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Watch Dillon Francis Eat Some Of The Hottest Wings On Earth Without Breaking A Sweat

First We Feat’s “Hot One’s Challenge” has built a reputation of destroying celebrities and pushing them to the brink of insanity, simply by feeding them ridiculously spicy chicken wings.

It kind of backfired this time around, though, as Dillon Francis, one of the most popular EDM DJs in the world, took on the challenge without breaking a sweat, and barely seemed bothered by the heat.

The show requires guests to eat 10 wings, each one hotter than the last, and it’s not often they get through them without panic and constant regret of life decisions. However, Francis was as cool as a cucumber, answered all the interview questions, and seemed only occasionally bothered by the fiery heat.

The interview itself was fantastic, as the hilarious DJ shared stories of getting pranked by DJ Snake, Canadian customs believing he had black tar heroin and child porn in his tour bus, and contemplating pulling out his penis while taking photos with fans.

Yeah, it was that kind of interview.

It should be noted that Francis admitted to not eating anything before the challenge, and after the show, with cameras still rolling, Francis was not as chill as he seemed during the interview, exclaiming, “I hate myself. My body is going to be so angry later. I’ve got milk and hot sauce just building inside of me!”


Maybe he didn’t completely flee the wrath of arguably the hottest wing challenge in the world, but he did a damn good job of seeming unbothered for a while, and told hilarious stories in the process.