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Here Is Why You NEVER See Fruit On A Fruit Roll-Ups Box

Fruit Roll-Ups were a huge part of our childhoods. We remember cracking open our lunch bags and finding a colorful pack of rolled up sugar to get us through the second half of the school day. Have you ever wondered why the you never actually see pieces of fruit in the pacakaging of the popular children’s snack?

A lawsuit that was decided in 2012 challenged General Mills’ claim that the item was “made with real fruit” since flavors like Strawberry Naturally Flavored Fruit Roll-Ups contained no actual strawberries.

Instead, the fruit-flavored snack boasts pear puree concentrate, corn syrup, dried corn syrup, sugar, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, and about 2 percent or less of natural artificial ingredients.

According to presiding judge, US District Judge Samuel Conti, reasonable consumers might be misled by the snack’s packaging and probably wouldn’t read the fine print.

Because of the suit, the new labels will not depict any fruits that aren’t actually in the snack. For example, a strawberry-flavored Fruit Roll-Up made from pear puree would not be able to show any strawberries in the packaging.

Makes sense.

Next time you’re perusing through the snack aisle at your local grocery store, take note at all the different flavors Fruit Roll-Ups offers and the packaging that goes along with them. Don’t see too many pieces of fruit on those boxes, do you?

Don’t get us wrong, they’re still delicious though. Anything with corn syrup usually is.

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McDonald’s Designed A Milkshake ‘STRAW’ That Will Change The Way You Suck

A few weeks ago, McDonald’s announced that they were adding a brand-new line of Shamrock Shake-inspired drinks to their beverage menu. These included a Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe, a Chocolate Shamrock Shake, Shamrock Hot Chocolate, and a Shamrock Mocha.


In a recent McDonald’s Facebook Live Stream, the fast food chain announced that they’ve been collaborating with two aerospace and robotic engineering companies (JACE and NK Labs) to elevate the simple straw into a new item they’re appropriately calling the “STRAW.”

The Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal (or STRAW) is McDonald’s latest answer to the dual-layered Chocolate Shamrock Shake. It features a “J”-shaped design complete with well-placed holes for your milkshake to enter through.

When McDonald’s dropped their new Chocolate Shamrock Shake, customers would have to mix their beverage together if they wanted a combination of both chocolate and mint flavor. The STRAW’s design allows for both components to be sucked without having to mix the shake up.

Hot damn.


McDonald’s will be giving away 2,000 of these straws to fans across the United States. A list of participating McDonald’s locations that will have the STRAW on Feb. 24 can be found here.

Like last month’s 10,000 exclusive Big Mac Sauce bottles, the STRAWS will be available on a first come, first served, basis.

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Here’s Why Toblerone Changed Their Shape, Fans Are PISSED

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Toblerone fans are outraged after the chocolate produced by Mondelez International decided to change the design of their iconic bars. The long, golden box that yielded triangular chocolates now boasted awkward looking gaps in between.

Compared to the original, it looked like the company removed half their product leaving an empty space where the promise of milk chocolate used to rest.

Longtime fans for the confectionary took to social media to voice their options about the aesthetic change.

Some were pretty up front about it.



Others were a little more passive aggressive.

tb-shape-03 tb-shape-02

So why the big change?

According to an official announcement on Toblerone’s Facebook page, it was due to rising costs of ingredients and production.

The original products, reports the New York Times, weighed 170 (6 ounces) grams and 400 grams (14 ounces). The new set of chocolates now weigh 150 grams (5.2 ounces) and 360 grams (12.7 ounces).

While the packaging looks exactly the same, you won’t notice the change until you pull the chocolate out to snack on. Pricing of the slightly lighter product remains the same.

Only time will tell if Toblerone decides to redesign their bars to look more like the original, albeit slightly smaller version, or if they’ll continue forward with the new bars despite customers’ vocal concerns.

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This Keurig-Like Machine Can Make Cookies In Less Than 10 Minutes


It seems like there’s a Keurig-type machine for almost everything these days. Whether it’s coffee, juice, or cocktails, you can have your vices made instantaneously as long as you have the right pod for it.

What if you’re itching for some cookies though?

A new smart cookie oven, appropriately named CHiP, is designed to create gourmet cookies in less than 10 minutes. You just open up a cookie pod and pop in a pre-measured amount of cookie dough. Consumers can use one of CHiP’s many flavors, or their own cookie dough for the device.

The cookie oven lets you control and keep track of your baked goods through your smart device. Who doesn’t want cookies in less than 10 minutes?

Currently a Kickstarter campaign, CHiP has raised a little under $40,000 at the time of publication with more 23 days left to go.

Preorders for the device start at $99.

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Here’s What Starbucks Cups Would Look Like If They Partnered With Spotify


Graphic artist Jack Lalley came up with an interesting concept while taking a break from his regular duties. The UK-based designer decided to combine both Starbucks and Spotify into these vibrant cups that feature musical artists and a lyric from one of their hits.

He posted the series on his Behance page which garnered nearly 19,000 views. You can see the designs below in greater detail.




The artists on Lalley’s cups feature a mainstream set of Kanye West, Drake, Ariana Grande, Adele, and Justin Bieber.

We reached out to Lalley to see which was his favorite from the set.

I’m probably most proud of the Kanye West cup, I never planned to use Kanye as one of the artists. Being a fan of his, I used him to test out the concept of the cups I had in my head, just to see how it would visually look. I actually really liked how it turned out and decided to keep it in the project.

We’re almost certain, while there were only five artists featured, it would have taken a fair amount of time to get the design done. We asked Lalley what he would do next if he kept this project going?

One idea I really liked was correlating the Starbucks menu items with the specific lyrics. So for Christmas time when they do their mulled wine, I think it would be cool if that came in a Bing Crosby cup with White Christmas lyrics and so on, through the different items they offer. It would also be really cool if the location of each Starbucks came into play, so the artists and lyrics that were used were local to each shop.

Lalley stresses that he has no affiliation with either Starbucks or Spotify and that this was a passion project rather than something for profit.


Photos: Jack Lalley


This Simple Spoon Will Make Drinking Tea A Lot Healthier


Sure, tea goes great with sugar. However, after a few years, those spoonfuls of sugar will add up. That’s when you’ll look back and wish you cut back on that sweet white substance.

BZA is selling these Sugar Skull Spoons that are perfect for hot beverages like tea or coffee. Its unique and haunting design allows anyone looking to cut back on sugar to do so when they add a spoonful to their drink.

Sure, sugar addicts will probably just go back for more. Those who are looking to make a change, however, may enjoy the skeletal design as they ween themselves off the sweet stuff.

The spoon can be purchased here for about $23.40 US.

h/t DesignTaxi


You’re Not Dreaming, This Inception-Inspired Coffee Table Is Totally Real


One of the trickiest purchases when moving into a new place is that coffee table, that one thing that brings together all your cruddy furniture and completes the room. A designer created the ultimate coffee table that’s sure to get conversations going.

Stelio Mousarris, a Cyprus designer, built a coffee table that’ll leave you in awe until your coffee gets cold. Called the Wave City Coffee Table, the piece of furniture features a detailed cityscape underneath the surface of the table.


Inspired by the Christopher Nolan film Inception, the table simulates a wave that sweeps away skyscrapers and buildings. Mousarris used a 3D printer to combine wood and steel in this epic piece of carpentry.

The glorious table can be purchased for €4,000 which is roughly $4310 US. Maybe we can sweet talk our publisher into getting one for the office…


This Artist Uses Food To Create Punny Works Of Art


Working in the food industry, we tend to run into the occasional food pun every now and again. Lizzie Darden, a Florida-based designer, found a brilliant and creative way to bring food puns to life.

Design Taxi found this talented artist who uses actual food to create a series of images that illustrate food puns with the actual foods they’re made from.

The phrase “In a pickle.” involves her carving out letters from the center of pickles.

Check out some of her work below or follower her on Instagram to stay up to date on punny posts.


“don’t cry over spilled milk” ? type experiment

A photo posted by Lizzie Darden (@lizzie_darden) on


A photo posted by Lizzie Darden (@lizzie_darden) on

A photo posted by Lizzie Darden (@lizzie_darden) on


A photo posted by Lizzie Darden (@lizzie_darden) on

A photo posted by Lizzie Darden (@lizzie_darden) on


A photo posted by Lizzie Darden (@lizzie_darden) on