known, but that may soon change with the launch of Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey.

Launched last month in Portland, OR, the brand is inspired by Nathan “Nearest” Green, the first African-American master distiller on record in the United States, and the man who taught Jack Daniel how to distill. The descendants of his son, George Green, worked to ensure his legacy lived on in a bottle of premium whiskey.

Using local grains and the Lincoln County Process, a charcoal mellowing process Green helped perfect in Tennessee over 160 years ago, the Uncle Nearest team worked with two Tennessee distilleries still making whiskey the way Green made it. This process includes placing the product in new American oak barrels close to the same 110-proof Green was known for, and waiting until it is at the perfect age, taste, and color.

“This whiskey is meant to bring to the forefront the man who so few outside of Lynchburg, Tennessee knew was one of the most important master distillers in the creation of what is now known as Tennessee whiskey,” said Keith Miles, spokesman for the brand. “Having spent so much time with Green’s descendants, our founders knew their desire was to honor him with a premium whiskey made as close to his way as possible and bring it to every bar and spirit shop around the world, so everyone would know his name.”

Uncle Nearest also plans on launching a second whiskey, A Premium Silver, later this summer.


‘Drizly’ Is Grubhub for Alcohol, MillerCoors Approves

Drizly, a mobile app that allows beer, wine and liquor to be delivered to businesses and residences, have opened up their platform to be tinkered with. Several notable companies have already signed on to help revolutionize alcohol e-commerce.

Basically, it just got easier to be an alcoholic.

As we enter the most football-drenched portion of winter, MillerCoors, the second largest brewery in America, is ready to use Drizly to quench fans’ thirst. MillerLite will be allowing viewers in New York City, Seattle, Washington, D.C., and Boston to have 12- or 24-packs of fee-less beer delivered to them within the hour. The promotion ends after the Super Bowl or when the 20,000th delivery is made.

The whiskey-discovery app, Distiller, aims to become a full-service platform by adding Drizly’s delivery service. Available on Android and iOS, Distiller recommends and tracks the different whiskeys you try. Now select markets can have their preferences sent to them that day.

While Drizly sounds similar to monthly wine delivery services, those bottles are shipped via postal services. Drizly allows you to restock on alcohol in an hour or less without having to deal with the dangerous possibility of driving.

The catch is you can only use Drizly if you live or work in (the noticeably nicer areas of) these major cities, putting it in a curiously elite beta period, albeit the largest reach for an alcohol delivery app. Opening up their app to others, however, is definitely the first step in this delivery system becoming a legitimate national force on par with food apps like GrubHub.

Other companies scrambling to get in on the ground floor include social platforms Foursquare, Swarm and Inmoji.

Source: PR Newswire