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Denny’s Begins Serving Beyond Burgers

Last week, Dunkin’ Donuts announced the introduction of plant-based protein Beyond Meat to their menus in the form of new breakfast ‘sausage’ sandwiches. Now, another major chain has revealed that they’ve been cooking something up with Beyond, and it looks to be the first family diner chain to do so.

Denny’s has announced that they will begin serving Beyond Burgers at their restaurant locations.

The new meatless protein option will be available at all Los Angeles locations of Denny’s as of today. It features a 100% plant-based Beyond Burger patty that’s topped with sliced tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, American cheese, and Denny’s All-American sauce on a multigrain bun.

In honor of the new menu addition, Denny’s will be giving away free Beyond Burgers (with the purchase of any beverage) on Halloween Night from 4pm to 7pm. Anyone in the Los Angeles area looking for some plant-based sustenance during their night of spookiness will definitely want to check it out.

While they will only be served at LA locations, Denny’s plans to give Beyond Burgers a nationwide launch in 2020.

Full disclosure, I own a share of Beyond Meat.


Denny’s Pancakes Get A Fluff Job


Denny’s, the popular US diner chain, announced this morning that they’ve completely revamped their pancake recipe.

I walked into the Manhattan diner, one of the few in New York City. Along the walls, I noticed many promotional images featuring a person alongside a quote about pancakes.

Hmmm, wonder what their new secret item is gonna be?


John Dillon, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Denny’s, said this:

Our pancake was fine, but it wasn’t quite good enough.

With that said, he introduced new buttermilk pancakes to the Denny’s brand.

Now 50 percent fluffier, I was a bit skeptical until they brought out a side-by-side of the original recipe and the new recipe. Holy crap, they were huge.


Denny’s chose a flour that’s soft enough to give you a cake feel, but strong enough to hold fruits and other toppings. They now add fresh buttermilk and vanilla to the batter in the kitchen, which is supposed to add a smooth silkiness to the breakfast staple.

The original pancake batter had no eggs, the chain admits. Probably to make things easier for the cooks.

I flashed back to my high school days, walking to the Denny’s across the street from campus to crush some Grand Slams. I remember those pancakes being genuinely delicious, the kind you’d crave after a long day of dozing off in chemistry. Sorry, Mrs. Donor.


The new recipe is even better now, I have to say. My love of breakfast foods as really jaded me when it comes to things like eggs, bacon, sausage and pancakes. This wasn’t a let down, like most unnecessary reboots we see these days.

Denny’s new buttermilk pancake recipe seems to be a step towards revitalizing the brand. When Domino’s changed their crust recipe, it totally turned business around.

You can find the new pancakes in stores beginning July 12.

This could work.


‘Saved By The Bell’ Pop-Up Diner Is Opening In Chicago And We May Need That Chill Pill


Growing up, we always wondered what it would be like to spend a meal at the Max. The fictional diner was made popular by the ’90s sitcom Saved By The Bell. Now, you can finally experience what it’s like enjoy a meal of burgers, fries and a shake at the max.

According to Chicagoist, the Max will get its very own parody pop-up somewhere in Wicker Park this June called Saved By The Max. Menu items include dishes named after popular characters like the AC Sliders, Belding Fries, Lisa Turtle Milkshake and Preppy BLTs.

A full bar with cocktails inspired by the show will also be open to guests.

It seems Saved By The Max will even host a daily costume contest for fans willing to come dressed as Zack and the gang as well as trivia nights. The waitstaff will also be named Max or Kelly after the two most notable employees at the diner.

While not affiliated with the actual NBC series, the restaurant will pay homage to the ’90s series. Honestly, it sounds like a great throwback.

Expect to find it open on June 1.

Photo: NBC/Netflix

Celebrity Grub

Awesome DINER Teaser Reunites Marty And The Doc From ‘Back To The Future’

Back To Future Diner Film

On Oct. 21, otherwise known as Back to the Future Day, Marty McFly and Doctor Emmet Brown will reunite. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd of the Back to the Future trilogy will star in an upcoming film/doc based on the original series.

