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Chef Suing Diddy For Constantly Making Her Cook Post-Sex Meals

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As DJ Khaled has shown us through his daily Snapchats, when you’re rich and famous, you can afford to have a personal chef in-house, ready to cook you up anything on demand. P Diddy can afford this same luxury, but allegedly was being a bad boy with his chef Cindy Rueda.

According to court documents collected by TMZ, Rueda filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Diddy, claiming that he’d make her serve food after, and sometimes while Diddy was doing the nasty with “guests.”

Rueda said there were times Diddy would walk out with his cock out, and asked her if she liked the goods.

Adding more to the conflict, Rueda was fired for allegedly stealing one of Diddy’s watches, although she claims that she was set up.

One of Diddy’s reps told TMZ that, “This is a frivolous lawsuit by a disgruntled ex-employee who was fired for cause.”

Put it all together and Diddy’s being sued for wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and violation of whistlelblower protection.

We miss you, Big.


One Way To Sell Vodka: Hire 50 Cent to Fat-Shame Girls


50-Cent has been known to start a little beef in his time. Before he became the face of Vitamin Water and began starring in a bunch of terrible straight-to-Netflix movies, he was a pretty damn good rapper and feuded with rappers such as The Game and Fat Joe.

Now 50 has entered the vodka business, teaming with EFFEN vodka, and apparently thought it’d be a good idea to take shots at Ciroc’s brand ambassador, Diddy. One problem with this, is that he fat-shamed a poor girl in the process.

50 took to Instagram and posted a photo of Diddy dancing with a woman, and added a caption that incorporated his vodka brand in it:

“Damm… 50’s right. I’m EFFEN up right now”

He immediately took down the photo, probably after he realized fat-shaming doesn’t really go well, ever.

However, 50 still made time to take a more direct shot, with Diddy being the only one involved this time.

He captioned the photo below:

“Nothing like EFFEN by the fire. NEW DRINK NO MORE PUFFY JUICE. LOL


We’ll see if Diddy responds with a diss album.

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Diddy & Mark Wahlberg Launch ‘AQUAhydrate’ Water, Inks Partnership with LA Clippers


Yes, Sean “Diddy” Combs and Mark Wahlberg have combined their rapper-acting-producer talents in a joint venture with AQUAhydrate, a Southern California-based water brand.


The Harlem Shake Hits McDonald’s, Madness Ensues [VIDEO]

Doing the Harlem Shake at McDonald's.

Some call the Harlem Shake the next Gangnam Style, some call it a rehash of the early 2000’s dance of the same name, but whatever it is, it’s getting a lot of attention on YouTube.

So as these videos keep popping up, of course a group of dudes made one of these videos at McDonald’s.

Coming from “That’s Classic,” a musical duo from Cincinnati, Ohio, the video starts off like a normal day at McDonald’s with customers enjoying their grub and your average crazy guy dancing in the middle of the dining room. Then the beat drops, a mannequin appears, a guy who looks like a reject Chick-fil-A cow and even a disturbing Larry the Cable Guy look-alike begin to wildly do the Harlem Shake.

This has to be one of the better Harlem Shake videos as everyone, from firefighters to the College Humor staff, has been getting into this phenomenon.

Although it isn’t Diddy and Bad Boy’s kind of Harlem Shake circa 2001, DJ/producer Baauer’s Harlem Shake has provoked just as much attention now as the dance did then.

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