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This Dino-Sized Dorito Chip Is Everything We’ve Ever Wanted

It’s like Universal Studios and all the pathos that comes with it was mailed to us at Foodbeast.

Unbridled child-like joy is what a group of grown men felt when we opened this big ass box, following some corny instructions and getting hyped over a foot-long Dorito chip, taking pictures like some eager tourists.

It’s a good move from the Jurassic Park movie series and I’m not surprised that their marketing has taken on such a ridiculous yet amusing tactics. Chris Pratt helped, I’m sure.

After opening the gargantuan over-the-top packaging, we found what Doritos is calling, “the world’s largest” Dorito chip.

It’s as big as my head, and apparently my head is as big as a baby dinosaur because this chip hatched from a dinosaur egg.

Check this out.

Jurassic World has partnered with Doritos to promote the upcoming movie and in doing so has released this colossal chip. However, this promotion is not just some gimmick, as there’s actually some cool stuff Doritos has offered to fans.

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From June 13th until June 20th, a bidding auction will go on putting up the Jurassic Dorito, so you have your own chance to crack this huge thing and find your very own T-Rex approved snack. All proceeds from the auction will go to help funding disaster relief efforts for the American Red Cross chapter in Hawaii.

Until them, I’m gonna spend the rest of the day chomping on this foot-long chip.

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This Self-Taught Chef Bakes Up Some of L.A.’s Most Jaw-Dropping Cakes

Baking is probably one of the most difficult methods of cooking to get right in the world of food. One has to nail the precise measurements, technique, and temperature in order to get everything perfect.

Self-taught baker Mae-Lan Mejia of Clifton’s Republic is known for her extremely intricate and visually stunning cakes and baked goods. The historic restaurant and multilevel event space features many of Mejia’s designs on the cafeteria floor, front and center for all to see her baking wizardry.

At the entrance of Clifton’s cafeteria are dozens of whimsical cakes, created by Mejia and her crew. This visual spread includes a massive great white shark, and equally realistic sea turtles, penguins, polar bears, and dinosaur cakes.

Upon observing the marvelous details of her designs, one would think Mejia underwent years of professional training to reach the level of cake design she’s at today. But the fact that she’s fully self-taught adds more appeal to her skill.

In fact, before coming to work at Clifton’s, Mejia was a stay-at-home mom with no background in food. Rather, she had a retail, fashion, and art design background with experience in Western horse training. A far cry from baking and cake design.

Her career in baking actually began when her twin daughters asked her to make a cake for their birthday. With the cake being a surprise hit at the event, Mejia’s talents spread through word-of-mouth among her friends and family, leading to hundreds of cake requests from the self-taught mother.

Chef Mejia says her favorite orders are the most difficult ones, cakes that take anywhere from 20-60 hours to complete. As with anyone passionate about their craft, she enjoys the challenge.

Take note aspiring bakers. You don’t have to blow thousands of bucks going to culinary school to achieve this level of talent. All it takes is hard work, dedication, an eye for the outstanding, patience, and tons of flour.


Depressingly Accurate Dino Coffee Mug Recreates Extinction In Your Hands


What really killed the dinosaurs? You can relive the tragic even in history with a mug that accurately chronicles how the thunder lizards died off. More or less.

Before hot liquid is added to the mug, a lush landscape is illustrated featuring the mighty dinosaurs. After you fill it with hot coffee, tea, water, or anything with a high enough temperature, the scene shifts completely showing everything dying off.

A perfectly melancholic way to start your day off.

You can find and purchase the cup on Amazon for about $16. We’re sure our bladders will thank us once the novelty wears off.


How to Eat a Dinosaur, For Tyrannosaurus Dummies

A T-Rex trying to eat a Triceratops, we imagine, might be pretty much like humans trying to eat crawfish or crab legs – a whole lotta work for not a lotta meat. Luckily, scientists have been kind enough to publish a step-by-step illustrated guide on the proper way to do it, which basically involves pulling off that weird bony head-part in order to get to the nutritious neck meat.

For any of you non-extinct lizard kings in hiding, get educated:


[Via Nature]


3-D Dinosaur Pancake

The exciting world of 3-D just got better! Maybe the movie Piranha 3-D didn’t scare you, but I guarantee that if you put this 3-D dino cake in front of a 2-year old they will go nuts. (Thx JimsPancakes)