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Fan Offers Dirk Nowitzki Lunch In Most Random Way Possible

Dirk Nowitzki is no stranger to getting random things in the mail, once receiving a potato in his image, but this one is both funny, yet kind of thoughtful.

A Mavericks fan sent Dirk $20 for lunch, in honor of the all-star’s willingness to take pay cuts over the course of his 19-year career.

Nowitzki has a reputation of taking lower pay than a player of his caliber is capable of making, as an estimated $194 million extra could have been in his bank account. Instead, he constantly chose to help build a good team around him, while keeping the Dallas Mavericks under the NBA salary cap.

For this, with a $20 bill attached, a fan sent a note saying:

“Thank you for 20 years of pure greatness. It’s been an honor to watch you play from a kid to an adult. If this is indeed your last season thank you Dirk Nowitzki!!!!! I don’t care what the critics say, your the greatest to ever play!!! Thanks Dirk!!! I think I speak on behalf of Dallas that we truly appreciate everything you done for the city.

You been taking discounts the past 6 years to help the team bring talent and a title… lunch is on me big fella!”

While Dirk doesn’t have any extra “M’s” in his bank account, at least he has the support of a loyal fan who has his back, at least for his next lunch.

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss

Dirk Nowitzki Receives Customized Potato After Scoring 30,000 Points

If you’re one of the six players in the NBA to ever reach the 30,000 point milestone, it’s safe to assume you can expect some pretty cool gifts after you accomplish something so monumental.

Well, in Dallas Maverick’s star Dirk Nowitzki’s case, he got a potato.

On Wednesday morning, the star power forward tweeted an image of his questionable piece of fan mail for the world to see. While it’s a weird gift, the potato itself is pretty cool — if you’re into potatoes with an image of Dirk on them.

When Nowitzki tweeted the image, the sender of the customized vegetable was still unknown, but shortly after, the USA Today Sports blog For The Win reported that PotatoParcel, a company that allows customers to customize potatoes with personalized images and funny phrases, had sent it to Nowitzki.

While there’s no significance between Nowitzki and PotatoParcel directly, the company did appear on the ABC television show Shark Tank a few years ago and actually received funding.

Ironically enough, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has worked as a Shark Tank ‘Shark’ for years. Although Cuban didn’t fund the PotatoParcel project, it’s nice to see a fellow Shark showing support for one of Cuban’s guys.

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NBA Star Dirk Nowitzki Is Giving Out 30,000 Beers For Scoring 30,000 Career Points

Photo courtesy of Bud Light.

Dallas Mavericks fans are going to be extremely happy as their star player’s recent historic achievement, is leading to free beer..

Wednesday, Dirk Nowitzki, became the sixth player in the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA) to score 30,000 career points.

Following his remarkable feat, Dirk told ESPN that he drank a Bud Light after the game for “the first time in a long time” as a way to celebrate.

While this may seem like a typically normal way to celebrate, most NBA players, like Nowitzki, are on a strict diet and training regimen throughout their careers, so having a beer to them is like one of us celebrating with a massive cheat day.

Photo courtesy of Bud Light.

Apparently, Bud Light was so inspired by this shoutout, that they decided to deliver a truckload of 30,000 beers with the Mavericks’ logo on it (also known as the Mavs Team Cans) to American Airlines Arena, where the Mavs play.

While you think Dirk may be set on beers for the rest of his life, he won’t be keeping this wealth of alcohol. The Mavericks announced that they will be giving away the beers to anyone of drinking age during Friday’s game against the Brooklyn Nets.

I’ll be cracking open a beer for you as well tonight, Dirk. Congrats on the amazing achievement.