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America’s First Cannabis Cafe is Now the World’s First Cannabis & Food Drive-Thru

The new norm is a phrase that’s been used ad nauseam lately, but has been pretty unavoidable. Yet, the concept of a new norm was something that fit nicely when America’s first ever cannabis cafe opened in West Hollywood, California last year. It was regarded then as a hope for a new norm where cannabis can be consumed in a restaurant setting.

Debuting back in the fall of 2019, what’s now known as OG Cannabis Cafe has had to recalibrate its operations even since the pandemic and shelter in place orders have turned the restaurant world upside down. While marijuana is deemed essential, the cafe had to close since it was deemed a restaurant and not a dispensary. But after working with the city of West Hollywood to find a safe way to continue operating, the OG Cannabis Cafe will now be re-opening as the world’s first cannabis and food drive-thru.

Launched today with daily hours of 12:00pm to 8:00pm, the OG Cannabis Cafe will be serving up menu items like Hot Chicken Tenders, Vegan Nachos, and Sugar Cereal Bread Pudding. As for the cannabis portion, they will be offering flower, concentrates, pre-rolls, vaporizers, edibles and accessories.

For deets on how to arrange and order delivery or pickup, check out their website.

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Girl Scout Causes Controversy For Selling 300 Cookie Boxes Outside Of Pot Dispensary

A Girl Scout skirted her way around some rules to sell a ton of cookies outside of a pot  dispensary, and while many are praising her, others are raising questions of concern.

The unnamed Scout and her dad sold over 300 boxes of the organization’s legendary cookies at Urbn Leaf, a recreational collective in San Diego. The Girl Scouts typically prohibit selling right outside of a business unless an appropriate booth permit is signed by the business owner to sell between February 9th and March 11th. This is meant to prevent their troops from getting cited for soliciting cookies, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

To get around that rule, the Scout and her dad simply walked up and down the dispensary’s block for a few hours each day during Super Bowl weekend. Folks coming in for their cannabis fix would then pick up a box or two from the “wandering” Girl Scout to cure their eventual munchies.

Technically, the business-savvy Scout didn’t break the rules, according to a Girl Scouts spokesperson, but she did fall in a gray area. The walking sales rule usually only applies to residential neighborhoods, while Urbn Leaf is in a commercial part of San Diego.

People have been buzzing online about whether the girl was really smart or going too far with her sales strategy.

Regardless, a pattern of Girl Scouts selling near dispensaries appears to be emerging. Whether or not the kid-centric organization wants their cookies to be associated with pot remains to be seen, however.


That’s One Pot Tamale – And This California Dispensary Is Giving It Away For Free


You should totally take a hit of this tamale.

That’s what they’re saying at the ABC Cooperative, a medical marijuana dispensary in Garden Grove, Calif., where every Friday is “free tamale day.” At least, that’s what I’m guessing they’re saying. I for one have never stepped foot in a marijuana dispensary and would never ever associate with anyone who would frequent such an abominable institution.

Supposing I did though, I’d imagine the prospect of getting free Pineapple Pot flavored tamales every Friday would be pretty damn exciting.

Made off-site, the tamales were first introduced by the company due to high customer demand and are available only to those with medical marijuana cards – along with the regular, non-medicated Chicken, Cheese and Pork flavors, which I’m assuming are available to anyone.

Did I mention they’re free?

H/T Remezcla + PicThx OCWeekly