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Ruth’s Chris Steak House’s Special Promotion For Michigan Vs. Rutgers Game Is The Epitome Of An Epic Backfire


Over the weekend, the Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Ann Arbor, MI, thought they were pretty fresh coming up with a promotion for the Michigan vs. Rutgers football game this past weekend. The promotion was customers would get a one percent discount for every point Michigan is ahead of Rutgers by the end of the game. That deal would last for an entire week.

What the steak house chain didn’t count on, reports For The Win, was how much Michigan dominated Rutgers by.

The 78 to 0 final score meant that the restaurant would be giving out 78 percent discounts on all their checks through the next week. For a steak house of that caliber, you bet your sweet ass that’s a loss.

Ruth’s Chris immediately took to social media, clarifying that they had capped their promotion at up to 50 percent along with a few conditions.


Still a solid discount, but not as great as what could have been.

Soon after, Ruth’s Chris posted that the restaurant had been fully booked with reservations throughout the week. Looks like folks were prepared to nab their discounted meals before the rush set in.


Chances are, Ruth’s Chris’ next big promotion will have quite a few more safeguards set before they start blasting promises on social media. At least Michigan had a great game though.

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This App Lets You Order Unsold Restaurant Food At An Insane Discount


Eliminating food waste has become a major priority in the past few years. A new app, that operates in the UK, is another major step towards that dream as it will let users buy food that restaurants would have thrown away for an insanely discounted price.

Too Good To Go gives users a discount from local restaurants on food that won’t be able to be resold after the end of the business day. All you have to do is log in through the app, pick a restaurant, and pay on your phone.

According to the Telegraph, the restaurant then gives the users a time to pick up their food. This usually falls around closing hours or after the rushes. Users can also donate 1 British pound or more to those in need through the app.

Co-founder James Crummie told Business Green that “600,000 tonnes of food each year” are wasted by the restaurant industry.

Orders cost around 2  to 3.8 British pounds, roughly $2.60 to $5 US, which is a pretty big discount at some of the higher end places where meals could cost three to five times those prices. However, it’s a gamble as you won’t be able to pick exactly what food you get. Patrons will have a an idea, however, of what’s available.

The app is available for both iOS and Android users.

Photo: Too Good To Go


Here Are All The Leap Day Food Deals You’ll Want To Jump On

With Leap Day less than a week away, you might be scrambling to figure out what to do with that one extra day in the year.

If you’re looking most out of this upcoming Monday, you may want to check out all the deals restaurants are offering for the occasion.

Those born on this day, Leaplings they call them, may even get free food.

Pizza Hut


What: If you can prove you were born on Leap Day, you will get a free Personal Pan Pizza with a choice of one topping.

Where: Any participating Pizza Hut location nationwide.

When: Feb. 29



What: Arby’s is extending an olive branch to vegetarians this Leap Day with an exclusively meatless menu. Kind of.

The meaty sandwich chain will be offering all of their greatest hits…just without meat.

Where: All participating Arby’s locations.

When: Feb. 29

Olive Garden


What: Olive Garden is giving away one of four Dolcini desserts on Leap Day. Customers can claim theirs by present a coupon found here upon their visit to the restaurant.

Where: All participating Olive Garden locations.

When: Feb. 29

Hungry Howie’s


What: For Leap Year, Hungry Howie’s is offering customers a large one-topping pizza for 29 cents. All you have to do is buy a large one-topping pizza or a large with more than one toppings to qualify for the deal.

Where: You can get your 29-cent pizza at any of the almost 600 Hungry Howie’s locations. Any except for Alabama or Florida, that is.

When: Feb. 29 and March 1

Hard Rock


What: Those born on Leap Day will be treated to a free item from Hard Rock Cafe’s Leaplings Eat Free menu.

The menu includes dishes like pulled pork sandwiches, honey mustard chicken sandwiches, Hard Rock’s Legendary Burger, Twisted Mac & Cheese, a Veggie Burger and a Caesar Salad.

A valid photo ID will be required.

Where: All particiapting Hard Rock Cafe locations.

When: Feb. 29

Tropical Smoothie Cafe


What: Members of Club Tropical, Tropical Smoothie Cafe‘s loyalty program, will be able to get a 24-oz classic smoothie for $2.29. While it’s not free, it still about half off.

Where: Any participating Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

When: Feb. 29

McAlister’s Deli


What: If your birthday is on Leap Day, you can get a free cookie after showing photo ID.

Where: Participating McAlister’s Delis.

