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‘Choritos’ Cheetos + Doritos Now Exist in One Inglorious Bag


Before you freak out, no, we’re not talking about Cheetos-flavored Doritos or Doritos-flavored Cheetos (though we expect either would still just taste like some vague artificial “cheese”). No, what we have in mind is far more sadistic.

Continuing Doritos’ monopoly over tortilla chip mash-ups, a new variety mix combines Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Doritos Dinamita Chile Lime into a single bag. Supposedly, it’s meant to eliminate the need to choose between the two spicy cheese-flavored chips, but we know the truth: Doritos wants to take over everything.


The new combination isn’t exactly new, of course, as it’s basically a spicy version of similar chip snack mix Munchies, just without all the pretzel or cracker bits most people pick out anyway. Still, at this rate, we’ll see Doritos-flavored soda by the end of the year.

New Cheetos Flamin’ Hot / Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon Mix: now available nationwide for $1.49 to $3.49 per bag.

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Packaged Food

Doritos Releases Spicy Sweet ‘Fiery Habanero’ Dinamita Chips

doritoshabanero copy

Things habanero peppers taste like: fruit. Flowers. Supah hot fiyah?

Typically reserved for sweet spices, glazes, and desserts, the vibrant orange-red chile is also the latest flavor inspiration for Doritos’ line of spicy rolled Dinamita tortilla chips. Since the tongue-singing habanero clocks in anywhere between 100-350K on the Scoville scale, chances are Doritos’ new Fiery Habanero Dinamita chips will be the punchiest of the bunch, which also includes Nacho Picoso and Chili Limon.


Serving suggestions: dipped into bubbling queso, sprinkled into a cocktail made from the blood of your enemies, or, most deliciously, coated around spicy deep fried ice cream. Available in select markets nationwide, $0.50 — $2.99.

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Doritos Dinamitas — A New Line of Taquito-shaped Tortilla Chips

Fresh from the Frito-Lay factory comes Doritos Dinamita, tortilla chips rolled into mini-taquito shapes with a spicier flavor profile.

According to Frito-Lay, the product was developed to cater to consumers looking for spicier, Latin American-inspired foods. Flavor varieties include chile limon and nacho picoso (pictured). Ram Krishnan, vice-president of marketing for the company says, “We wanted to transform the bold taste of Doritos tortilla chips into a snack that captures the exciting essence of Hispanic snack foods through the shape and flavors you would find in Latin American cuisine.