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Dickey’s Is Offering Up AYCE Ribs For The Next Four Weeks

In the past, Applebee’s has offered up an all-you-can-eat riblets and tenders deal that had customers piling in to take advantage. Now, in the waning weeks of barbecue season, Dickey’s is offering up a similar deal, with AYCE ribs staying on their menu for the majority of October.

ayce ribsPhoto courtesy of Dickey’s

Through October 28th, the AYCE ribs promotion will be available all day long, costing $19.99 per person. You start off with four ribs, two sides, and a buttered roll. After finishing those off, you get a small tray of two ribs that will be continually restocked until you can’t eat any more.

For those wondering, a typical full rack consists of about 10-13 ribs, depending on how it’s prepared and how much is trimmed off. At Dickey’s, that full rack costs about $23, so you’ll be getting yourself a bargain if you can manage to take down that many.

If you’re just looking to break even on the ribs, though, you’ll want to try to go for 8-10 ribs. That, including sides, should get you to roughly the $20 mark.

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For One Day, Dickey’s Barbecue Is Giving Away A Free Pound Of Meat

Looking for a mouthful of meat? Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is holding a pretty sweet deal on any of their barbecued meats this weekend, reports Brand Eating. For any pound of meat purchased, you can get a second pound for free.

While the meats may vary depending on the location, the restaurant chain offers up to eight types of barbecued meats: chicken, jalapeño cheddar kielbasa sausage, Polish-style kielbasa sausage, turkey, honey ham, pork ribs, pulled pork, and beef brisket.

The deal will only be available on Saturday, Jan. 21. All you have to do is sign up to their mailing list, to which you will receive a coupon for the deal to present on the day of.

You bet your hickory-smoked buns we’ll be there getting a pound of brisket.

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Dickey’s Starts The New Year By Selling Pulled Pork Sliders For $1

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is starting 2016 with a bang, offering its pulled pork barbecue sliders for only $1.

The sliders are made with Dickey’s signature southern-style pulled pork, then paired with salty, zesty pickles and crunchy onions, squished in between a warm, buttered roll sliced in half.

The company was not franchised until 1994, however has now amassed more than 520 locations nationwide.

Dickey’s is well known and beloved for its cooking style, which features a hickory wood-burning pit at every location that’s used to smoke the meat and poultry, so you know your food is cooked fresh

Photo Credit: Valpak, Dickey’s