Oh Is That How You Use Them? New KFC Chicken Dip’ems + Other Branded Dippables

Or: “So Apparently We’ve Been Eating Chicken Tenders All Wrong”

Fast food is confusing. Between the million different restaurants and the million different menu items and the million and one wrong ways to use a ketchup cup, sometimes it’d be nice if someone would just take our hands and walk us through the eating process, lest we wind up trying to suck barbecue sauce up our butts.

Luckily KFC (and Rally’s and to an extent Popeye’s) have recently taken it upon themselves to do just that with new “dippable”-branded chicken nuggets and tenders — I can finally see the light!

Now, the problem here isn’t so much the products themselves — chicken nuggets are awesome; dipping sauces are, likewise, awesome. The problem is that all three of these brands have chosen to market new products which explicitly spell out the relationship between the nuggets and their sauces (as if we didn’t already know), and they did it all within a year (in most cases, even months) of one another.

And to add insult to injury, KFC’s new Dip’ems (much like their new Chicken Littles) are in many ways just a rebranding of one of their old menu staples, the Colonel’s Crispy Strips (which, in case you didn’t know, can also be “dipped…in one of [KFC’s] flavorful sauces,” according to the company’s website).

Here’s an idea for any would-be dipping-branding hopefuls: do us a favor, do what McDonald’s did and just market the awesome new sauces we know you have. Because seriously, NEW Creamy Buffalo, NEW Orange Ginger and NEW Bacon Ranch sound incredible. I just prefer to have my chicken pandering-instructions-free.

[Via GrubGrade]