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Viral Dill Pickle Pizza Gets A Nationwide Release Through Goldbelly

UPDATE: The pizzas can now be purchased through Goldbelly

Not too long ago, we discovered a pizza in Minnesota took dill pickles to the next level. Created by QC Pizza in Mahtomedi, the pie was a pickle-lover’s dream come true. As of recently you could only try the insanely viral pizza at the brick and mortar pizzeria, with folks coming from all over the US to sink their teeth into it. Soon, however, you can have it delivered straight to your own home.

Called the Kinda Big Dill Pizza, the pickled-covered pizza garnered more than nearly 16 million views on Facebook. It was inspired by the concept of Minnesota Sushi, where one would take cream cheese and spread it over a dill pickle, wrap some ham around it, and slice it like sushi.

The concept was enough to pique our interests and send us on a plane to check it out.

Made with a layer of garlic dill sauce that’s topped with slices of 48-hour smoked Canadian bacon, the process is then followed by a generous layer of fresh pickle slices, mozzarella cheese, another layer of pickle slices, and sprinkled dill.

According to owner Dennis Schneekloth, the pizza is in the final stages of joining Goldbelly‘s nationwide delivery service. This means, you can soon enjoy the sour and savory notes of this infamous dish. 

Scheekloth expects the Kinda Big Dill pizza, as well as other pies from the innovative pizzeria, to hit Goldbelly sometime in January 2020. I wasn’t a big pickle guy myself, but after trying this in Minnesota, I’ve been craving the pizza quite a bit. Can’t wait to order another one.


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