Get A Load Of This ‘Dick’ Spam Musubi


One of my favorite food Instagrammers, arguably the best account on the planet Earth for food pornographers is @EatLikeYoureOnDeathRow. She’s an amazing cook, she loves talking about dick, and she gets her Instagram account banned almost nightly for her food erotica.

Tonight, she just posted what she calls “Titi Spam Musubi,” which after a quick “titi” Google translate sesh reveals “Dick Spam Musubi.”

Not up on your Spam Musubi game? It’s a popular snack out of Hawaii that includes a slice of grilled Spam and rice, wrapped together with some dried seaweed. This one though…this one is shaped like a dick:



Craving: Mashed Potatoes with Chicken Marsala

What you’re looking at here is what I would consider a masterpiece. This meal will make your mouth water. Lemon thyme mashed potatoes with sweet and savory chicken mushroom marsala. I would definitely stick my….alright that’s just weird. (Thx FDP)

Celebrity Grub

Celeb Grub: Holly Madison Puts Pickle in her Mouth


At a recent baby shower for fellow playmate Kendra Wilkinson,  Holly Madison does some serious nibbling on a decent-sized pickle. Looks pretty tasty!