This Is What A $100 Donut Looks Like


How much would you pay for a warm, freshly fried donut? If you’re in West Kelowna, Canada, you could shell out a few extra bucks and grab yourself a “Donutopia” from Dolicious Donuts.

The $100 donut is made with Bling H20 luxury water, at $39 a bottle. The breakfast pastry itself is covered in 24-carat gold flakes and sugar “diamonds.” The luxury donut is served in a carefully molded sugar bowl.

Apparently it takes about five hours to make one, and while it’s a hefty price, the donut is said to be pretty delicious.

The good news is that all the proceeds from Donutopia will go towards building a soup kitchen in West Kelowna. So it’s definitely an admirable cause.

Photo: Facebook


Cocktail Rings for Cocktail Drinkers

What you’re looking at is part of the Limelight Paradise Collection from upscale diamond jeweler Piaget. These cocktail rings were designed to depict actual thirst-quenching mixed alcoholic drinks. The Blue Hawaiian uses a blue topaz for the drink, and a white chalcedony palm tree with a yellow sapphire set in the middle. The Sex on the Beach ring displays a pink tourmaline as the drink and a peridot for the lime. Ladies, if you get friendly with these drinks on a regular basis, then these rings are for you. For guys, if your woman loves Sex on the Beach [/pun] then you already know what to get her for your next special occasion. (Via Piaget/IncredibleThings)