Fast Food

Wienerschnitzel Changes the Game with Blue Raspberry and Cotton Candy Dipped Cones


When I think Wienerschnitzel, I think sausage fests and dirty late-night grub. I don’t, however, associate the fast food chain with spectacular ice cream and carnival hybrids.

Welp, that’s about to change.

If you’re in the mood for carnival fare but not too thrilled about the idea of fighting past hoards of families toting their screaming children spilling apple juice on you, then these Cotton Candy and Blue Raspberry dipped cones might be the next best thing (or better).

Wienerschnitzel’s latest offering comes in vivid shades of pink (Cotton Candy) and blue (Raspberry), along with a new option of having rainbow sprinkles on top of their vanilla soft serve cone. While the new items may be in danger of creating a flavor that’s too sweet for certain taste buds, the sheer thought of dousing my ice cream in liquefied cotton candy gets me all sorts of overjoyed. Yes, overjoyed.

H/T + PicThx BrandEating