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MICKEY NUGGETS: Disney’s Plant-Based Dino Nugget Alternative, Coming Soon

Photo courtesy of Incogmeato by MorningStar Farms

Dino Nuggets have long been the fun chicken caricatures of our school lunches, snacks, and late night cravings. There are many varieties of them today, whether they contain chicken or are plant-based.

However, none yet have had the backing of Disney, who’s lent the iconic Mickey Mouse shape to a plant-based nugget poised to become as popular as the OG chicken dinosaurs.

Photo courtesy of Incogmeato by MorningStar Farms

Disney’s nugget comes courtesy of Kellogg’s, whose plant-based brand Incogmeato by MorningStar Farms is creating the nugget. The protein inside is made with soy, and the resulting product has 57% less fat and 35% less sodium than regular chicken nuggets.

These are meant to be a kid-friendly vegan alternative, giving them fun shapes like Dino Nuggets would, but also a good source of plant protein as well. Given how ubiquitous the Mickey Mouse moniker is, these will definitely be recognizable for kids all over.

It would be especially dope to see this inside of Disney theme parks, where plant-based innovation is already happening at a whirlwind pace. Kellogg’s has told Foodbeast that they don’t comment on future partnerships, but it would be awesome to see it happen.

Regardless, Mickey Nuggets are ready to take kids’ meals by storm when they arrive in the frozen chicken section of retailers nationwide this month.


How To Make ‘Animal Style’ Chicken Dino Nuggets


People love Chicken Dino Nuggets — you know, those little dinosaur-shaped chicken breast fritters that come in a cute box and zap right up in your microwave. The vast majority of other people with tastebuds enjoy In-N-Out’s off menu Animal Style fries, a marriage of the burger chain’s fries, melted cheese, secret sauce (thousand island) and grilled onions. “Why not join the two,” said no one ever until this very moment.

Here’s what the Dinos look like in their packaging:


Then I adapted a pretty simple recipe for Thousand Island dressing, added margarita mix instead of lemons (I had no lemons) and extra Sriracha to balance it all out. You can cook the Dinos anyway you like — if you like your fries on the soggy side, throw that shit in the microwave. If you like a little body and crispy texture, use the oven or deep fryer to get your dinosaurs crispy.

Grill your onions, throw on your cheese and get to plating like a bootleg Bobby Flay Chef Ramsay Martha Stewart: