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Dominique Ansel Amazes Again With Lifelike ‘Dessert Crab’

Dominique Ansel is up to his dessert wizardry tricks once again. His newest creation is an entire dessert crab that requires a hammer to break into.

The new confection is actually the result of a collaboration project with Malcolm Lee, chef at Michelin-starred Candlenut in Singapore. Together, Lee and Ansel invented what they call the “Singaporean Chili Crab” dessert. However, there’s no chili or crab in this crustacean. Instead, layers of mango tapioca “roe” rest underneath a “crab” that’s entirely made out of white chocolate. It also comes with a hammer, which you use to break open the claws, back legs, and main body. The claws and back legs contain a mango mousse, while the body encases coconut panna cotta and pandan jelly.

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Surprisingly, the shell of chocolate seems to be pretty tough to break through. The struggle has been real for some Instagram users that got their hands on this dessert already. However, the reward inside is definitely worth the trouble.

If you’re hoping to get a hold of this dessert crab for yourself, make sure to head to Ansel’s bakery in Tokyo, Japan. It’s the only one of his locations currently selling the treat. Unfortunately, it’ll only be around until September 10th, so you’ll need to act fast to get it. Also, make sure your wallet is ready, because at around $22 US, or 2400 yen, this treat comes with a hefty price tag. However, this sugary crustacean is about the size of your palm, so it’s definitely shareable if you know someone who’s down to split the check.

Hopefully, Dominique Ansel and Malcolm Lee will bring their magical dessert creation overseas. We definitely want to get a hold of one and try it for ourselves.