When: Feb. 29


Restaurant Offers Gun Carriers 10% Discount

guns discount

Depending on how you look at it, this restaurant is either the safest, or scariest, place to dine. Customers can now get a 10 percent discount from Burgeron’s restaurant when they show off their guns. No, not the type of gun show you see from that muscular dude with a tiny tank top at the gym, actual guns.

“If you have a gun on you, I’m gonna give you a discount,” owner Kevin Cox told WAFB.

The promotion was originally only offered to police officers, as the owner said it made him feel safe that they were there with their guns. Two weeks ago, he extended it to gun-toting civilians as well. However, customers can’t just own a gun, they actually need to have the gun present when inside the restaurant.

So, you get to eat for cheap and feel like you’re in an Old West saloon. ‘Murica.

H/T Eater


North Carolina Restaurant Offers 15% Discount For Praying


(UPDATE 8/8/14: Due to backlash regarding religious discrimination and “favoritism,” Mary’s Gourmet Diner has ceased its 15% prayer discount.)

A restaurant in Winston-Salem, N.C. is apparently giving out discounts for praying in public. It all started with a Facebook post that went viral, displaying the receipt from one customer’s purchase at Mary’s Gourmet Diner, with a 15% discount for praying in public. Yup. We’re rewarding prayers with food y’all.

No word yet on how good the food at Mary’s is for the soul, but if customers feel like they have to pray just to get some dinner, the staff might want to look into it. Then again, this revelation could be big business for the restaurant; the image received more than 1500 shares on Facebook, and was also shared via the Christian radio station Z88.3.

No word yet on whether folks who don’t pray get less professional treatment than those who do, but if you’re willing to pray for a discount well then that’s your prerogative.

H/T Fox News + PicThx Facebook


New ‘PareUp’ App Lets Restaurants Sell Discount Leftovers Instead of Throwing Them Away


It was a cruel and stupid person who decided restaurants shouldn’t be allowed to give their leftovers away at the end of the night, a decision which the USDA estimates results in about 133 billion pounds of food from retailers, restaurants, and homes wasted every year. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be this way.

Over in New York, a new startup called PareUp wants to help, well, pair restaurants and consumers looking to sell and buy excess foodstuffs at discounted prices. Set to launch in the Apple store by fall and be available to Android users “in the future,” according to the Los Angeles Times, the mobile app will store inventories of participating retailers’ products, allow retailers to update and set prices for the listings, and inform customers of the offerings for the day.

Like similar app Leftover Swap, which allows users to upload photos of their leftovers for other, nearby users to locate and potentially pick up, the goal of PareUp is to cut down on waste and help food retailers increase profits — albeit in a significantly less sketchy, poison-prone way.

A prototype is expected to be available by the end of summer, with the first partnered restaurants including New York City’s Oslo Coffee Roasters and Breads Bakery. With any luck, the app will find success and spread to the West Coast. Helloooo, discounted milky buns.

H/T PSFK + PicThx PareUp

Fast Food

McDonald’s Mighty Wings Return for 60 Cents a Piece

For anyone not privy to McDonald’s embarrassing Mighty Wings fiasco, here’s what you’ve missed. Last summer, McDonald’s unveiled a new spicy deep fried chicken wing which originally sold for nearly $1 each. Too pricey and spicy for customer tastes’, however, the MW’s floundering sales ultimately left franchisees with over 10 million pounds of unsold wangs — 20% of the original order of 50 million pounds.

Now, as promised, McDonald’s HQ has finally concocted a new deal to move the extra birds along. For a limited time, Mighty Wings will be available at all participating locations at five wings for $3, or 60 cents per wing. Considering the wings’ size and comparative quality, this is a surprisingy good value, and hopefully enough to end the Mighty Wings disaster once and for all.

That’s assuming we all ignore the fact that the wings have been sitting in frozen storage the past few months — well under the FDA recommended guidelines for quality and safety, for sure, but still a little “ew.”


61-Cent Wienerschnitzel Corn Dogs on Black Friday


Pro-tip: Don’t go shopping on Black Friday. Just don’t do it. You don’t want to be there. The workers don’t want you to be there. Even your Thanksgiving leftovers don’t want you to be there (it gets lonely in the fridge).

Instead, pop over to Der Schnitzel for 61-cent corn dogs in honor of 1961, the year the chain first opened its ketchup and mustard-colored doors. This is about a 40% discount from the dogs’ regular $1 price, and guaranteed to be more satisfying than saving $50 off that $500 camera you’ve been eyeing for all of two minutes.

Just hope the lines aren’t too crazy.

H/T + Picthx Wienerschnitzel