Packaged Food

Tombstone Frozen Pizzas Just Added A Sriracha Pie Called ‘DIABLO’ And A Bratwurst One With MUSTARD Sauce


Our earliest memories of eating a Tombstone pizza was a movie night were we rented Pagemaster from Blockbuster. Now, the frozen pizza brand has released two limited flavors that boast boldness at the dinner table.

Tombstone’s new Diablo Pizza is made with spicy chorizo, jalapeños, sweet red peppers, Wisconsin mozzarella cheese and a Sriracha tomato sauce. The Bratwurst Pizza features slices of bratwurst, green bell peppers, onions, Wisconsin mozzarella cheese and a spicy brown mustard tomato sauce.

Available at participating grocers for a limited time only, the pizzas sell for about $4.99 a piece. Each pizza takes about 17-19 minutes to bake in the oven.

Also, what’s Macaulay Culkin up to these days?

Fast Food

Taco Bell To Release Hottest-Ever Diablo Salsa In Restaurants May 5


Taco Bell isn’t one to shy from giving out free salsa. The fast food chain’s colorful assortment of Verde, Mild, Hot and Fire salsas have always available for customers to drench their DLTs with. Looks like they can soon add yet another color to their collection.

Earlier, we received a mysterious package in the mail. Upon opening it, we discovered a sleek black single packet of hot sauce. It was called Diablo.

Thanks, Taco Bell.


Diablo is set to make its debut May 5 and will be available for a limited time only.

We tried the new hot sauce and compared it to its current hottest packet, Fire. The taste is actually really good and it’s noticeably spicier than Fire. However, it could definitely be spicier.


Sure, Taco Bell says you only need one packet to satiate your spicy sauce needs. Though a few more wouldn’t hurt.