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Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle And Beer Cheese Lays Headline Their Newest Flavor Lineup

Lay’s just dropped a trio of brand new chip flavors, all of which are meant to correspond with different genres of music.

The most intriguing of these new chips is the Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle remix. While Chester Cheetah may have something to say about that name (like he did with Doritos), you have to respect the mix of spice and dill pickle flavor. Dill pickles have already proven to be popular for Lay’s in the past, and this “hip-hop inspired” bag takes that and adds a kick.

There’s also a new Kettle Cooked Beer Cheese flavor, which is supposed to be inspired by classic rock. They’re actually made with ingredients used in beer, as there are hops, malted barley, and yeast in some of the seasoning. It’s basically a beer and cheese soup, but in potato chip form.

The final flavor in Lay’s new lineup is Wavy Electric Lime and Sea Salt. For those asking how these differ from Limon Lays, the answer is quite a bit, to be honest. There’s sour cream and buttermilk powder in the seasoning that smooths out the acidity of the lime, so it’s not just lime juice and salt being used to flavor these “pop music” chips.

All three new flavors of Lays are in stores nationwide now for a limited-time drop.