Girl Scouts Troll People into Thinking They Have a Cookie Webstore

The Girl Scouts of America have heard your pleas and are taking their infamous cookies where they have never been before: online. OK, not really, but close enough.

Digital Cookie is the Girl Scout website you’ve been dreaming of since 1998. And most of it is still in 1998.

The website serves the entrepreneurial interests of the Girl Scouts, not the consumer. Digital Cookie is not an online store; all orders have to be initiated by a Girl Scout.

Young girls can fill out a profile stating their goals for world domination peace and send emails to prospective customers (hopefully, not over a dial-up connection). If you didn’t get the link directly from a Girl Scout, the link will be broken and your cookie dreams get crushed.

In an attempt to ward off cookie fanatics and child molesters alike, the website is highly protective of each scout’s information and all profiles require parental approval. (You can still find a local young girl by using the official Cookie Finder app, if you really need your fix.)

The mobile app is much more 21st century, but still geared toward honing Girl Scouts’ marketing experience. They can manage their sales, schedule deliveries, and, most importantly, accept credit cards for payment.

Yes, you can finally just shove your credit card in a 10-year-old’s face and take all of her Thin Mints. Just make sure this girl is a Scout before you steal her cookies, OK?

H/t Wired