The film will feature an announcement by Toyota of an uncoming hydrogen fuel cell car the company has been developing.

In this “Diner” teaser, the two discuss what future predictions they had from the ’80s, what came true, and what’s still a dream.

The full film is set to premiere on Oct. 21. Until then, check out this sweet scene below that brings the time-traveling duo back together.


Denny’s Debuts ‘Fantastic Four’ Menu Including This Monstrous THING BURGER


The Fantastic Four remake is a few months away and hype is steadily growing for the comic book blockbuster. As the premiere gets closer, Denny’s has released a series of Fantastic Four-themed menu items in a partnership with 20th Century Fox.

The new items include a Thing Burger (cheese bagel bun, hash browns, eggs, bacon), Human Torch Skillet (sausage, potatoes, peppers) and the Invisible Woman Slam (Grand Slam with fruit-packed pancakes) named after three of the four protagonists of the film. Also on the “Slamtastic 4” menu are the Fantastic Four Fruit Smoothie, the Fantastic Four Cheese Omelette and the Doom Lava Cake.

Looks like Mr. Fantastic isn’t getting anything named after him. That Thing burger (above) is pretty genius, though.

The new menu will be available at participating Denny’s locations June 23. Fantastic Four is set to open in theaters nationwide on August 7.



North Carolina Restaurant Offers 15% Discount For Praying


(UPDATE 8/8/14: Due to backlash regarding religious discrimination and “favoritism,” Mary’s Gourmet Diner has ceased its 15% prayer discount.)

A restaurant in Winston-Salem, N.C. is apparently giving out discounts for praying in public. It all started with a Facebook post that went viral, displaying the receipt from one customer’s purchase at Mary’s Gourmet Diner, with a 15% discount for praying in public. Yup. We’re rewarding prayers with food y’all.

No word yet on how good the food at Mary’s is for the soul, but if customers feel like they have to pray just to get some dinner, the staff might want to look into it. Then again, this revelation could be big business for the restaurant; the image received more than 1500 shares on Facebook, and was also shared via the Christian radio station Z88.3.

No word yet on whether folks who don’t pray get less professional treatment than those who do, but if you’re willing to pray for a discount well then that’s your prerogative.

H/T Fox News + PicThx Facebook


Denny’s Brings Back #BuildYourOwnPancakes For the Rest of August, Mostly


The problem with custom-built menus is that most people aren’t chefs and therefore have no idea what tastes good together. “So you’re telling me I can have the bleu cheese, dried cranberries, fresh jalapenos, au jus, peanut sauce, horseradish mayo AND the garlic aioli on a deep-fried English muffin burger and truffle fries? Well don’t mind if I do!”

But at least you can’t mess up pancakes, right?

For a limited time (the next four weeks starting today), Denny’s is bringing back its popular “#BYOPancakes” menu, which allows guests to choose between “more than 300 possible” batter, mix-in and topping combinations to create their very own “only-slightly-less-unique-than-the-next-guy’s” short stack or tall stack masterpiece.

Two pancakes or three; two eggs, two bacon strips or two sausage links; hash browns, red-skinned potatoes or grits; pecans or bacon; strawberries or peanut butter; whipped cream or chocolate chips – whatever carb-heavy ensemble you decide to roll with today, just know that the BYOP menu is available all day every day with prices starting at just $3.99. And that whatever you make, it probably won’t taste as good as the chef-invented versions. But at least you can still call it yours.


H/T + PicThx Denny’s


Xtra Cream – Super-Sized Coffee Creamer

If you’re anything like me, you might pour half a dozen of those little plastic containers full of cream into your cup every time you order coffee at a diner.  With this super-sized creamer by Fred, just one should hold more than enough cream to get your coffee just the way you like it.  Fill the ceramic container with your favorite coffee creamer, and snap-on the silicone lid.  Now all you need is a giant sugar packet.  ($14.99 @ Pop Deluxe)